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IgnitionOne® – Making Online Marketing Simple

When we describe IgnitionOne®, we talk about being a global leader in cloud-based technology. We have an amazing data product, called the LiveMarketer®, that helps brand marketers really understand who the individuals on their website are, what they’re interested in and what media channels they’ve been touched by on their path to purchase.

All this information is taken into account and we are able to assign each individual an Engagement Score which tells brands marketers how like that individual is to convert.

When a brand knows how interested someone is in their product and what their interested in, this becomes powerful tool to use in the media channels they use, the price they pay for them and the messages they serve to individual users across them.

At IgnitionOne®, we’re focused on making online marketing simple for brand marketers so we’ve combined this all into one platform, the Digital Marketing Suite. This allows this information to be shared across online marketing disciplines and helps brand marketers start thinking about marketing to individuals rather than marketing across channels.

And to make it even simpler to understand how our technology works and how it could help your brand, we’ve made this one minute video.

If you’d like more information about how IgnitionOne® can help you understand and connect with your customers, email us at info@ignitionone.com or visit our website www.ignitionone.com


Online Gaming Giant Uses Site Optimisation to increase Conversions by 49%


The Challenge

In an increasingly competitive market, online bookmaker Betfred.com was looking for ways to increase registrations from potential customers.

Betfred.com wanted to maximise the potential of non-converting users already on its site. It wanted to achieve qualified registration conversions by optimising the most important point of customer engagement to lift conversion rates. In order to achieve these goals, Betfred engaged with IgnitionOne.

The Solution

IgnitionOne implemented its Digital Marketing Suite site optimisation technology. The technology is driven by a powerful audience scoring engine that monitors on site browsing behaviour based on 120 different variables (including click behaviour, dwell time, specific product views, RFM) of each user. This score is then used to trigger customised calls to action in real-time (see picture below), designed to provide each individual visitor with an offer relevant to their specific product(s) of interest whilst they are still on the site.

Two different types of interaction take place on Betfred.com via the IgnitionOne technology:

  1. Visitors with a high engagement score are targeted with a pop-in containing two calls to action: ‘Register Now’ or ‘Log-In’. The pop-in contains an offer relevant to the visitor’s interest profile. In addition to this, contact details and Live Chat links are also relevant to the specific interest so any query the visitor has can be channelled to the most appropriate team. This interaction is triggered on the visitor’s unique interest score and is designed to be shown when the visitor reaches the crucial conversion tipping point.
  2. In order to reduce the number of drop-outs, a second pop-in is triggered specifically within the registration page. This pop-in reinforces the relevant offer and encourages the visitor to contact the relevant customer support if they are experiencing any difficulties in registering. The pop-in on this page is triggered based on the amount of time spent on the page (if the visitor has spent longer than average on the page) as well as by mouse position. If the visitor moves their mouse above the top of the page (indicating that they may be about to leave the page), then the pop-in is triggered.

Dynamic Pop-In: Providing a customised and personalised experience at the appropriate time in these ways significantly increases the likelihood of a positive interaction with the visitor resulting in a substantial uplift of new registrations.

The Results

The IgnitionOne program was a huge success.

In order to prove the uplift generated by the technology, vigorous A/B testing was carried out whereby a control group of traffic was not shown any interactions. A/B testing allows for clear and comparative results. In the eight months since the IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite technology has been in place, Betfred.com has witnessed 49% uplift in registrations of the target group versus control group.

In addition to this conversion uplift, the reaction to the pop-ins by Betfred.com visitors has also been very positive, with on average 25% of users that are shown the pop-in actually using the call-to-action and engaging with it.

Buoyed by its success, Betfred.com is now preparing to use the IgnitionOne technology for a wide-range of additional purposes such as:

– Expanding the onsite offering through encouraging further customer interaction and product participation;

–  Using the audience profile to enhance cross-sell opportunities.

Betfred.com has fully bought into the concept of IgnitionOne’s audience scoring engine and is reaping the rewards from using the technology. All elements of the business are familiar with the LiveMarketer display, which visualises the data on the client site in real-time as well as the benefits that the technology can bring.

Betfred.com is a truly innovative business that really sees the value in working closely with third-parties such as IgnitionOne to drive results. The most exciting aspect of the relationship is that there is a significant desire from both parties to improve results even further. They continue to explore other elements of IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite, to ensure that the technology is used to its full potential by contributing Betfred.com’s growth and offering visitors the best possible experience.

For further information, please feel free to contact stewart.holt@ignitionone.com

IgnitionOne Adds Facebook Exchange to Digital Marketing Suite

IgnitionOne announced the addition of Facebook Exchange within its Digital Marketing Suite (DMS). This new functionality expands the integrated cross-channel capabilities of the DMS, the industry-leading digital marketing solution that centralizes marketing efforts into a single platform.

Including Facebook Exchange in a marketing strategy is ideal for marketers looking to expand the reach of their remarketing and audience targeted advertising to Facebook’s huge user base. Access to real-time bidding through the Facebook Exchange enhances marketers’ ability to present relevant Facebook ads based on first-party intent data.

Key Features:

  • Real Time Bidding allows marketers to bid only on impressions that meet key campaign criteria
  • Smart bidding logic to adjust bids based on various inputs including IgnitionOne’s proprietary Engagement Score
  • Target users based on custom interest segments generated during a users visit to a marketer’s site
  • Additional capabilities, including: frequency caps, geo targeting, user recency targeting, day-part and day of week targeting

“Adding access to the Facebook Exchange into the Digital Marketing Suite, enhances our clients ability to leverage a wealth of intent data across a new inventory source ,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “The corresponding result is an exceedingly efficient way for advertisers to expand their direct-response campaigns in conjunction with their existing Facebook advertising strategies.”

Facebook Exchange support is backed by IgnitionOne’s powerful best-in-class DSP capabilities, one aspect of the IgnitionOne’s integrated Digital Marketing Suite that helps marketers spend smarter, work easier and improve performance. These solutions help marketers manage and optimize paid and natural search, display and Facebook advertising, supported by cross-channel attribution alongside site optimization capabilities that present the right message at the right time to website visitors. IgnitionOne is part of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program for Ads.

Complimenting this announcement, IgnitionOne will also be offering a free webinar on November 28th at 2pm. Chris Knoch, VP Strategic Solutions and Benny Pang, Associate Director, Product, will discuss the opportunities that the Facebook Exchange offers marketers and how they can gain efficiencies by aligning with their existing buying methods. Attendees will learn how Facebook Exchange can best be used in conjunction with existing Facebook advertising strategy to achieve objectives from awareness to conversion. Click here to register now.