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In Search Of The Easy Button

Why embracing the concept of centralized integrated marketing technology is where the industry is heading

The marketing industry is currently surfing on a big wave of digital marketing suites/hubs/clouds for marketers.  SalesForce, Oracle, IgnitionOne and recently SAP are investing heavily is technology to create a suite of solutions for marketers.

Some might question why integrating into a single platform makes sense. But when it comes down to it, finding major advantages of using a digital marketing suite in your company is easy.  Here are just a few reasons to start:


1. Message outside the box

Marketers want to be “engagement method agnostic”.  This means using the right message at the right time for the right audience using the right tool. The last thing marketers want is to be forced, or pushed, to use the wrong technology – say chat because they bought a tool that can do only chat.  Or use email retargeting when display retargeting would bring more revenue.  There are many ways to create this flexibility but for sure having an integrated hub with different capabilities is the most logical one and is most likely to result in a consistent, unified message.


 2. The API myth

An open system with easy to use APIs to connect other platforms is mandatory for today’s marketer.  The CRM database of the past 10 years is becoming a Digital Data Hub with links and connectors to other data management platforms.  But this doesn’t mean that a strong point solution with a myriad of API’s to other point solutions is the way to go.  Everyone who played sports knows that a good team is more the sum of strong individuals.  A strong point solution is often a one trick pony, lacking the unified view and process methodologies that a suite can offer.

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 3. Calculate inside the box

Building with real-time predictive scores and profiles around individuals is best done by having access to the granular user-level data. If the input you receive to feed algorithms is coming from other boxes, it’s often manipulated in one way or another, especially when that other box is a so-called black box.

 4. The easy button

As digital marketers we get a lot of technology.  But the never-ending stream of new technology can be a challenge if it is not used in a proper way.  We see too often clients trying to wrap their brains around a “piping” diagram connecting all technology providers – mainly point solutions – and asking questions like: Where is the overlap? Where is my return? What is my best practice?  As a technology company one of our main objectives is to make the live of marketers easier, so they can be focused more on what they consider as important.  We call it internally (with apologies to Staples), the “easy button”.  This easy button is a combination of methodologies, technology, media mix reporting, support by multi skilled people and best practices – all cross silo and embedded in a suite – that will help our clients to achieve their marketing goals.

open book

 5. A digital story-telling platform

Marketers dream about their product and brand.  They want to create awareness, engage and convert. Basically they want to tell a digital story and they look for technologies that can and will help them in doing this.  But having technology is not a goal as such. Telling a true digital story that supports your customer through his digital life cycle, from awareness to conversion and hopping from silo to silo, requires not a point solution but a suite.


It’s not up to me to say what the future will bring for digital marketers.  But I can say where I believe in and where our company stands for.  We believe heavily in things like breaking down the media silo’s, cross channel attribution, cookie-less tracking, data management platforms, the Internet of things and digital story telling.  They all embrace the concept of a holistic approach, looking over the fence of a point solution into a suite of possibilities.

Merhaba Istanbul! Meet IgnitionOne’s new Turkish team

Last month, IgnitionOne launched its first Turkish Office in Istanbul. Country Manager, Yusef Akyuz presented IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Technology at Webrazzi on 19th March, officially announcing IgnitionOne’s presence to the Turkish market. Continue reading Merhaba Istanbul! Meet IgnitionOne’s new Turkish team

IgnitionOne Introduces Self-Service Marketing Automation to Drive Conversions of Prospects and Customers

Today, IgnitionOne announced a new self-service tool to its Marketing Automation offering, giving marketers the opportunity to create their own campaigns to drive dynamically interactive messages to consumers on various pages of their website.

Marketing automation uses insights from the behavior of users on a marketer’s website in order to make informed decisions about when and where to interact with future visitors. With this information, marketers are able to bridge the gap between “known” customers and “anonymous” potential customers by delivering messages to the more than 90% of customers who have not yet self-identified. By leveraging IgnitionOne’s proprietary User Engagement Score, the Marketing Automation tool can intelligently present promotions, forms, coupons and other messages dynamically tailored specifically for that user. It can be integrated with CRM and DMP solutions to show a clear and efficient path to conversion, connecting the dots and turning ‘anonymous’ to ‘known’ customers.

Key Features:

  • Simple Self-Service Interface: A powerful tool to create hyper-personalized on-site campaigns quickly with:
    • Custom templates and skins
    • Campaign cloning functionality
    • Image library and form builder
    • Campaign management
      • Segmenting and targeting rules that leverage interest profiles and Engagement Scores
      • Scheduling to automatically begin and end campaigns
      • Workflow features allowing for preview and testing as well as change review queues
  • Real-time user profiles: By accurately mapping a marketer’s site to allocate users to multi-layered marketing segments, the Marketing Automation tool connects product categories as part of our User Engagement Score algorithm to provide marketers with a detailed interest profile of each user. Together with the score, this accurate profile information can be used to hyper-target users and personalize marketing messages and site content.
  • Mobile friendly UI: With an interface fully compatible with mobile devices and tablets, marketers can create and edit campaigns on the go with access to all PC based functionality

“What we are introducing to the market is Marketing Automation 2.0,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “IgnitionOne is changing the landscape and definition of Marketing Automation by focusing on potential customers who have not yet raised their hand and automatically delivering the messages that will drive that ‘anonymous’ person today to become a customer tomorrow.”

