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Recruiting Success (and we’re just getting started)

You walk into the lobby of IgnitionOne’s midtown Atlanta office and are immediately taken with the stylish modern design. A large marble bar with three beer taps containing craft brews framed between two 50 inch flat screens rests on the far side of an open break area that could easily be a cafe anywhere in the world. Ping Pong and Foosball tables fill out the space in front of our main conference room, Dogwood, with its view of the downtown Atlanta skyline.  The energy upon walking into any of our offices is apparent regardless of location:  innovative, fast-paced, and fun.  IgnitionOne has created an environment where employees can work hard, play hard, and feel appreciated for what they do.

IgnitionOne, one of the leading ad tech companies in the digital space, is planning for tremendous growth in 2014.  This comes as no surprise given the company’s steady history of consistent growth; from under 200 employees 36 months ago to currently over 400 employees across the globe. But there are many challenges that come with recruiting in the tech industry.

According to the Washington Post, technology unemployment has dropped to 2.7% during the first quarter of 2014, down from 3.5% in 2013.  The economy is on the upswing and people are getting and keeping their jobs. For the first time in years, the ball is in the candidates’ court, not the recruiters’.  But as one of the top ad tech companies in the world, we are still highly selective. With such a stellar team already working with us we want more than just bodies. We want like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and communicators.  The employee-centric culture is a critical selling point when recruiting candidates to work for IgnitionOne.  But with heavy volume of hiring on the horizon, we have taken a closer look at our talent acquisition strategy so that we can recruit more rockstars than ever before.

We started by taking somewhat of a culture inventory: a hard look at the culture to clearly define who IgnitionOne is as a company.  We then extrapolated our findings into a model of ideal candidates.  To do this, we interviewed our hiring managers and employees, for their inside secrets on what ingredients make up the ideal prospective hire for their teams. We found that the more input the teams have on defining the culture, the stronger and more integrated the recruiting process became.

In our early stage research of talking with managers and employees alike, we found that though the technical qualifications vary between departments, the broad skills or unteachable skills are a constant. All of the managers and employees across departments are looking for similar attributes in their potential teammates. IgnitionOne’s hiring managers look for signs of leadership, initiative, and entrepreneurial thinking.  They collectively disclosed that communication is highly important as the type of work we are doing at IgnitionOne is collaborative.  The ability to “think outside of the box” when finding a solution was ranked high across teams, as well as the ability to collaborate with teammates, find solutions independently, and lead when necessary.

Our hiring managers divulged that they are fans of candidates who are passionate about a hobby or personal interest outside of work. Passion for something or anything reveals the candidates’ curiosity and genuine interest in learning new things.

And finally, we must keep our process honest.  As the recruitment team, we are the first impression of the company that candidates encounter as they begin to interview for their potential new workplace. Our goal is to recruit like-minded individuals to IgnitionOne: turning candidates into happy employees. Happy employees are more likely to have longevity with the company.  We keep it fresh, exciting, and real in our journey to sell the company and employee-experience to candidates and in turn recruit awesome talent If you or someone you know is interested in working for IgnitionOne, you can browse our available careers here.