The DMS Implementation Decision

The 3 main challenges for optimising online marketing performance:

  1. Fragmented tracking technology

  1. Last click attribution – investing media spend on the final touch point before a conversion rather than spreading spend across all the touch points that led to the conversion
  2. Making decisions solely based on conversion data. Engagement goals mean decisions are based on a more holistic approach which includes: page views, time spent on site, frequency, recency of visits

The DMS difference:

  • Accurate tracking and real time data
  • Efficient management & optimisation of digital media campaigns
  • Effective budget allocation

→ Increased marketing for higher ROI!

How IgnitionOne does it:

  1. Centralise the client’s online marketing under one platform: the DMS is a unified solution to using fragmented technology systems. For each client IgnitionOne sets up the system capable of tracking, managing & optimising multiple channels in an accurate and efficient way.
  2. Define the right KPI’s
  3. Optimise campaigns in real time using site-centric and engagement metrics
  4. Move away from static last click attribution

Engagement optimisation

Engagement attribution

How the DMS makes your working day easier:

  • One platform to manage online marketing performance to understand how all of your marketing works together
  • One unique engagement KPI to optimise against engagement
  • One powerful optimisation tool. The ease of use drives higher conversion rates and revenue.

How to optimise the DMS even further:

  • Define the right KPIs
  • Define the most relevant reports to use for optimisation
  • Make real time insights actionable to better optimise

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