What to know how to burst your marketing silos? Join IgnitionOne at Digital Convergence!

IgnitionOne is delighted to be sponsoring The Drum’s Digital Convergence on the 12th March 2014.

Digital Convergence Logo

The day focuses on helping brand marketers get to grips with increasingly contected customers and converging digital media channels. Brand marketers will learn how to deliver multi-channel marketing online that’s interesting and relevant to their individual clients.

IgnitionOne’s UK Managing Director, Simon Haynes will be hosting a round table at Digital Convergence titled Right Here! Right Now! The Roundtable will focus on how to make the most of a customers’ wide and varied online activity by optimising your media channels towards engagement metrics.

If you’d like to know more about Digital Convergence or catch up with us at the event, feel free to get in touch with the London Team.

See you at Digital Convergence!

IgnitionOne® – Making Online Marketing Simple

When we describe IgnitionOne®, we talk about being a global leader in cloud-based technology. We have an amazing data product, called the LiveMarketer®, that helps brand marketers really understand who the individuals on their website are, what they’re interested in and what media channels they’ve been touched by on their path to purchase.

All this information is taken into account and we are able to assign each individual an Engagement Score which tells brands marketers how like that individual is to convert.

When a brand knows how interested someone is in their product and what their interested in, this becomes powerful tool to use in the media channels they use, the price they pay for them and the messages they serve to individual users across them.

At IgnitionOne®, we’re focused on making online marketing simple for brand marketers so we’ve combined this all into one platform, the Digital Marketing Suite. This allows this information to be shared across online marketing disciplines and helps brand marketers start thinking about marketing to individuals rather than marketing across channels.

And to make it even simpler to understand how our technology works and how it could help your brand, we’ve made this one minute video.

If you’d like more information about how IgnitionOne® can help you understand and connect with your customers, email us at info@ignitionone.com or visit our website www.ignitionone.com


Marketing Automation for the Automotive Industry

Brussels Autosalon attracted tens of thousands of visitors in January. The team at IgnitionOne saw trends around the incredible impact of offline events on online behaviour. The main conclusion was that exhibitors reap the benefits and generate 60% more online leads than non-exhibitor brands! Have a look at what else we found around Marketing Automation and Automotive:

The Digital Autosalon

IgnitionOne UK kicks off the New Year at IAB UK

IgnitionOne UK Managing Director, Simon Haynes, presented at the IAB New Year New You Seminar. The seminar focuses on what marketers should be doing with their digital marketing in 2014.

IgnitionOne presented on Marketing Automation: Moving Beyond the Buzzword (or buzzwords as the case may be). Haynes presented on how the data that brands can get every day from their website can be used to automate digital marketing campaigns in real-time.

You can see Simon’s presentation here and some photos from the day below:

You can view all the presentations from the event on the IAB UK Website and all the photos from the event on the IAB UK Flickr Channel.

IgnitionOne’s September Industry Digest


Management Lessons from a Public Company Gone Private
August 28, 2013

On the heels of a recent management-led buyout, IgnitionOne’s CEO, Will Margiloff, was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, an online publication devoted to entrepreneurialism, small business management and business opportunities, discussing lessons learned during the course of his ventures.

Tech Talk: Keep It Simple
August 6, 2013

Hank Kim encourages the tech industry to cut down on their acronyms and invest in using common language in order to better get their point across.

My Summer As An Intern at IgnitionOne
August 8, 2013

Emaily Liddy reflects on her time as an intern at IgnitionOne, and shares some of the valuable lessons learned.

Back-to-School Shopping Season: What Does it Mean for Marketers?
August 22, 2013

Vanessa Courtright, Marketing Coordinator, illustrates why Back-to-School shopping trends are indicative of future Holiday Shopping trends, and how marketers can efficiently drive their Holiday promotional messages to consumers.

Google’s Dynamic Search Ads Beta: A Step Into The Future
August 27, 2013

Katherine Wrobleski, Associate Account Manager, details Google’s dynamic search ad beta, how it can be used by marketers and a real-world example of the successes of an IgnitionOne client.


Continue reading IgnitionOne’s September Industry Digest

Back-to-School Shopping Season: What Does it Mean for Marketers?

