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More Insight into IgnitionOne’s Q3 2014 Digital Marketing Report

Last week we released our latest Digital Marketing Report for Q3. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, grab one now.

Charlie Archibald, IgnitionOne’s Algorithmic Media Manager, provided additional insight into some of the report findings. Read on to see what he had to say.

On Yahoo/Bing’s Increased Market Share:

“There’s a couple factors involved that I think are worth noting. The first is that when you take out the Partner networks Google has actually gained a small amount of market share YoY (76% of spend in Q3 2014 vs. 75% in 2013).

The second thing worth noting is that Google’s CPCs have declined 9% YoY (across all networks), while YaBing’s have increased 15.1%. This is the main cause for the difference in market share in my opinion. If you look at traffic numbers YoY as opposed to spend, Google’s market share is more or less flat.”

On the drop in CPC:

“One factor appears to be that advertisers are getting more sophisticated and efficient in their mobile advertising. Mobile had a disproportionately large drop in CPCs compared to the other device types across both engines. It also happens that Mobile accounts for a much larger percentage of spend on Google than it does on Bing among IgnitionOne’s client base (20% of Google spend vs. 8% of Bing).

One other thing to consider is that at this time last year all advertisers had been thrown into Enhanced Campaigns on Google. We noticed that caused a pretty immediate increase in CPCs across both mobile and tablet. Now that we’re one year removed from that I believe that advertisers are growing more adept at figuring out how to best optimize their accounts in the new landscape. Thus it would not be surprising to see Google CPCs decline some relative to this time last year.”

On the Growth in Mobile Search

“Mobile has continued to grow at a much faster rate than tablet in terms of impressions, clicks, and spend. We’ve seen this trend for some time now. We have just finally hit the point at which mobile has surpassed tablet in nominal spend. I think this is a combination of advertisers figuring out how to advertise more effectively on mobile devices, as well as users becoming more dependent on mobile devices for search.

CPCs on mobile are actually considerably lower than they are on Desktop and Tablet, so I don’t think the spend increase has so much to do with CPCs as just more people utilizing mobile as a primary form of search.”