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IgnitionOne Group Recognized for Innovation by 2014 American Business Awards

IgnitionOne and Netmining, a leading provider of real-time audience targeting solutions, were named as Finalists today in the three categories in the 2014 American Business Awards, and will ultimately be Gold, Silver, or Bronze Stevie® Award winners in the program.

More than 3,300 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories.  IgnitionOne is nominated in the categories for Most Innovative Company of the Year (Up to 2,500 Employees) as well as the New Product or Service of the Year – Software (Marketing/Public Relations Solution). Netmining is a finalist in the Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year (Up to 100 Employees) category.

“Innovation is a core part of our heritage and over the last decade we have been the first to introduce many new concepts to the market, including attribution, integrated user scoring,  portfolio optimization, SmartRemarketingSM and the first ever Digital Marketing SuiteSM,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “IgnitionOne and Netmining are proud to be finalists in these three highly competitive categories and to be recognized for our innovative work to simplify marketers’ lives, improve performance and better understand and reach audiences.”

Finalists were chosen by more than 150 business professionals nationwide during preliminary judging in April and May.  More than 150 members of several specialized judging committees will determine Stevie Award placements from among the Finalists during final judging, to take place May 13-22.

“The final judges have a difficult task ahead of them, to rank the Finalists, because there are so many great nominations this year,” said Stevie Awards president and founder Michael Gallagher.

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2014: Digital Marketers, What’s Your Word?

It’s a whole new year already. I know it’s clichéd to say it, but it seems like we just started 2013. Like it or not, it’s 2014 so let’s make the most of it.

I originally started thinking of New Year’s resolutions for digital marketers, but then I spoke to a few people who instead of personal resolutions they choose one word to focus on through the year. Maybe that word is “Appreciate” or “Patience” or “Success,” etc. I thought it was an interesting experiment that we may think about for Digital Marketers too.

Here are some great options to get you thinking:

Simplify: Whether we are talking about all of the technology marketers use every day or about the siloed data sets that don’t talk to each other, marketers face great complexity. This year choose to focus on simplicity. What would it take to bring things together and what would be the benefits?

Wisdom: We as people and as marketers often only see what’s right in front of us. It’s the old problem of not seeing the forest for the trees. Step back and get a full picture of how your efforts are working together. What is the full path your users take before converting? Are you spending your budget where it is most effective? How do you know?

Innovate: We can never improve if we rely on our old ways, accepting past results and “good enough.” This is the year to push the limits of your marketing, to test new methods, to go beyond good all the way to great. But of course it is not always easy – “If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it.” Go out and blaze new trails in 2014!

So what will be your word? Pick a good one and live by it this year. I’d love to hear what you choose. Please share here or tweet us at @ignitionone . Happy New Year!

Four Things for Digital Marketers to be Thankful for

With Thanksgiving a couple of days away from us in the US, I thought it was timely to think back on all that I am grateful for as a digital marketer. This is just a small list, but maybe it will get you thinking about what you have to be grateful for in your job.

1. Innovation – Things keep moving and changing. I love this because it keeps us challenged and striving for the next best thing. But innovation is also lifting our whole industry up. Even if it causes some fracturing and confusion at first, when new ideas are inserted into the landscape, if they prove to be helpful, it only will add to our capabilities and help us reach our goals.

2. Smart people – Our CEO recently shared his thoughts on the importance of high-quality service, and behind that service is processes, methodology and most importantly really really smart people. I am grateful for the smart people I work with because they help simplfy complex concepts, can cut through huge piles of data like butter, and have deep knowledge and experience with every digital marketing channel. My coworkers make me smarter everyday

3. Mobile Devices – Not only do I love my smart phone and use it every day in job, but I am also thankful for their place in digital marketing. It is an amazing world we live in where users can access all the information in the world from their pocket – and we as marketers can also use these devices to communicate our message. And because of advanced targeting – we can reach these users only when they actually want to hear from us.

4. Actionable Data – More data is not good. In fact, more data is usually bad. Data by itself is just noise, but if you can centralize that data and organize it in a way that insights rise to the surface, you have something powerful and actionable. I am grateful that there are systems like our Digital Marketing Suite that approach data intelligently, so that I am able to use data to do my job better.

Personas: Give your campaign a face

What makes the success of a digital marketing campaign? It depends on several factors: originality, design, technical innovations, etc. Even when considering all of these, you might still be unsuccessful if you don’t respect the fundamental rule of satisfying your users’ needs. The Personas method provides you with a more precise and realistic vision of your typical users.

A product, a campaign, a new concept… you don’t create these things for your own pleasure. Consumers are waiting for you behind every website page. The challenge of advertising campaigns is immense: they must propose content that is relevant, personalized, intuitive, natural, and practical in order to make their target audience feel engaged.

Lately, special attention has been given to the user experience – his global feeling and behavior when facing a campaign – which has lead to the development of many methods that aim to ease the discussions and decision during the whole creation process life cycle such as creating and using Personas. Discovering the final users’ needs is then the ultimate objective.

