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The Beginning of My Royal Summer

I am best known in my group of friends for having the travel bug. My desire to work abroad started last summer with living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. As incredible as the experience was for me, this summer, I wanted to work in a particular field that I believed was one that could be my future career. Upon attaining a position as a Marketing Intern at IgnitionOne, the idea was to get me overseas again to create another international experience. This time, I hoped to go to the brilliant and witty city of London. After receiving a large scholarship that would fund my internship in London, I immediately bought my plane ticket, booked my housing, and budgeted for my food and other personal expenses. It was truly a dream come true. I could not have asked for a better opportunity to get me into the world of international business. I spent two weeks living at home and working at IgnitionOne’s New York City headquarters, receiving training from the Marketing Director, Joseph LaSala, and learning about the product. I then took what I call a “short (six hour) flight” to the UK (I have only ever done eleven hours to Israel).

I arrived on a Sunday and started my first day at the London office on Monday. I had never experienced jet lag as bad as I did my first week here. The office was consumed by large country flags from around the world hung up against the windows. Vibrant music was playing in the background and employees were laughing over their cups of tea. The atmosphere was relaxed and I felt very comfortable as I got accustomed. It is a much smaller office than in NYC, but quite pleasant. I was introduced to each of the company’s divisions through multiple meetings. The company thrilled me. I was learning so much about IgnitionOne and all that their platform offers in the digital marketing world. In addition, the people in the office are probably the most wonderful employees I have ever worked with. The work culture is very different in the UK compared to the US, enhanced with a European attitude and casualness. There is so much enthusiasm in the work they do, but a seriousness of getting it all done properly. The London office is smaller than New York’s, which had two terraces that overlook beautiful Manhattan. There were so many people in the New York office that it was hard to get to know everyone in the short two weeks that I was there, but after the first week of my internship in the UK, I already knew everyone’s name. The smaller amount of people make for a more intimate working environment, which is very refreshing.

Overall, the London office has an extremely strong work ethic. Although everyone is very serious about the work they do, they also know how to stay engaged, laughing in their discussions, getting upset about England’s results in the World Cup, and continuously changing the playlist of music in the office to keep things interesting. It is the atmosphere which I have grown so fond of, finding myself able to work much more efficiently. The hours in the day go by and the work happily gets done.

As I adapt to the culture of London, I am finding there are things I will never master, such as the Tube. Talking to people who have lived here all their life, they are still not accustomed to how packed, hot, and crazy the underground system is. I am also still getting used to everything being packaged in plastic bags (including fruit), the eccentric pub life, and the wonderful accents. A couple of the phrases the English use have been quite confusing, but nothing I see myself getting too hung up on during my time here.

For now, I will say my experience so far has been bloody wonderful! Cheers!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Clickmas

If you work in digital advertising in the UK, chances are you’ve heard of Cyber Monday. Originally a Christmas marketing campaign to persuade people to shop online after the Thanksgiving weekend in 2005, Cyber Monday now become one of the biggest online shopping days in the USA and this year, the average shopper is predicted to spend US$646 (£402) in online purchases this year, up 11% from 2012. Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot like Clickmas

Achieving Accurate Currency Tracking: Reporting and Optimisation in Ecommerce


The last few years have seen many businesses expand the global reach of their products and services, by giving international customers the ability to purchase via localised online stores.

The deployment of country specific online stores into emerging markets introduces a whole host of additional local currencies, in which a) customers expect to be able to purchase goods and services, and b) advertisers expect their technology partners’ support.



Typically, US headquartered, enterprise-level international companies, with an increasing online advertising presence in both EMEA and APAC face challenges..

These advertisers’ incumbent digital marketing technology partners are often only able to support the tracking of transactions in either a single currency (usually USD) or in an arbitrary value of no specified currency.

This can lead to circumstances where cross-channel media buying decisions are based upon ROI optimisations carried out on inaccurate revenue data.  Future campaign planning is then carried out, poorly influenced by this inaccurate historical performance data.

Let’s say a customer is purchasing a solid-state drive (SSD) worth 999 USD. On the EU site store, the customer pays 764 EUR for the SSD; the currency unaware tracking platform assumes 764 USD and as a result, significantly under-reports the revenue.

Over on the JP site store, another customer pays 91,343 JPY for the same SSD; the currency-unaware tracking platform assumes 91,343 USD and as a result massively over-reports the revenue.

When also taking into account the many channels of tracked online advertising that the customer could have been exposed to on their path to conversion, the effect can be exacerbated and result in a compounded wastage of budget, especially when inaccurate performance data is fed into an automated forecasting system unchecked.

At the very least it can cause account teams to burn efficiencies by requiring revenue values within reporting data to be painstakingly converted prior to carrying out a manual optimisation process.



International brands need a transaction tracking technology that is currency aware.

IgnitionOne provides this solution and allows advertisers to dynamically insert the currency codes of the transaction’s currency, into a predetermined variable within the IgnitionOne transaction tracking pixel, along with the true value of that revenue amount, the merchant transaction ID plus up to 20 additional string values per transaction.

