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Five Ways to Maximize your Digital Marketing Team

Jani Rayner joined the London IgnitionOne office as an Account Manager more than a year ago. Originally from New Zealand, Jani pursued her passion for computing and creativity by completing a Bachelor of Business Degree, majoring in Information Technology and Advertising, which started the launch of her digital career.


Based on the digital account management experience under her belt, Jani has shared some tips below that have helped to get the best from the digital teams she has worked in.

  1. Use an integrated solution like a Digital Marketing Suite (DMS)– With a platform like this, your team can manage all publishers and most, if not all channels in one place. This saves time on multiple log-ins as well as aligning your data in one place, allowing you to centrally manage, attribute and optimise all aspects of the account. With a DMS, your budgeting decisions are also more educated and informed through easier access to cross channel insight.  Within the DMS, there may be many bulk options that can save the team time in terms of campaign creation/modifications including those all-important bid changes and optimisation.
  2. Integrate your individual teams – It is important to encourage the Display, Social and Search teams to work closely together – you will be surprised (or perhaps not) how often this doesn’t happen. Ensure that all team members are attending training sessions for new features and are setting up frequent, regular cross-channel meetings. Try to get each team member contributing to a client to sit together. This exposure can help the team to increase their skill set and keep work life fresh and interesting. This is of course in addition to the benefit to campaigns when all channels are on the same page.  Share knowledge is also key during the flu season when extra cover is needed!
  3. Promote technology usage among social teams  – Creating, monitoring and optimizing Facebook advertising can be time consuming.  By leveraging a Facebook management tool can save  a lot of time and money through the ability to create advertisements in bulk.  Especially within a social space like Facebook, it’s important to keep your advertising relevant and interesting.  Within the IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite there are some great features for automatic optimization.
  4. Scheduled regular reports – It is imperative to keep a track of your daily budget and performance, so set up a report to be delivered each day and make it a point for this to be one of the first things you look at. Weekly and Monthly reports can be more focused on overall performance. Having a reports automatically generated will save you time and also serves as a reminder to check month on month performance.
  5. Benefit from outside experts –  Your partners have a wealth of knowledge and they want to help you succeed, whether coming from your Yahoo/Google rep or your technology provider. Encourage team members to attend training sessions. A decent hour learning about innovations, recent releases and best practices will save time in the long run. Treat these resources like true strategic partners and you will reap the rewards.