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2014: Digital Marketers, What’s Your Word?

It’s a whole new year already. I know it’s clichéd to say it, but it seems like we just started 2013. Like it or not, it’s 2014 so let’s make the most of it.

I originally started thinking of New Year’s resolutions for digital marketers, but then I spoke to a few people who instead of personal resolutions they choose one word to focus on through the year. Maybe that word is “Appreciate” or “Patience” or “Success,” etc. I thought it was an interesting experiment that we may think about for Digital Marketers too.

Here are some great options to get you thinking:

Simplify: Whether we are talking about all of the technology marketers use every day or about the siloed data sets that don’t talk to each other, marketers face great complexity. This year choose to focus on simplicity. What would it take to bring things together and what would be the benefits?

Wisdom: We as people and as marketers often only see what’s right in front of us. It’s the old problem of not seeing the forest for the trees. Step back and get a full picture of how your efforts are working together. What is the full path your users take before converting? Are you spending your budget where it is most effective? How do you know?

Innovate: We can never improve if we rely on our old ways, accepting past results and “good enough.” This is the year to push the limits of your marketing, to test new methods, to go beyond good all the way to great. But of course it is not always easy – “If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it.” Go out and blaze new trails in 2014!

So what will be your word? Pick a good one and live by it this year. I’d love to hear what you choose. Please share here or tweet us at @ignitionone . Happy New Year!