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Instagram Adds Ad Analytics: what does it mean for marketers?

Recently, Instagram announced a new suite of tools for brands, addressing the need for measurement of paid and organic content on the very popular photo sharing app.

Before Facebook could tout their extensive capabilities for tracking and measuring advertising impact, marketers and the ad industry were very critical of social because success was difficult to quantify, putting its value into question. But then we could measure the impact of Facebook (paid and owned) advertising  as a standalone and while looking at the full conversion path of a consumer and now social is a critical channel in the marketing mix.

Instagram has clearly learned a valuable lesson from its owner’s past, and has made the rollout of analytics a priority for its business users. Now that marketers will be able to track how they’re increasing brand awareness, the performance of paid campaigns and engagement across various ads and campaigns, Instagram immediately becomes more valuable to marketers.

Now that we have the measurement covered, why is Instagram a necessary component of the marketers’ media plan?

  • Viewability Unless you are in a mad dash for the bottom of the feed, scrolling through Instagram photos is pretty steady and controlled, meaning people are almost always going to view your ad because it consumes the entirety of the page – this is just the nature (and layout) of the beast.

Instagram-ads-1024x812 See? Pretty hard to miss.


  • Audience With more than 200 million active monthly users on Instagram, the audience reach is incredible. Because the app is linked to Facebook, the first party data is extremely rich, allowing marketers to hone in to very specific segments based on demographic, geo, interests and more.

Predictions for Instagram’s Future

  • Instagram will become an attributable step on the path to conversion. The next logical step for Instagram would be the ability  to click through to websites from ads, allowing marketers to quantify DR efforts.
  • Instagram will integrate with platforms, like IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite.
  • Paid ads on Instagram are very expensive and prices probably won’t decrease much. Instagram inventory is and should be limited, but ad analytics is giving advertisers a look at WHY Instagram is such a powerful tool for branding and  eventually for  direct response.

Weekly News Roundup

Virtual Reality: Advertising’s Next Big Thing?

Coca-Cola, Nissan, and HBO have taken a giant leap into the virtual world of advertising. Virtual reality can transform the advertisement industry, but the industry itself has to understand the technology before diving head first into the transformation. Virtual advertisement will allow individuals to enter a completely different experience, getting immersed in a very authentic way of viewing ads. “Today social networks are about sharing moments, but tomorrow it will be about sharing experiences.” Virtual reality will give all a sense of presence that they are unable to get from any other advertisement.

Facebook Starts Building Ad Links to Instagram

The same ads you see on Instagram will now be appearing on your Facebook page. Facebook, who owns Instagram is testing this on Mercedes-Benz, allowing their car ads to target users who follow them on Instagram. Targeting will be extremely precise. “Brands could use Instagram for brand awareness, then Facebook for their direct-response messaging.” The goal is to target individuals based on their information on both Facebook and Instagram, giving them ads from businesses that interest them.

Tap Into the “Big Data” Power of Search

Search is part of a huge platform for driving conversions. The article talks about three different ways to improve a company’s entire marketing efforts through search perspectives. The first being to listen carefully as to provide the user with a better experience. The second is to review your brand’s trending techniques frequently. Finally, the third is experimenting with Google AdWord search.

Pinterest’s New Head of Brand: ‘I’m here to expand it globally’

The female dominated site, Pinterest, just hired David Rubin as their new head of brand. This was a bit of a curveball because Pinterest is predominantly used by females and at his last job, Rubin worked with Axe. However, Pinterest hired David in order to expand their reach to men as well. “This is a fantastic brand already,” Rubin said. “My job is to help unlock that for more people, more often.”

Can Foursquare Kick the Check-in Habit?

Foursquare is in the middle of a huge rebrand. It is getting rid of one of its main features, the check-in. In addition, they are also changing their logo and creating a new typeface. The problem they face with this is not upsetting their loyal users. They are trying to make the user experience more personalized. They have approximately 10.3 million users.

Google Shopping Now Features Product Ratings in Ads, Blurring the Lines between Organic and Paid Search

Google is notorious for getting big name brands to sign on for their promise of better click-throughs. Google has it easy with blurring the lines between organic and paid search. Mike Capsambelis, the Product Manager at Google Shopping wrote, “We believe these ratings will help differentiate products across google.com and google.com/shopping and will help merchants drive more qualified traffic through Product Listing Ads.” the product ratings willl begin to appear across Google Search homepage, as well as Google.com/shopping portal.

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