August is an exciting month for retailers, as “back-to-school” shopping is the second-largest season with about $84 billion in consumer sales. It is also an indicator for the performance of the holiday shopping season to follow, and helps retailers forecast their fourth quarter earnings, plan their fall advertising strategies and media buys.

As with every other vertical, the Internet has truly impacted the way people research, browse and ultimately purchase. This year, retailers have experienced yet more change in the shopping habits and patterns of their consumers. The NRF reported that the average family with children in grades K-12 has already completed 52% of their back-to-school shopping, up from 40% at the same time last year. This strongly supports that families are more-value focused than before, and are looking to take advantage of shopping opportunities that save them money. This year’s back-to-school shopping season started as early as four weeks sooner than usual, with 30% of online shoppers making back-to-school purchases two months before Fall 2013 classes start.

With this information, retailers, and more specifically ecommerce marketers, should consider beginning their holiday advertising about four weeks earlier than usual in order to accommodate the budget-conscious consumer. Analyst Liz Dunn of Macquarie Capital said that “business is suffering from an absence of clear fashion trends and is instead relying on the effect of promotions,” encouraging retailers to really take advantage of their digital strategies in order to usher in sales.



Mobile isn’t a device, it’s a channel, and marketers should be treating it as such. 79% of moms with children in school own a smartphone, and rely on them to get through their hectic days. Marketers should be enhancing their mobile campaigns in order to capitalize on these on-the-go moms who make most of the back-to-school purchases for their families.

Marketing Automation

Personalizing messaging on-site is a great way to grab the attention of your consumer and encourage them to convert then and there. Over the last couple of years, marketing automation tactics have become more widely used by marketers as a way to enhance lead generation and boost sales. Retailers that utilize content personalization and dynamic interaction across paid media and email are rewarded with stronger conversion rates.

Integrated Marketing

It goes without saying that if you, as a retailer, embark on a promotional campaign, then make sure the terms of that campaign are recognizable across channels. The same goes for integrated marketing, where all of an organization’s resources, goals, technology, data and measurement are aligned in order to achieve higher levels of efficiency and performance. Truly integrated marketing is equally as important as consistent messaging across campaigns.


So what if you can’t heed this advice for the almost-past back-to-school shopping season? Easy. Apply them to your holiday strategic planning. With about $580 billion in consumer spending to come in the latter half of Q4, these insights will help you get more bang for your digital advertorial buck. But start the brainstorming sessions with your teams now, because this holiday season’s shopping cycle will begin as early as late-October.

Anniversary of Innovation

April marks the 2nd anniversary of the centralized marketing technology stack –  IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite. Released in 2011, this first-of-its-kind SaaS marketing platform brings together media management and optimization, cross-channel attribution and analytics and web site optimization technologies in a single technology stack.

IgnitionOne has been at the center of innovation in digital marketing solutions and our teams have been responsible for many “firsts” that we are very proud of. In celebration of our anniversary, we want to look back at these innovations that stretch back over a decade.

  • Even before “Big Data” we were the first to introduce integrated user-level scoring, which is now a core part of our Engagement Scoring Engine and helps marketers deliver relevant, optimized content to users through advertising, site content, promotions and more. This score is a central piece of our Web Site Optimization and Marketing Automation solutions.
  • Always looking to drive intelligent bidding and improve results, we were the first to offer predictive portfolio optimization as an integrated part of our technology. Our predictive engine, SPOT®, improves marketers’ returns on ad spend by taking the guesswork out of budgeting.
  • Leveraging our centralized data to provide the most relevant messages, our Smart Remarketing was the first in the industry to optimize remarketing based on the deep user knowledge available through our scoring engine.
  • Back when we first introduced cross-channel attribution, there was not even a term for it. IgnitionOne led the industry by providing an innovative way to track media exposures across channels and de-duplicate and attribute credit to the efforts assisting towards a conversion. We take attribution further by integrating into our platform and leveraging the insights to automatically optimize media.
  • Digital marketing should not be handled in silos. That is why the Digital Marketing Suite is also the first to fully integrate a DSP with search in a single platform and still leads in our space as a fully integrated marketing technology stack. In addition to media optimization, the DMS is the only solution that also provides fully integrated Site Optimization and Marketing Automation functionality.
  • Marketers goals are not always as straight-forward as completing a sale. IgnitionOne was the first to introduce an Engagement Optimization offering which addressed a glaring need for measurability of digital advertising for brand marketers and allowed marketers to focus their media budgets on the advertising that creates the most visitor engagement.
  • Paid and earned media need to work together in social marketing, and that is why through best-of-breed partnerships, IgnitionOne offered the first integrated and automated innovation to automate and optimize Sponsored Stories based on social community activity levels.

IgnitionOne is not resting on our past accomplishments as we look to the future. We will continue to innovate and further expand our one-of-a-kind media optimization and marketing automation and help marketers meet the challenges they face today and tomorrow.