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Five Minutes with a Search Guru

IgnitionOne’s remarkable technology is backed by a global team of online experts, who are constantly building upon the company’s products through their extensive knowledge and expertise.

Based in the IgnitionOne UK office, Judy Chan has been working in the business of Search for the past 9 years in both agency and direct client roles, making her a seasoned veteran of all things PPC and SEO.

Is Search still a relevant channel for brands?

100%.  Search is the core part of any business.  When analyzing click path analysis, how often can you say search was not path of the click path?

Even if you disagree, test and learn.  It’s the only way to understand this fully. A handful of us are analyzing different attribution models, but not enough of us are moving away from the last-click model.  Search has always been one of our measurable channels.  We need to adapt and analyse attribute models to understand the conversion path.  Even for “brand” activity, yes I agree, tracking a conversion is difficult.  However, there are technology providers out there who can match back the analytical/ engagement data against your keywords to give you better insight and help you make better decisions on running search.

Google Enhanced Campaigns – good or bad for search marketers?

It depends on the vertical, to be honest.  A lot of us have spent the last few years breaking out our accounts, i.e. separate accounts for desktop / tablet / mobile.  We did this because we were able to target each device more specifically and become more granular and relevant in our campaign management. It was fantastic; we could suddenly see how CTR was affected. Google Enhanced Campaigns basically means reverting back to how it was, and managing devices at campaign level, the breakout including mobile, and desktop / tablet.

Regardless, Google has made its decision and we need to act as necessary.

Best piece of advice given to you about analysing search campaign results?

Focus on one target.  Try not to add too many variables, i.e. I want a £10 CPA overall, but I also want to monitor these generic terms and change them manually.  Use a technology to help you manage your time better.  You can then focus on strategy, testing and analysis.

We’re in an industry crammed with acronyms, any personal favourites?

SPOT, which is our predictive optimization technology.

This uses predictive bidding models to automate maximum efficiencies from search campaigns.

Does your work in search affect your personal computer use?

Yes!  I’m so analytical about what comes up and which ads I click on: bad habits.  I tend to make more searches to see who appears also, so my exposure sequence is probably 12 on average.  Geek alert.


Online Gaming Giant Uses Site Optimisation to increase Conversions by 49%


The Challenge

In an increasingly competitive market, online bookmaker Betfred.com was looking for ways to increase registrations from potential customers.

Betfred.com wanted to maximise the potential of non-converting users already on its site. It wanted to achieve qualified registration conversions by optimising the most important point of customer engagement to lift conversion rates. In order to achieve these goals, Betfred engaged with IgnitionOne.

The Solution

IgnitionOne implemented its Digital Marketing Suite site optimisation technology. The technology is driven by a powerful audience scoring engine that monitors on site browsing behaviour based on 120 different variables (including click behaviour, dwell time, specific product views, RFM) of each user. This score is then used to trigger customised calls to action in real-time (see picture below), designed to provide each individual visitor with an offer relevant to their specific product(s) of interest whilst they are still on the site.

Two different types of interaction take place on Betfred.com via the IgnitionOne technology:

  1. Visitors with a high engagement score are targeted with a pop-in containing two calls to action: ‘Register Now’ or ‘Log-In’. The pop-in contains an offer relevant to the visitor’s interest profile. In addition to this, contact details and Live Chat links are also relevant to the specific interest so any query the visitor has can be channelled to the most appropriate team. This interaction is triggered on the visitor’s unique interest score and is designed to be shown when the visitor reaches the crucial conversion tipping point.
  2. In order to reduce the number of drop-outs, a second pop-in is triggered specifically within the registration page. This pop-in reinforces the relevant offer and encourages the visitor to contact the relevant customer support if they are experiencing any difficulties in registering. The pop-in on this page is triggered based on the amount of time spent on the page (if the visitor has spent longer than average on the page) as well as by mouse position. If the visitor moves their mouse above the top of the page (indicating that they may be about to leave the page), then the pop-in is triggered.

Dynamic Pop-In: Providing a customised and personalised experience at the appropriate time in these ways significantly increases the likelihood of a positive interaction with the visitor resulting in a substantial uplift of new registrations.

The Results

The IgnitionOne program was a huge success.

In order to prove the uplift generated by the technology, vigorous A/B testing was carried out whereby a control group of traffic was not shown any interactions. A/B testing allows for clear and comparative results. In the eight months since the IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite technology has been in place, Betfred.com has witnessed 49% uplift in registrations of the target group versus control group.

In addition to this conversion uplift, the reaction to the pop-ins by Betfred.com visitors has also been very positive, with on average 25% of users that are shown the pop-in actually using the call-to-action and engaging with it.