Instead of using only USD as a base rate, IgnitionOne stores the exchange rate of every currency, for every currency, and updates it every day, allowing a transaction in any currency to be reported back on in any other currency with 100% historical accuracy of the transaction’s true value at the time of either the transaction date or the reporting date.

This technology also allows IgnitionOne’s predictive bid optimisation technology, SPOT, to forecast ROI goals against 100% accurate multi-currency transaction revenue data, and for IgnitionOne’s cross-channel attribution technology to credit proportions of transaction revenue correctly to exposures on publishers from whom the media has been purchased in different currencies.

With this offering, clients of IgnitionOne are able to concisely and accurately report on revenue, helping them to better translate their successes. Currency-aware transaction tracking allows marketers to be more efficient; and a more efficient marketer is able to appropriately allocate budget and maximize their ROI.

IgnitionOne Industry Digest

September 2012

This is the most recent issue of the IgnitionOne Industry Digest, created to keep you up-to-date on the latest industry insights and competitor news.

Company Highlights

SEM Metrics that Really Matter
Search Engine Watch
August 2, 2012

Dave Ragals, SVP, Client Services at IgnitionOne discusses the metrics that are most important in search engine marketing and better allow marketers to understand the value of the results.

Five Best Practices for Display
August 2, 2012

David Hill, Senior Product Manager at IgnitionOne, lists five best practices for marketers implementing display into their marketing mix.

An Intelligent Business: Understanding the Conversion Path for an Online Booking
Eye for Travel
August 7, 2012

IgnitionOne data pertaining to what affects the speed of an onlinebooking and size of the average order value is used in this Eye for Travel report, as well as insights from Dominic Gramatte at IgnitionOne UK.

IgnitionOne Ignites Expedia Ireland’s CTR
Breaking News Travel
August 11, 2012

IgnitionOne announces the results of a partnership with Expedia.ie, consisting of the improvement of overall site relevancy by 25% and a four times higher CTR using targeted homepage banners compared to default or standard banners. See the case study here

Q&A with Noriaki Okubo, IgnitionOne’s Managing Director, APAC
August 15, 2012

Noriaki Okubo discusses marketing in Asia, the recent launch of remarketing in Japan and pivotal supplies if ever stranded on an island.

Through the Lens of an Intern
August 22, 2012

Isaias Garcia discusses what it is like to be an intern at IgnitionOne, some notable experiences and his take on the digital landscape.

Mobile is where it’s At (Literally)
August 23, 2012

Roger Barnette, President of IgnitionOne, covers mobile search in his MediaPost byline and offers key takeaways for marketers in need of integrating mobile into their mix.

Back to School for Search Marketers
Search Engine Watch
August 30, 2012

Dave Ragals reminds search marketers to revisit the fundamentals as part of the “back to school” season.

Econsultancy PPC Bid Management Technology Buyer’s Guide
August, 2012

IgnitionOne is featured in the 2012 Econsultancy PPC Bid Management Technology Buyer’s Guide, a valuable tool for those interested in the global market for paid search bid management technology, containing a detailed analysis of market trends and guidance about how to select the right technology.

Industry Insights

Accurately Evaluate the Performance of your Marketing Efforts
August 1, 2012

Four steps to ensure you are accurately measuring the performance of your marketing efforts: starting with you business objective; investing in research; knowing what success looks like and considering the big picture.

China Edges closer to the US in Online Advertising
Internet Retailer
August 3, 2012

According to a new forecast by eMarketer, China will surpass the UK in 2014 to become the second largest source of online advertising in the world, after the US, at an estimated $11.78 billion, compared to the UK’s estimated $11.25 billion and the US’ $52.80 billion.

Reinventing the CMO
August 6, 2012

A recent report revealed that 80% of CEOs are not satisfied with the work done by marketers, yet 90% value and trust the work of CFOs and CIOs, however, CMOs have gained access to measure, normalize, and rationalize marketing programs – demonstrating a clear and compelling marketing ROI – to silence critics and build respect in the executive suite.

The History of Marketing Channels 2012 (Infographic)
Marketing Pilgrim
August 7, 2012

An infographic that highlights the emergence of marketing in 1839 and the incredible influx of marketing channels in the last four decades.

Earned, Owned, Paid, Shared: Horsemen of the Apocalypse or Best Opportunity?
August 13, 2012

Multi-channel, multi-media, and multi-skilled are the baseline expectations for competitive marketing with digital media. Some marketers see the shift in media as an opportunity to build an approach that fully leverages changes in consumer use of technologies, how they’re influenced, and how they influence others. The author discusses how to attract, engage and convert prospects to buyers through earned, owned, paid and shared media.

You Don’t Control Your Digital Technology Decisions, M&A Does
August 14, 2012

Mergers and acquisitions are shaping the digital technology landscape, by allowing large players to evolve into the enterprise resource space. This article advises marketers to thrive in this “storm” by working with those who have a keen vision of the future and can shed light on complex situations.

The “Missing Manual” of Search Marketing in China: Part Two
August 15, 2012

This article discusses the relationship between search engines and social media in China, and the implications for marketing.

