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Through the Lens of an Intern

Technology is rapidly changing the game and everyone must adjust to the strong tech-based environment by transitioning to become more relevant and savvy. Internships allow young professionals to gain valuable experience and provide the opportunity to gain a better grasp on where to begin their career. What better place than IgnitionOne?

At IgnitionOne, interns are treated with tremendous respect because the organization understands that creativity can come from anywhere. Not every company invests as much energy and time building positive relationships with their interns, or even consider them as equals to their full-time employees. But here, interns are treated the same as everyone else.

Every Tuesday, we have a companywide intern “lunch and learn.” Directors from different departments talk to us about their career and discuss their roles in the innovative process. As an intern, it is very interesting to hear stories of people from various walks of life that have come together in the marketing industry. That being said:  look through the lens of an intern (mine) and experience what a day is like for me.

On my first day, Human Resources welcomed me with open arms and gave me the grand tour of what seemed to be a dual-leveled maze.  Shortly after, I walked to the IgnitionOne team and waiting for me was a desk with a computer with not one, but two screens! During the tour, I was introduced to the large café that has multiple flat screen televisions, a game room, and kegs! At this point, I can only imagine the kind of company parties are hosted here.

After settling in, I was handed my assignments for the upcoming week. The first thing that I noticed was a visit to the Google office for an intense DoubleClick “DART” workshop (Dynamic Adserving Reporting & Targeting). As an Advertising Operations Intern, I used DoubleClick to implement the digital advertisements clients need. It was exciting that IgnitionOne was sending me to learn first-hand from DoubleClick at the Google office.

Before interning at Ignition One, I thought an internship would be doing slave work such as running the errands that employees wouldn’t do. But in reality, this internship taught me how connected everything within the digital landscape is. Within my short time interning at IgnitionOne, I have learned that to run a successful campaign, all channels must work together. For example, when working with clients, we all first have to understand exactly what the client needs. Then, all of the departments come together in order to understand the problem we are trying to solve and discern the best way of execution. Whether it is raising brand awareness to gaining customer loyalty, we have to find the most efficient route to the solution. That is what makes IgnitionOne successful.

I am very grateful for my experience as an intern at Ignition One and I know I am not alone. The lessons learned here will allow me to discover my passion and move forward with my young professional career. I wouldn’t trade working at IgnitionOne for the world.