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Enriching Email and CRM Initiatives with a new tool

Here at IgnitionOne, we’re pretty proud of how we have been able to innovate to make marketers’ lives more simple. One of the ways that we do that, and something that is truly the heart of our operation, is by using really rich, well-rounded data in order to bolster marketing efforts for our clients.

Profile Exporter

A new feature that we highlighted today, Profile Exporter, is yet another way that we are giving our clients the opportunity to provide a more personalized experience for their customers, which in turn, improves performance. The feature enhances CRM and email initiatives  by augmenting declared profile information with undeclared data (such as Engagement Score, product interests, and browsing behaviors) to create a better view of an online customer. By filling in these gaps, marketers are able to provide more relevant interactions to enhance efforts.

Mini- Case Study

We recently worked with Philips to increase email marketing driven conversions. Using the Profile Exporter, IgnitionOne was able to match existing declared profile information, such as email address, with undeclared data, such as Engagement Score, product interest, recency parameters and frequency parameters. This allowed Philips to hyper-target users with a high propensity to convert, customizing email subject lines and email content that spoke specifically to the products that they were interested in. As a result, Philips saw a huge increase in its KPIs: a 250% uplift in CPA, a 340% uplift in CTR and 90% increase in open rate.

Profiler chart_CS5