Buoyed by its success, Betfred.com is now preparing to use the IgnitionOne technology for a wide-range of additional purposes such as:

– Expanding the onsite offering through encouraging further customer interaction and product participation;

–  Using the audience profile to enhance cross-sell opportunities.

Betfred.com has fully bought into the concept of IgnitionOne’s audience scoring engine and is reaping the rewards from using the technology. All elements of the business are familiar with the LiveMarketer display, which visualises the data on the client site in real-time as well as the benefits that the technology can bring.

Betfred.com is a truly innovative business that really sees the value in working closely with third-parties such as IgnitionOne to drive results. The most exciting aspect of the relationship is that there is a significant desire from both parties to improve results even further. They continue to explore other elements of IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite, to ensure that the technology is used to its full potential by contributing Betfred.com’s growth and offering visitors the best possible experience.

For further information, please feel free to contact stewart.holt@ignitionone.com

Case Studies: The Secret Weapon

The marketing and sales teams at IgnitionOne sometimes have a challenging task of trying to sum up simply and convincingly why people should invest in our Digital Marketing Suite. We really are the global leaders in digital marketing solutions. But our competitors will probably try and tell you the same thing. Let’s be honest, in an industry where everyone is saying they have the best and latest solution to all of your digital marketing woes, it can all start to sound the same.

Case studies offer a step away from the hyperbole. They provide solid evidence and eliminate guesswork by providing facts through real-life examples and results. If you need more convincing, I have created five key reasons why case studies are your secret weapon:

  1. Narrative. We forget that people love stories. If you want to fully engage with someone, then tell them an interesting and meaningful story with a beginning, middle and end, otherwise known as the challenge, solution and results in the structure of a case study. With this information the reader can put themselves in the shoes of the clients and see how their problems were overcome and goals exceeded.
  2. Facts. The CMO of a company doesn’t want to hear another salesperson tell them they will solve all of their problems by using your amazing new product. The CMO wants less hype and more cold, hard statistics that show how the product you’re pitching helped a brand increase ROI by 30% or generated 7x more leads than the previous model.
  3. Visibility. Case studies get your brand name out there in a positive light: you are behind a success story! That success story is garnering coverage via company fliers, emails, website posts (think of the SEO!), Twitter updates and good old fashioned column inches in various weekly marketing magazines, creating invaluable visibility.
  4. Understanding. The digital space is still relatively new but evolves at a phenomenal pace. This means a lot of strategy can be hard to explain theoretically. Having a working example in the form of a case study puts the strategy into practice, making it much easier for a company to understand how they could use your product to achieve their business goals.
  5. Trust. Put yourself in your potential investor’s shoes. They want to believe that your product will generate great results for them, but need evidence. Past success and results help to generate trust to show that you can deliver what you promise.

While case studies are a great resource, they are not always easy to get, even from the most enthusiastic client. The main obstacle seems to be wariness that commercially sensitive information will be released to the public. To ease these concerns, outline the case study process clearly from the outset, and be transparent by ensuring their approval at the end of each draft. It might also mean using percentages to illustrate growth instead of specific financial figures, Do whatever makes the client feel comfortable, because the payoff is worth the compromise.

The client in a case study is telling you and whoever reads it that they trust you and your product implicitly, demonstrating the payoff of a strategic relationship between a technology provider and company. The more people who know about this, the more success stories you will have, and therein starts the positive and profitable cycle, making the case study your invaluable secret weapon.

Read some of IgnitionOne’s case studies here

 Lucy Cleary is a Marketing Manager, UK at IgnitionOne

IgnitionOne Targeting Drives 300% Higher CTR for Expedia.ie

Expedia.ie faced the challenge of an industry where users seek a wide variety of products. Reflecting its “People Shaped” approach to travel, Expedia.ie aimed to offer highly relevant products and services to cater to the differing needs of its audience.The popular travel brand sought to increase web traffic, click-through-rates (CTR) and conversions on its site. Expedia.ie looked to IgnitionOne to help solve their digital marketing needs.

IgnitionOne implemented its Digital Marketing Suite technology, which dynamically customizes site content for each visitor in real-time based on their travel destination interest. Providing more relevant and personalized content creates a more fluid click behavior, which improves CTRs. The technology was driven by IgnitionOne’s powerful audience scoring engine on Expedia Ireland’s website. The scoring solution considers on-site behavior, including the travel interests entered by visitors in search forms on Expedia.ie, and instantaneously adapts its homepage banners according to the travel interest profile of each visitor.

Andrew Warner, Senior Marketing Director, Expedia EMEA said, “When Expedia launched, we effectively turned around the travel agent’s monitor and gave the customer access to these expert tools, and more than 15 years on, we continue to look for new ways to empower our customers and to make travel planning simpler and more intuitive.”

