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Meet Jon Baron, IgnitionOne’s Chief Revenue Officer

On August 20th, we announced that former TagMan founder and CEO, Jon Baron, joined IgnitionOne’s management team as chief revenue officer.

In his new role, some of Jon’s responsibilities include expanding revenue opportunities to benefit both advertising agencies and brand marketers, overseeing global sales efforts and more. As for why he wanted to join the IgnitionOne team, the answer is simple: the vision, team and client success stories.
“Will and his team focus on execution and know how to win in a crowded space,” he explained. “[I’m excited about] working with passionate teams focused on going beyond expectation for clients.”

Jon has over 15 years of experience in the industry working for pioneering Internet publishers, online ad networks and early search ‘giants’ like Lycos and Overture, and when it comes to the future of marketing technology he says we can expect to see many changes.

“Most marketers have multiple technology and service providers. Choice is useful but too many vendors have created data silos that have stolen marketer’s ability to gain critical insight. Integration of their data from CRM to ad server to website to mobile app is a number one priority for marketers. They want to focus on teams and results, not tools.”

“Over the next three years, the market will consolidate into more end to end technology solutions. It will be difficult for point solutions to compete. Expect to see big blue chip players enter the market through significant acquisitions. IgnitionOne was the first to integrate ad tech with marketing tech, expect to see further expansion and many more happy clients,” he said.

When he’s not in the office, Jon has enjoyed an array of hobbies from adventure racing to wakeboarding. These days he can be found spending time with his family and friends, perfecting his Argentine barbequing skills as well as pouring the perfect Fernandito aperitif.

Weekly News Roundup

Here’s What GroupM’s Big Change Means For The Ad Exchange Market

GroupM recently decided to stop buying online ads from open ad exchanges because of lack of transparency and quality of ad inventory. Critics are concerned that GroupM will not follow through with this. Instead of buying through open ad exchanges, GroupM will purchase ads directly from publishers and private exchanges. The article claims that GroupM’s top clients do not spend as much money on these open exchanges anyway, so the pressure on this move will not be too great.

Global Ad Revs Expected To Hit $516B In 2014

Analysts are expecting global advertising to achieve its greatest growth in 2014. The World Cup, Olympics, and the U.S. midterm elections have contributed to this growth. The U.S. alone is contributing 6.0% revenue growth. Television comes in first with the most in percentage gains at 40.2% market share. Programmatic buying, including RTB for display, social and video campaigns, will reach $18.4 billion. Overall, the global ad revenue is anticipated to reach $516 billion this year.

“Moneyball” vs. Creative: Where Data and Marketing Collide

It takes creativity to have successful marketing efforts, but the data behind it must not be left out. An impactful marketing campaign must have the right data mixed with the right creativity. The article states that, “there is no (one) best idea;” opportunities are limitless.

Mobile Marketing Over Email is Becoming Vital

Half of all active users on the web are now opening email on the their mobile phones, increasing the popularity of mobile marketing. Studies show that this percentage will increase in the future. According to the article, the most popular devices that are used during these transactions are Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Mobile advertising is becoming a huge part of the digital advertising industry. If companies do not jump on board, they may get left behind.

Google Study Claims Search Ads Improve Awareness

According to Google, search ads improve brand awareness. Because of this, paid search is becoming even more useful to businesses. In a sample tested to see the effectiveness of paid search, Google secured this claim:

Mondelez, Heineken Take The Programmatic Bull By The Horns

Programmatic buying has become a hit for big named brands. Brands such as Kimberly-Clark, Kellogg’s, American Express, Procter & Gamble, Allstate Insurance, 1-800-Flowers, Unilever, and Mondelez International have emerged on the exchange trading platform. The idea is to now create a more effective model that works for agencies.

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Source: Come And Take It America

Weekly News Roundup

Facebook explains its decreased organic reach

 Facebook has received a backlash of complaints on their recent decrease in organic search. According to the article, there was an “internal tweak” that caused much anger for brands because now they have to pay to reach their audience.  Originally telling their agencies that getting enough likes was sufficient enough to generate an audience, but now that organic reach has decreased, brands have to pay to reach their audience. This will cause Facebook’s ad revenue to increase, but decrease brands trust in them. Facebook has been working to improve their communication for future changes.

