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Engagement Scoring and Portfolio Optimization: 1+1=3

IgnitionOne was an early innovator of Portfolio Optimization which allows for the optimal spending of each dollar for highest return possible, aiming for the highest efficiency aggregate. We are also the first to leverage a proprietary Engagement Score, that measures the historical and real-time behavior of each individual visiting your site, allows for deeper insights beyond revenue at the user level. By combining the two innovations, engagement scores in conjunction with standard revenue metrics, it has the potential to significantly improve the accuracy/insights in automated portfolio bidding.

Learn more about how these technologies and how they work together in IgnitionOne’s new insights document – download it here.

IgnitionOne’s Predictive Engagement Scoring offers dynamic, real-time insights into likelihood to convert and product interest to drive intelligent optimization

IgnitionOne joins the IAB UK for Digital Britain in Manchester

Yesterday, IgnitionOne joined the IAB UK for their Digital Britain event in Manchester. The event, which took place at the Bridgewater Hall, is the first time the IAB UK has held an event north of the M25.

We had an interactive area where brand and agency advertisers could drop in and meet the IgnitionOne team. We showcased our LiveMarketer technology through giant touch screens. The brand being demonstrated was the IAB UK showing who was on their website in real-time and how engaged they were with the IAB UK on the day that they released their Ad Spend Report 2013.

IAB UK Digital Britain

IAB UK Digital Britain

The IgnitionOne racers from IAB Engage 2013 also made an appearance with Matt Coughlan from The Auto Network taking home an XboxOne for having the fastest time of 2:05:41 around the track during the day.

IAB UK Digital Britain
Racer 1 over



IAB UK Digital Britain
The racers are off and running


IAB UK Digital Britain
The Top 5 Times


Nancy Furber from UNICEF UK spoke with IgnitionOne’s business director, Stewart Holt, on the challenges of integrated marketing campaigns. UNICEF UK ran an integrated marketing campaign in the lead up to Christmas 2013 with IgnitionOne running the majority of the digital activity for the campaign. Nancy spoke about what challenges UNICEF UK as a business had with delivering the campaign but also the benefits they’d seen by integrating their digital spend – an ROI of 3.9 over the course of the campaign.

IAB UK Digital Britain
Nancy discusses UNICEF UK’s integrated marketing campaign
IAB UK Digital Britain
Stewart explains IgnitionOne Targeting

All in all, it was a fantastic day and we’re looking forward to being part of the Northern Digital Scene for a while to come.

A copy of our presentation from the day is below but if have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an email at info@ignitionone.com

IgnitionOne® – Making Online Marketing Simple

When we describe IgnitionOne®, we talk about being a global leader in cloud-based technology. We have an amazing data product, called the LiveMarketer®, that helps brand marketers really understand who the individuals on their website are, what they’re interested in and what media channels they’ve been touched by on their path to purchase.

All this information is taken into account and we are able to assign each individual an Engagement Score which tells brands marketers how like that individual is to convert.

When a brand knows how interested someone is in their product and what their interested in, this becomes powerful tool to use in the media channels they use, the price they pay for them and the messages they serve to individual users across them.

At IgnitionOne®, we’re focused on making online marketing simple for brand marketers so we’ve combined this all into one platform, the Digital Marketing Suite. This allows this information to be shared across online marketing disciplines and helps brand marketers start thinking about marketing to individuals rather than marketing across channels.

And to make it even simpler to understand how our technology works and how it could help your brand, we’ve made this one minute video.

If you’d like more information about how IgnitionOne® can help you understand and connect with your customers, email us at info@ignitionone.com or visit our website www.ignitionone.com


Enhancements Released to LiveMarketer, Real-Time User Data Visualization Tool

We are happy to share that  we have announced the newest enhancements to LiveMarketer, the one of a kind real-time data visualization tool within the Marketing Automation component of the IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite. LiveMarketer shows individual user-level Engagement Scores, life-cycle purchase information and exposure paths of users currently on a web site. IgnitionOne’s LiveMarketer provides marketers with a real-time look into who their website visitors are, what media and advertising they have been exposed to, what product, pages or category they are most interested in and most importantly how likely they are to convert. By tying data to the individual it opens the possibility for marketers to use marketing automation, CRM techniques and RTB to influence the web visitor both on and off the marketer’s site. The update improves upon the existing product with increased user engagement details and an enhanced user experience.

lm3 full

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive individual profile details
  • Identify customer life cycles and stages
  • New interactive graphs tracking user interest
  • Additional marketing automation functionality to engage with returning customers on an individual level
  • Fully accessible across tablets and mobile devices

lm3 sub

Please contact us with any questions about how LiveMarketer can help you. View the official announcement here

You can interact with a live demo here

IgnitionOne Enhances LiveMarketer, Real-Time Data Visualization Tool

IgnitionOne is excited to announce a major enhancement to LiveMarketer®, the real-time data visualization tool within the Marketing Automation component of the DMS, which shows individual user-level scores within the purchase funnel on a marketer’s website.

With over 15 individual statistics within its interface, the LiveMarketer® update improves upon the existing product with increased user engagement details and an enhanced user experience.

Key Features include:

  • Algorithmic based decision engine to trigger marketing automation actions like email, vouchers, chat, and advertising media
  • Fully animated views of user journeys show changes of engagement scores over time; entrance and exit scores over each visit; and changes in product interest over time
  •  Clear, detailed views of user-level attribution and media channel exposures
  •  Geographic mappings of all current users on site by interest

Key Benefits include:

  • See where each website visitor is within the purchase funnel by product or content category
  • See detailing of each website visitor over all cross-channel exposures that led them to the site through real-time visualization
  • Look beyond static reports and analytics to get a dynamic visualization of the real-time interest and actions on a marketer’s site

Learn more about LiveMarketer® enhancements by reading the official press release here or by viewing the live demo here. For any questions that you may have, please email info@ignitionone.com.

