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IgnitionOne Introduces Self-Service Marketing Automation to Drive Conversions of Prospects and Customers

Today, IgnitionOne announced a new self-service tool to its Marketing Automation offering, giving marketers the opportunity to create their own campaigns to drive dynamically interactive messages to consumers on various pages of their website.

Marketing automation uses insights from the behavior of users on a marketer’s website in order to make informed decisions about when and where to interact with future visitors. With this information, marketers are able to bridge the gap between “known” customers and “anonymous” potential customers by delivering messages to the more than 90% of customers who have not yet self-identified. By leveraging IgnitionOne’s proprietary User Engagement Score, the Marketing Automation tool can intelligently present promotions, forms, coupons and other messages dynamically tailored specifically for that user. It can be integrated with CRM and DMP solutions to show a clear and efficient path to conversion, connecting the dots and turning ‘anonymous’ to ‘known’ customers.

Key Features:

  • Simple Self-Service Interface: A powerful tool to create hyper-personalized on-site campaigns quickly with:
    • Custom templates and skins
    • Campaign cloning functionality
    • Image library and form builder
    • Campaign management
      • Segmenting and targeting rules that leverage interest profiles and Engagement Scores
      • Scheduling to automatically begin and end campaigns
      • Workflow features allowing for preview and testing as well as change review queues
  • Real-time user profiles: By accurately mapping a marketer’s site to allocate users to multi-layered marketing segments, the Marketing Automation tool connects product categories as part of our User Engagement Score algorithm to provide marketers with a detailed interest profile of each user. Together with the score, this accurate profile information can be used to hyper-target users and personalize marketing messages and site content.
  • Mobile friendly UI: With an interface fully compatible with mobile devices and tablets, marketers can create and edit campaigns on the go with access to all PC based functionality

“What we are introducing to the market is Marketing Automation 2.0,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “IgnitionOne is changing the landscape and definition of Marketing Automation by focusing on potential customers who have not yet raised their hand and automatically delivering the messages that will drive that ‘anonymous’ person today to become a customer tomorrow.”