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IgnitionOne Honored Among Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers and Most Innovative Companies

We at IgnitionOne are proud of our history of innovation. We are also very excited about all the innovative and ground breaking work we release every day to help our clients.


And all that hard work is being recognized in the industry! We are honored to accept a Bronze Stevie Award (American Business Award) for Most Innovative Company of the Year – Up to 2,500 Employees. The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program. with over 3,300 applicants. 




And we are also  proud to be one of the Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers by CIO Review Magazine. It is consistent with our goal of bringing simplicity to marketers and delivering powerful, centralized technology.


CIO Review recently brought together a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, and analysts to choose the top Digital Marketing Solution Providers from over thousand companies. 


The editorial team of the magazine believes that the success of today’s marketing strategies is linked to the adoption of the best digital technologies. Because of that, CMOs and CIOs need to work closely together so that marketing has the right set of tools to fully communicate with customers with the right message at the right time through the right channel. 


You can see the full list here, a spotlight on IgnitionOne here, and the digital copy of the magazine here


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Innovation through a Desktop

Encourage, foster & share – those are, in my opinion, the three most important words when it comes to innovation in a company. Being a digital marketing solutions provider, our office is filled with computers, keyboards, monitors, headphones, servers and more! Being so dependent on computers inspired me to look at innovation like a computer.

Browser history

If it weren’t for innovation, IgnitionOne wouldn’t exist. Who would have thought that synchronising media management and optimization, cross-channel attribution and analytics and conversion optimization would create the first ever Digital Marketing Suite (DMS), covering all digital marketing solutions? We did.

Am I overloading my own USB a bit? Of course I am! But there’s good reason for it. Here’s why. First let’s state the obvious: what’s shown to the outside world, what’s on our monitor. IgnitionOne introduced the very first Digital Marketing Suite and are constantly innovating to improve digital marketing returns and efficiency. Another example is IgnitionOne announcing the industry’s first integrated Engagement Optimization solution, offering marketers the ability to optimize ad spend based on behaviours and interests.

So, how on earth do we come up with these things? Where do the ideas come from? How are they tested and worked on to produce a useful solution for our customers? These questions bring us to the chore facets of innovation, the most interesting, opening up the shell of the company and looking at the processor inside.

Encourage, foster and share

A big forté of the company here is our diverse backgrounds. In just 40 employees in Brussels, we have over 12 different nationalities– that is a whole lot of desktop applications, getting the creative juices flowing.  Our office has a very open atmosphere; it’s easy to ask anyone what he or she thinks about a certain topic and you’ll always get an honest answer.  We are even working toward redesigning the office to bring all departments closer to each other, meaning more data will be stored on the RAM instead of ROM and the CPU can create extra bits to work on testing out ideas.

Nurture and encourage growth

We try to increase the number of followers. There is a fun spirit in the office: there is music, some people play ping-pong to relax the mind, people comfortably speak with one another at the lunch table and sometimes it is there that wacky ideas are thought of (our own chef, a hunky masseur for the ladies, or just the idea to have a BBQ together). IgnitionOne creates a comfortable atmosphere that encourages its employees to work hard and produce results.


In the office in Brussels we have monthly “TEDx” sessions. We present new ideas, interesting projects and results from testing, discuss suggestions. This often results in the creation of new ideas. Our TEDx sessions are interdepartmental because we understand that what each of us does has an impact on other’s work. We share the presentations after the sessions for others that are interested too (even internationally) to download, which sometimes spurs new ideas in others, opening new browser tabs.

Better than a computer

Is comparing innovation at IgnitionOne a stretch? Maybe. We avoid the blue screens of death and rebooting our team is as easy as an afternoon coffee. But the important part is the fact that all the components of our system work together like a well built machine to develop and foster new ideas to help our clients achieve their goals.