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DMP Alchemy: Improving Lead Generation Quality with the Data You Own

As Glengary Glen Ross tells us, leads are gold. While so much of marketing has to do with grabbing the attention of an audience, what actually matters more is connecting with the right individuals within that audience – especially those who are open to eventual conversion.  Harvesting leads isn’t enough if you’re not attracting the right prospects, which is the paradox of modern lead-generation strategy. Contrary to more recent strategies, quantity of content does not create quality of leads. It takes understanding to guide the alignment of content. At the center of marketing alchemy is the ability to use the data you already own within your DMP with real-time relevance.
Here are some suggestions to get started:
Content Alignment: Identify consistent patterns of specific customer segments. Then align your content, messaging and offers around that specific audience.  For instance, you probably have basic customer segments identified. Look at the data for each to identify trends. Are there similar page views on the website prior to conversion? Are their page views or search activities that are common to those who landed on the site but did not convert? Are prospects who consume one topic versus another more likely to follow a specific conversion path or timeline? For instance, people who need it now versus those who prefer to do their homework and take their time may require a different messaging approach based on those behaviors.
Linking with POS: A great place to start is using your purchase history data to influence messaging and content presented, including the cadence of those messages. Have the data from your POS system feed into a DMP so an individual customer’s purchase history can be used to inform content for their future emails, ads and offers. This simple approach to personalized content shows a deeper level of customer love, allowing for a more strategic approach that can result in meaningful ROI increase. Suggestion: Tailor content to suggest companion products, accessories, plus other details to maintain that post-purchase connection with your audience.
Using Location: With geographic segments, you can highlight regional interests and images in your campaigns. Consider infusing something as simple as weather information to promote relevant climate-related products and content. It’s about relevance. You can also take things a step deeper with geolocation data, marketing based on proximity to meaningful locations, different communications for in-store versus at home engagement, and so on. Getting outside the box and putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes at that moment can take current location into account to deliver interesting results. Suggestion: Test everything. If you know a particular region is experiencing a weather-related event, your lead generation approach and images can reflect such details.
Niche Targeting (and Re-Targeting): Having all your data in a profile-based DMP environment where information can be stored for both known and anonymous users means you have data which can be used to better communicate with each individual in your audience. Instead of the broader strokes of content alignment mentioned earlier, this is more using a fine brush to reflect specific known details – even of those not yet identified as a known lead. 
Distilling gold from what otherwise could be content chaos requires the smart use of data. Start small. Keep it simple at first. A few nuggets of understanding can lead to a rush of relevance in the way you engage your audiences to attract more prospects. Consider what data you have, then look for ways to use it as you add to it, supported by integrated technology to remove the complexity and provide real results.

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Practical Considerations When Selecting Your Tech Partner

George Shaw, Head of R&D at Retail Next, hosted an Exhibitor Big Ideas Session at Shop.org 2014 where he spoke about the importance of having a strategy in place to integrate new technology into your store/brand. This post focused on that topic, which can be found here. During the second part of his presentation, he focused on the practical considerations to think about when searching for a partner to help you with your specific needs. He highlighted the following four areas of importance, all of which will affect the overall shopping experience for the end user:

Technical: The first step is to determine your specific technology needs. Walking around in any exhibit hall at a conference can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are new to the tech space or are unaware of what you are trying to accomplish. By hosting an internal dialogue between all departments, everyone’s stakes are on the table and it begins to define what you need to succeed. The initial collaboration session will help to alleviate any confusion. Make sure to invite your IT and development team to ensure that all technology specs are known.

Trust: If you are using a tech partner for a “mission critical component,” it has to be someone that you are able to trust. Make sure to ask them how they would respond to certain scenarios and also for recommendations/testimonials from current customers. As I am personally working with vendors, I think of them less as vendors and more of partners for success. If a problem were to occur, are they available 24/7 to help answer your answers? By making sure that you trust your partners, it sets you up for success from the beginning.

Cost: For every company, cost is always going to be a concern. Upon researching the partner you are looking to use, make sure to discuss costs to understand both implementation and use costs. Do not forget to ask what benefits come with this package. For me personally, I receive immense value from my partners as they learn my strategic goals and work with me to help meet them. This alone is invaluable as often times they present new insights or angles to problems that will continue to grow both the brand and company value.

Privacy: With the knowledge of data collection becoming more apparent in the media over the past three years, more than ever consumers have been concerned about how their data is being used and protected. As Shaw said, people view their data as currency and will give it to the brand if they are receiving a valuable item in return, such as features, functionality, offers, etc. Furthermore the landscape is changing rapidly, both from a best practice and legal viewpoint. It is crucial to make sure that your partner is able to speak to these in a way that provide your brand with the maximum knowledge needed to make informed decisions about marketing campaigns.

IgnitionOne Earns Top Ranking in Latest Marketing Technology Research

Late last week, the analysts at Gigaom released an analysis of a wide range of marketing-technology platforms. Gigaom Research is an independent publisher of expert industry insights on emerging markets, including in-depth coverage and analysis of relevant topics – particularly those related to media, technology and consumer behavior.

In their “Sector Roadmap: digital-marketing platforms” report, IgnitionOne receives the top ranking. You can access a copy of the research here: http://digitalmarketingsuite.com/reports/gigaom/


Recognizing that marketers need more than just point solutions to stay relevant in today’s digital world, Gigaom examined six leading marketing technology providers to determine which would best meet the needs of today’s cross-channel orchestrated campaigns.

The report’s author, David Card, noted IgnitionOne’s capabilities stood out: “of the companies we examined, IgnitionOne…align[s] best with the trends we deemed most critical,” according to the report.

We earned high marks for the variety of capabilities in our Digital Marketing SuiteSM (DMS) that allow for portfolio optimization, social media advertising optimization, and its customer acquisition and targeting capabilities. The report goes on to say “IgnitionOne is well suited as a marketing technology platform for multichannel, multi-objective advertisers…”.

Our placement and involvement in this report highlights our emphasis on innovation and leadership in the advertising and marketing technology space. In a very crowded and fragmented landscape, IgnitionOne continues to raise the bar for the industry. We look forward to continuing to disrupt the industry with best-in-class technology and an emphasis on simplicity to make things easier and more efficient for marketers.

Read more about the report here, and get your copy of the report here.