Expedia provides access to over 150,000 hotels and more than 300 airlines from destinations across the globe, offering a wealth of ways to tailor the content displayed in banners. The Expedia.ie team used the Digital Marketing Suite’s LiveMarketer drag and drop functionality to draw on the broad range of options to personalize the website on the fly. This functionality includes triggering promotional offers and other on-site campaigns easily for different audience segments to ensure that Expedia.ie can help travelers to find the best value for the destinations they are most interested in quickly and easily.

Within just three months, overall site relevancy improved the user experience by 25%. Targeted homepage banners recorded 300% (4x) higher CTR compared to default or standard banners.

To download the complete case study, click here.

Q&A with Gareth Griffiths, Head of Digital Marketing, SecretEscapes.com

Luxury travel website Secret Escapes recently came onboard the IgnitionOne DMS in order to manage and optimise all its digital marketing channels. We sat down with Gareth Griffiths, who is the Head of Digital Marketing for SecretEscapes.com to ask him about some of his thoughts on the digital industry as well as who he would love to have lunch with… dead or alive.

What do you do?

A little bit of everything digital. Primary focuses are paid and organic search and affiliate marketing. We also have a large customer database so email marketing is a big source of traffic.

What is your background?

Moved from a sales and analyst background into digital marketing

What does Secret Escapes do?

We negotiate exclusive rates for luxury hand-picked hotels and holidays in the UK and abroad, at up to 70% off the price you’d pay by booking anywhere else. These special rates are only available to our members so signing up for free is the only way to get them

Which digital marketing channels do you see as being most important for your particular industry?

Email and paid search are very important. For customer acquisition paid search is key, whereas email marketing is number one for sales generation.

From your perspective what is the single biggest change in the digital industry in the last 10 years?

The biggest change in the last 10 years has to be the rise of Social Media. Whilst the race to utilise Social networks as a sales channel has a long way to go, the access to potential customers with specific interests is a big opportunity. With the use of sites like Pinterest and StumbleUpon increasing at such a rate, there is definitely scope for a luxury travel business like Secret Escapes to source new customers whilst engaging existing members and promoting our brand.

What was your main reason for choosing IgnitionOne?

Management and optimisation of search campaigns can be very time consuming, especially for a small team across multiple channels. IgnitionOne allows us to optimise and analyse multiple campaigns from one place, making it easier to implement a coherent multi-channel strategy and increase time efficiency. The use of predictive bid optimisation should see campaign performance increase and make intelligent budget allocation far easier.

How do you see the digital marketing arena shifting over the next five years?

Mobile has to be the next big shift for digital marketing. The advancements in smart phones and tablet technology will see more and more sales being made via mobile devices. Mobile devices now make up a big percentage of our visits, especially from email and search. I see the computer focussed domination of digital strategy in past years moving through a period of a more even focus and into mobile being the greater focus.

If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be…dead or alive? 

Leonardo da Vinci. Described on Wikipedia as “perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived”. As a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer I doubt that the conversation would be boring.

What is your favourite travel destination?

Kenya. Going on safari is an amazing and unforgettable experience.

What is your favourite film and why?

Silent Running. It’s a futuristic science fiction film from the early 1970’s. I first watched it when I was little and the three robots (Huey, Dewey, and Louie) were my instant favourite.

Secret Escapes Chooses IgnitionOne for Digital Media Attribution

A popular luxury hotels and holidays site has become the latest to join an increasing trend of businesses bringing all digital marketing channels under one roof in order to analyse cross-channel attribution.

LONDON – June 18, 2012 – Secretescapes.com, the UK based members-only luxury travel company, has recently chosen to work with IgnitionOne, the global leader in digital marketing solutions, in order to manage and optimise all digital marketing channels (search, social and display). The luxury travel website had previously been managing its media spend through a number of fragmented technologies and programs and wanted a more consolidated cross-channel solution.

Secret Escapes is an online travel club offering cut-price rates on four and five-star boutique and luxury hotels and holidays worldwide. Launched at the beginning of 2011, its website now has more than a million members.

“We’ve seen such excitement from customers for our products across so many channels that unpicking it all manually became unfeasible, which is why IgnitionOne’s automated technology appealed. Not only will it ensure customers get the best possible experience onsite by getting the right content at the right time, but we will also be able to analyse overall ROI more efficiently and effectively on one platform“, said Tom Valentine, Founder and Managing Director of Secret Escapes.

“Secret Escapes is one of a growing number of companies choosing to look at the efficiency of their digital marketing across all channels. Our technology and client support enables them to have a fully attributed view of their online advertising; giving them crucial insight into how the different digital channels work together. ” said Ollie Bath, Head of Client Solutions Europe for IgnitionOne.