Reflections from a Site Optimization Veteran

As we welcome our newest developer, Cristian Ferencz, I figure it’s a good time to reflect on the road traveled, from 2008, the early days of what we now call Site Optimization.

Back in 2008, I was hired to help the four developers with our 20-or-so clients in Benelux. At that time we were offering simple site metrics and lead generation through pop-ins, testing and refining our now-ubiquitous scoring algorithm. We already had had great success with automotive companies such as Fiat, whose web marketing conversions grew 30% in two years.

By 2009, the company’s portfolio had already grown significantly and had become more versatile, expanding out of Benelux into Europe and beyond the automotive business. We also started to roll out new solutions that required full-time developers (Live Marketer, for instance), which meant we needed to hire, and further structure our team. That’s when I was asked: “How do you feel about working full-time on Client Implementations?”

From 2010 on, we never stopped hiring and the Client Implementations team grew to reach our current headcount of 18, spread between Brussels and Atlanta, handling more than 200 client implementations. I trained each of the developers that joined the Brussels team and even my own manager, Nico Callandt. The result? A diverse team of developers with professional backgrounds not only in computer programming, but also graphic design, psychology and baking, who share a unique brand of unbridled humor (some would even say it’s often politically incorrect), a Minecraft server and a goldfish.

Our Site Optimization team consists of Kurt Briers (head of software development), Nico Callandt (production manager), Adrian Price (US team leader), Cliff Kilby, Greg Smith, Greg Flynn, Daniel Labrador, Dominique Rolin (EU team leader), Joris Brauns, Ryan Megidov, Arslan Megidov, Arthur Laurent, Matthieu Fradcourt, Mathieu Bernimont, Sebastien Le Touze, Cristian Ferencz, Adam Abramovicz (reporting), Andras Szerdahelyi (R&D), Andi Chirita, and Popi (the goldfish).

At the dawn of 2013, our team has now grown to match the size of our portfolio. As we’re finding our cruising speed for day-to-day business, we are able to commit a share of our efforts to research and development of internal tools. The future of this department holds attention to more automation for faster client implementations, better monitoring, new insight in visitor metrics for improved behavioral targeting, and much more.

Come visit IgnitionOne at DMExco

IgnitionOne will be  at DMExco 12-13 September. There will be big screen LiveMarketer demos, expert advice on digital marketing from our European Director, Stephan van den Bremer, and from our Head of Client Solutions Europe, Ollie Bath. Come and talk to us about your online marketing issues and a chance at winning one of our Apple TVs. You can find us in Hall 8, at stand E051 F058. Entrance to the event is free.

If you would like to set up a meeting in advance, contact our VP Business Development Europe, Gordon, who will be at the event at Gordon.plomp@ignitionone.com or our Germany Sales Director, René at rene.niessen@ignitionone.com who will also be there to answer any questions you may have.


The international leading conference for the digital industry

DMExco is the international leading expo & conference for the digital industry. Comprised of a unique combination between an exposition and a conference, it stands for innovative and future-oriented marketing in the midst of a global growth market. Placing a clear focus on advertising, media and technology, DMExco is the number one global industry meeting platform for valuable knowledgetransfer as well as direct business transactions. DMExco offers trade visitors the broadest range of business trends, creative excellence, growth strategies and product innovations in various ways and is free of charge. Being the central hub for all thought leaders and minds from digital brands, advertisers and marketers, all types of agencies and media owners DMExco is leading the global digital industry.

IgnitionOne Targeting Drives 300% Higher CTR for Expedia.ie

Expedia.ie faced the challenge of an industry where users seek a wide variety of products. Reflecting its “People Shaped” approach to travel, Expedia.ie aimed to offer highly relevant products and services to cater to the differing needs of its audience.The popular travel brand sought to increase web traffic, click-through-rates (CTR) and conversions on its site. Expedia.ie looked to IgnitionOne to help solve their digital marketing needs.

IgnitionOne implemented its Digital Marketing Suite technology, which dynamically customizes site content for each visitor in real-time based on their travel destination interest. Providing more relevant and personalized content creates a more fluid click behavior, which improves CTRs. The technology was driven by IgnitionOne’s powerful audience scoring engine on Expedia Ireland’s website. The scoring solution considers on-site behavior, including the travel interests entered by visitors in search forms on Expedia.ie, and instantaneously adapts its homepage banners according to the travel interest profile of each visitor.

Andrew Warner, Senior Marketing Director, Expedia EMEA said, “When Expedia launched, we effectively turned around the travel agent’s monitor and gave the customer access to these expert tools, and more than 15 years on, we continue to look for new ways to empower our customers and to make travel planning simpler and more intuitive.”

Expedia provides access to over 150,000 hotels and more than 300 airlines from destinations across the globe, offering a wealth of ways to tailor the content displayed in banners. The Expedia.ie team used the Digital Marketing Suite’s LiveMarketer drag and drop functionality to draw on the broad range of options to personalize the website on the fly. This functionality includes triggering promotional offers and other on-site campaigns easily for different audience segments to ensure that Expedia.ie can help travelers to find the best value for the destinations they are most interested in quickly and easily.

Within just three months, overall site relevancy improved the user experience by 25%. Targeted homepage banners recorded 300% (4x) higher CTR compared to default or standard banners.

To download the complete case study, click here.