Google Penalizing Brands When Smartphone Clicks Don’t Deliver The Goods

There has been a recurring problem with searches on mobile devices.  Smartphone users have been getting directed to a company’s mobile site rather than the webpage they were actually looking for.  Google is urging brands to fix this problem so that it is easier for users to get the information they are looking for.  The problem that comes along with fixing this issue is that it requires a good deal of money and time for the companies to expend.

Customers First, Company Needs Next, Individual Agendas Last

There has been a recent trend in companies to put their needs in front of their members.  Many companies make decisions that are best for the company, but not the members.  The author explains that this habit must be discontinued.  Companies must stop worrying about what technology is the best, but worry about what will make the members happy.

Search Apps Stealing Mobile Search Ad Revenues from Google   

 In the realm of paid search, it is no doubt that Google tops the chart. However, the article explains recent trends with users on mobile apps, pushing Google behind first place. These mobile apps use alternate sources of revenue generated outside of Google ads.  According to the article, 85.9 percent of digital ad search projected for 2018 is through mobile advertising alone. Sure, Google will lose the top spot in the mobile advertising world, but that’s not to say they won’t be too close behind.

Six Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Stay On

Social media has made the world of marketing into a much larger platform of attention. Marketing is now all about satisfying the customers individual needs. No longer are brands targeting just an audience, but also, individuals within that audience. According to the article, there are six trends in social media that are bound to continue to hold a large promotion for marketers in their business. These six are content, social listening, Google+, visual social media, paid social advertising, and smartphones.

All Facebook mobile app ads will include Page links and social context from August 6

Starting August 6th, mobile devices will begin to include Facebook links. This is particularly targeting mobile app ads in order to have the same appeal those ads would have when accessing Facebook through a desktop. This change shows just how important mobile ads on Facebook are becoming.. According to the article, most of Facebook’s social revenue network comes from mobile, and this new version will only reach more users and continue to grow their total advertising income.

Source: Silanis eSignLive

Merhaba Istanbul! Meet IgnitionOne’s new Turkish team

Last month, IgnitionOne launched its first Turkish Office in Istanbul. Country Manager, Yusef Akyuz presented IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Technology at Webrazzi on 19th March, officially announcing IgnitionOne’s presence to the Turkish market. Continue reading Merhaba Istanbul! Meet IgnitionOne’s new Turkish team

IgnitionOne’s November Industry Digest

Thought Leadership

Digital Marketing Speaks: New Video Series from IgnitionOne
October 3, 2013

This is the first episode in a series of digital marketing conversations. Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne, discusses building technology and dealing with big data with Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer at GroupM.

Keep Your Paid Search Thriving with Search Query Expands
Yahoo! Blog
October 10, 2013

Dave Ragals, SVP of Client Solutions at IgnitionOne, discusses the value of marketers expanding their keyword lists.

Episode 2 of Digital Marketing Speaks
October 17, 2013

The second in a series of digital marketing conversations, Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne, discusses the challenges of integrating offline and online data with Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer at GroupM.

Predictive Optimization: Look into the Future for Search and Display Success
October 17, 2013

Recap and video of Roger Barnette’s webinar, which discusses how in the past, marketing strategies were based on one part past data, one part hunch. Over time, marketers have become more proficient in knowing what is working and can use that information to drive budget decisions. However, missing for most marketers is the foresight to know what they should spend and what the results will be.
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IgnitionOne’s September Industry Digest


Management Lessons from a Public Company Gone Private
August 28, 2013

On the heels of a recent management-led buyout, IgnitionOne’s CEO, Will Margiloff, was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, an online publication devoted to entrepreneurialism, small business management and business opportunities, discussing lessons learned during the course of his ventures.

Tech Talk: Keep It Simple
August 6, 2013

Hank Kim encourages the tech industry to cut down on their acronyms and invest in using common language in order to better get their point across.

My Summer As An Intern at IgnitionOne
August 8, 2013

Emaily Liddy reflects on her time as an intern at IgnitionOne, and shares some of the valuable lessons learned.

Back-to-School Shopping Season: What Does it Mean for Marketers?
August 22, 2013

Vanessa Courtright, Marketing Coordinator, illustrates why Back-to-School shopping trends are indicative of future Holiday Shopping trends, and how marketers can efficiently drive their Holiday promotional messages to consumers.

Google’s Dynamic Search Ads Beta: A Step Into The Future
August 27, 2013

Katherine Wrobleski, Associate Account Manager, details Google’s dynamic search ad beta, how it can be used by marketers and a real-world example of the successes of an IgnitionOne client.


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