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IgnitionOne Nominated for US Search Awards, Digital Impact Awards

We are excited to announce that IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite has been nominated for the category of Best PPC Management Software in the US Search Awards. This award recognizes “the development of an outstanding management software package that successfully manages and enhances pay per click marketing campaigns.” More information about the  US Search Awards can be found here.

In the UK, IgnitionOne has also been shortlisted in the Digital Impact Awards for Best Use of Digital in Travel and Leisure sector for the use of our marketing automation product with Betfred.

The Digital Impact Awards “is Europe’s largest benchmark of digital stakeholder engagement, celebrating excellence in digital communications.” View the full shortlist here.

Being nominated for these awards is a testament to providing exceptional service and delivering successes to our valued clients.

Travel and Retail Report; Attribution and Conversion Path Insights

IgnitionOne released research today that shows the effect of media types and exposure paths on the speed of conversion and on the average order value (AOV). Using marketing data from US and European travel and retail firms over a two month period, IgnitionOne looked at the types and number of media exposures, latency (the amount of time between the first exposure and when the conversion occurred) and the exposure paths that led to conversions.

Download the 2012 Travel and Retail Report here.


Key findings in the report:

  • For travel, paid search is the key driver in getting customers to spend more money.  Outside of organic search, it drives a 71% higher average order value (AOV) than any other single-channel path. Within multi-channel paths, when paid search follows an organic search click, the AOV is 18% higher than the average multi-channel path.
  • Email campaigns are a drag on travel order values and increase the time to convert when part of conversion paths.  Across single-channel conversion paths, email drives a 56% lower AOV and takes over 250% longer to convert a user than on average. Across multi-channel conversion paths, when email is the last exposure, it results in a 36% lower AOV and 100% more time to convert than on average. When email is the first exposure, it results in a 39% lower AOV and takes a user almost 150% more time to convert than on average. This can be explained by email campaigns being traditionally very promotional in nature, which lowers the AOV. Email campaigns are also more heavily dominated by existing customers who may not be currently in the market for travel and/or are more discerning among promotional offers.
  • Display is an effective channel for retail, especially early in the conversion path, feeding the top of the funnel. Even on its own, display drives a 29% higher AOV than other single channel paths. Combined with search channels (both paid and organic), it drives a 16% higher AOV when it’s at the top of the path and converts users 43% faster than other multi-channel paths. At the end of the path, latency tends to be higher but AOV is 36% higher than other multi-channel paths.

“By better understanding how different media interact and assist along the path to making a purchase, marketers can more efficiently leverage advertising dollars,” said Roger Barnette, President of IgnitionOne. “These types of insights are possible when marketers take advantage of advanced attribution models and move away from last-click models.”

This report is the latest in a series of reports from IgnitionOne reviewing trends across the online advertising landscape. This and previous reports can be downloaded at bit.ly/ignitiononeresearch