Braving the Rough Waters of Online Marketing
August 15, 2012

This column uses rowing as a metaphor for marketing. Small to mid-sized organizations are much like beginning rowers who get better with practice. Carton offers advice: know your destination, focus on measuring what matters, don’t be afraid to experiment, be prepared to make small, frequent course corrections and take sensible precautions.

Braving the Rough Waters of Online Marketing
August 15, 2012

This column uses rowing as a metaphor for marketing. Small to mid-sized organizations are much like beginning rowers who get better with practice. Carton offers advice: know your destination, focus on measuring what matters, don’t be afraid to experiment, be prepared to make small, frequent course corrections and take sensible precautions.

Key Mobile Users Comfortable with Ads, Shopping with Devices
Marketing Charts
August 15, 2012

New research finds three segments who routinely use mobile media: women with children at home (77%) and mobile Boomers (74%) are highly likely to use their devices while shopping in retail stores, while Generation M are least likely to use their devices while shopping (65%) but show the most comfort with ads. 59% of mobile users say their purchases are influenced by mobile ads, ahead of the 57% influenced by TV ads and 53% of US mobile users say they have been introduced to something new via their device.

The Dangers of Buckets
August 16 2012

People tend to force things (people, products, etc) into buckets or categories in order to stay on track, hence the bucketing of tech products and services, which is inhibiting the realization of companies’ offerings.

Ten Interesting Digital Marketing Stats We’ve Seen this Week
August 17, 2012

Top statistics from the week of August 17 showing that more than three quarters of searches are successful, RTB video ad inventory is on the increase, m-commerce is predicted to boom and more.

New Data Reveals How Marketers Use Social Media
August 20, 2012

This infographic reveals that Facebook and Twitter lead as the most popular social networks, with Google+ as the third. 74% of marketers use LinkedIn for branding, and 60% of marketers are looking for analysis options as well as other analytics options in their social media management tools.

16 Different between Google Mobile and Desktop Search Results in 2012
Search Engine Land
August 20, 2012

Search results vary between mobile and desktop. These differences include local results being more likely on mobile, autocomplete results appear before results in mobile app search, smartphone results having different filters, CTR and bounce rates being more likely to vary in mobile, and more.

Why Media Companies are being Eaten by Tech Companies
August 20, 2012

Google has continued to expand from technology to media, highlighted by acquisitions, such as its recent purchase of Frommer’s; Amazon changes its distribution model through the use of technology; Microsoft has altered the engagement model and therefore the distribution of content via the Xbox. With these examples, it is clear that existing media models will continue to be disrupted and that the future of media is intertwined with technology.

Demand for Mobile impressions through RTB Jumps During H1
Marketing Charts
August 21, 2012

Advertiser and DSP demand for mobile ad impressions through RTB rose from 0.4 bids per impression request in January to 1.6 in June, with a peak of 1.7 in May. Android saw an increase in share of auction volume of 39%, from 28% in April to 39% in June; demand for social networking impressions stood out in Q2, growing from 9% share of auction volume in April to 31% in June; and the US demonstrated the largest share of auction volume in Q2, growing from 21% in April to 25% in June, even as the rest of the world was in flux.

Integrated Marketing Checklist: Tying Together Your Promotion across Platforms
Search Engine Watch
August 22, 2012

This piece shows how marketers should tie promotions across platforms, including like-verbiage on promotional messages on-site, in paid advertising, social media and email marketing.

Does Your PPC Budget Match Your Conversion Optimization Budget?
Search Engine Watch
August 22, 2012

This article highlights the problem of not spending enough time, money and effort on optimizing your conversions.

Nine Chances for Website Conversion Optimization You Don’t Want to Miss
August 22, 2012

Nine tips to boost your website’s conversion potential, including leveraging social proof, revitalizing CTA designs, featuring new offers, updating CTAs on high-trafficking blog posts and web pages, reducing friction, A/B testing and optimizing landing pages and CTAs, experimenting with secondary CTAs, appropriately aligning CTA selection with web pages and optimizing pages you expect to receive high traffic.

Integrated Marketing: If You Want Your Digital Media to be Great, You Must Integrate
August 22, 2012

This article outlines how to integrate paid, earned, owned and shared media and asserts that engaging consumers where they live online and in ways that they care about represents the path to helping brands become more relevant.

Facebook Officially Launches “Sponsored Results” Search Ads
Tech Crunch
August 22, 2012

The Sponsored Results search typehead ad unit allows marketers to target users searching for specific apps, pages and places and inserts a link into the typehead results that points to their own app, page, custom page tab or post.

Display Ads Stable on Major Web Portals
August 24, 2012

The most recent display ad-tracking report revealed that 38% of home page ads were oversized/custom units, up from 36% for the same period a year ago, but down from 44% in the first half of the second quarter. Financial services and media were the biggest verticals in the first half of the current quarter, accounting for 20%, and 17%, of home page ads, respectively. Automotive was another strong contributor, representing 14% of ads.

Facebook Measurement Chief Advocates New Standard for Gauging Reach
August 27, 2012

Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s Head of Measurement and Insights, admits that the company continues to look for ways to measure experiences on the sight, and feels that media agencies and advertisers are three to five years away from demanding successful metrics.