Change your perspective, generate ideas

Concretely, a Persona is a personalized representation of a target audience. This character, fictive but realistic, allows you to understand the goals, values and needs of your typical visitors. He is used as a reference concerning the tone of a campaign’s offer, its design and interactions. Moreover, he allows you to change your perspective – and thus to avoid designing for yourself – which is essential! According to a University Paul Verlaine de Metz, France study, using Personas significantly improves the amount of ideas generated, the number of domains discussed, the level of detail and even the level of originality during the campaign conception phase.

But how is this done? The challenge is to come up with the greatest possible comprehension of your final users. All the tools you have on hand to build your Persona are useful, such as surveys, web analytics, interviews, statistical data, stories from forums, direct observations of the users in virtual and real life situations, etc. You can then give him a first and last name, an age, a life style. Everything that gives depth and multi-dimensionality to your Persona is added value.

Of course, this first step forces you to make some choices. It would indeed be hard to imagine dealing with thousands of Personas. Besides, the perfect design for everyone does not exist and doesn’t appeal to anyone. In the case of a rather large target audience, it is necessary to define the central users that you wish to understand, and only then the peripheral audience. On the contrary, if your target audience is rather small, you can focus on certain details in your design that will make a difference.

This being said, in all cases, it is definitely useful to create several Personas, but you should at least create three categories:

  1. The primary Persona: this is the main user. He is the one who needs to be moved by the offer and its design. The choices that are made for the other Personas should not conflict with this one.
  2. The secondary Persona: he has an interest in your product and uses it occasionally.
  3. The anti-Persona: this corresponds to the type of users you don’t want to reach. The design shouldn’t be modified for this one.

Give life to your Personas

After having designed a range of contrasting Personas who are built upon serious and realistic information, all you need to do is give them life. Call them by their first name, display their description on your walls, and make full-size models out of them. Essentially, these Personas must take part in the discussions and decisions of your campaign.

Bearing in mind these realistic representations of your target audience, your brand will be able to appropriately craft messages and deploy campaigns tailored to your consumers, bolstering ROI and heightening successful KPIs.

Innovation through a Desktop

Encourage, foster & share – those are, in my opinion, the three most important words when it comes to innovation in a company. Being a digital marketing solutions provider, our office is filled with computers, keyboards, monitors, headphones, servers and more! Being so dependent on computers inspired me to look at innovation like a computer.

Browser history

If it weren’t for innovation, IgnitionOne wouldn’t exist. Who would have thought that synchronising media management and optimization, cross-channel attribution and analytics and conversion optimization would create the first ever Digital Marketing Suite (DMS), covering all digital marketing solutions? We did.

Am I overloading my own USB a bit? Of course I am! But there’s good reason for it. Here’s why. First let’s state the obvious: what’s shown to the outside world, what’s on our monitor. IgnitionOne introduced the very first Digital Marketing Suite and are constantly innovating to improve digital marketing returns and efficiency. Another example is IgnitionOne announcing the industry’s first integrated Engagement Optimization solution, offering marketers the ability to optimize ad spend based on behaviours and interests.

So, how on earth do we come up with these things? Where do the ideas come from? How are they tested and worked on to produce a useful solution for our customers? These questions bring us to the chore facets of innovation, the most interesting, opening up the shell of the company and looking at the processor inside.

Encourage, foster and share

A big forté of the company here is our diverse backgrounds. In just 40 employees in Brussels, we have over 12 different nationalities– that is a whole lot of desktop applications, getting the creative juices flowing.  Our office has a very open atmosphere; it’s easy to ask anyone what he or she thinks about a certain topic and you’ll always get an honest answer.  We are even working toward redesigning the office to bring all departments closer to each other, meaning more data will be stored on the RAM instead of ROM and the CPU can create extra bits to work on testing out ideas.

Nurture and encourage growth

We try to increase the number of followers. There is a fun spirit in the office: there is music, some people play ping-pong to relax the mind, people comfortably speak with one another at the lunch table and sometimes it is there that wacky ideas are thought of (our own chef, a hunky masseur for the ladies, or just the idea to have a BBQ together). IgnitionOne creates a comfortable atmosphere that encourages its employees to work hard and produce results.


In the office in Brussels we have monthly “TEDx” sessions. We present new ideas, interesting projects and results from testing, discuss suggestions. This often results in the creation of new ideas. Our TEDx sessions are interdepartmental because we understand that what each of us does has an impact on other’s work. We share the presentations after the sessions for others that are interested too (even internationally) to download, which sometimes spurs new ideas in others, opening new browser tabs.

Better than a computer

Is comparing innovation at IgnitionOne a stretch? Maybe. We avoid the blue screens of death and rebooting our team is as easy as an afternoon coffee. But the important part is the fact that all the components of our system work together like a well built machine to develop and foster new ideas to help our clients achieve their goals.