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Introducing the Quick Wins Handbook

When it comes to data management platforms, the faster they start working for you, the better. Using a DMP can provide unique strategic opportunities, along with the kind of high-value market insights that allow for a better ROI. But the truth is, very few marketers are truly leveraging the value a DMP can provide.

So, how can you start taking full advantage of your DMP right out of the gate? It comes down to understanding the actionable data you have, and utilizing it in a way that maximizes the value it has to offer. Once you learn how to effectively work with what you have, you’ll be able to explore new opportunities more deeply.

IgnitionOne has created a valuable, fresh new book that provides insight and inspiration to help you get more out of your DMP from the start. “The Quick Wins Handbook” delivers 12 fast, actionable ideas to maximize your ROI and minimize the time spent waiting for the right data.

The Quick Wins Handbook is ready to help you:

  • Get the most out of your DMP
  • Act on easy connections
  • Target location
  • Time communications
  • Avoid potential road blocks

And more!

You can learn more and download the 18-page guide here.

quick wins

Introducing the Customer Data Integration Handbook

The purpose of true data management is to obtain that holistic, 360- degree view of the customer. Not just at the point of conversion, but also throughout the buyer’s journey. That clarity gives you insights to grow your business and the ability to interact with each individual in a personal and relevant way.

But how do you get the most value from any DMP investment? It requires the integration of customer data assets from across the organization, also known as CDI or Customer Data Integration.

IgnitionOne has created a valuable new book to walk you through the process and educate you on data integration: “The Customer Data Integration Handbook.” This new 24-page guide provides a blueprint and step-by-step considerations as you approach the consolidation of data to maximize its effective use.

You can learn more and download the Guidebook free here.

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ABC UK issues EDAA Trust Seal to IgnitionOne

IgnitionOne has received its EDAA Trust Seal. This shows that IgnitionOne is in compliance with the EU Self-Regulatory Programme for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA).

“IgnitionOne is committed to providing transparency about how individuals’ online behaviour is being used and educating them about their online choices. The EDAA Trust Seal is another way that we can confirm to our clients, their customers and the boarder industry our promise to be responsible members of the online community.”


The EDAA Trust Seal comes two months after IgnitionOne was the second company to be verified under the IPA-ISBA Brand Safety Initiative, which is recognised by the Digital Trading Standards Group.

IgnitionOne is also a sponsor of the The Drum Digital Trading Awards 2014, which recognises the display and trading side of digital media and will reward the most transparent and effect digital campaigns.

You can read the full press release on the EDAA Trust Seal here.

From Data to Insights: Leveraging User-Level Data

Yesterday, Roger Barnette, President of IgnitionOne, hosted a webinar, “From Data to Insights: Leveraging User-Level Data.” In his session, Roger addressed how marketers face a constant influx of data from all facets of their media and advertising efforts, where additional data only drives further complexity rather than helping to create actionable insights.

Roger supplied insights and guidelines for marketers to look past the Siren’s song of Big Data to the truly actionable user-level data. He also shed light on the way consumers are interacting with marketers’ media and engaging with their website and how to then use those insights to deliver relevant and tailored messaging, optimize bidding, and deliver customized landing pages, ad creative and more.

Watch the video to learn more.