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Case Study: Toyota Uses Engagement Scoring to Boost Facebook Custom Audiences Conversions by 95%

On any given day, a customer visits a website and browses around but does not convert. This opens the opportunity to remarket to that individual on social media using Facebook custom audiences, allowing for consistent reach even across mobile.

The IgnitionOne team recently worked with the marketing team at Toyota to test the performance of a “standard” custom audience against an IgnitionOne-powered custom audience. Toyota historically enjoyed some success with retargeting across Facebook, but were open to the exploration of even stronger results – and with IgnitionOne, the results spoke for themselves.

Download the case study to learn more about the Toyota challenge and IgnitionOne’s solution.

IgnitionOne Continues Global Growth and Opens Warsaw, Poland Office

IgnitionOne announced today the opening of operations in Poland, based in Warsaw. This office will serve as the center of efforts to provide innovative digital marketing technology and services to advertisers across Central and Eastern Europe.

IgnitionOne also recently announced expanded operations in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The growth and investment into these markets is proof of the commitment to the opportunity in these emerging markets. IgnitionOne is working with several large brands out of the Poland office, including Orange, Netia, PLAY, Volvo, Easygo.pl and Toyota, among others.

“Our expansion into markets like Poland and Brazil is in response to the enormous opportunity to gain a lot of traction with our Digital Marketing Suite,” said Will Margiloff, CEO. “The level of sophistication of the marketers in Poland is impressive and they are looking to avoid the chaos and confusion of the fragmented marketplace that the more advanced markets have gone through previously. This helps them leapfrog the experimentation phase of the more advanced markets.”

Mirek Wasowicz, with several years of service with the company under his belt, has been chosen to lead the efforts in Central and Eastern Europe. “IgnitionOne has approached this expansion very intelligently by combining their best-of-breed technology platform with creative local staff,” said Mr. Wasowicz. “It is the world-class service that IgnitionOne offers in every market that sets it above the market.”

Bartłomiej Lipa, Ecommerce Director of PLAY Poland said, “Since IgnitionOne has become an integrated part of PLAY’s digital marketing strategy we have seen exciting results. 15% of our online sales is due to IgnitionOne conversions and we now realise a 25% closing rate. IgnitionOne has also helped enhance our anti-fraud campaign, resulting in a rate that is now less than half of the industry average.”

IgnitionOne opens Poland office