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Musings of a Digital Newbie

5 Things I have learned in my first month working for a digital

marketing solutions company

  1. Don’t turn up to work in tight trousers on the first day because they will split and you will have to go and buy new ones during your lunch break so that you don’t show all your new team your underwear.
  2. I now see cookies in a whole new light. I thought that a cookie was simply a tasty and highly calorific snack, oh how wrong I was. Cookies make the interactions between the user and the website faster, having the ability to remember preferences, text and shopping basket information. I think cookies currently have a bad rep, but if websites didn’t use cookies the Internet would be a much more frustrating place. It turns out cookies can actually be an incredibly insightful tool for businesses to learn a user’s real interests and act upon this information. In terms of how this can benefit the consumer in the long term, by using cookies, users will be able to see advertising specifically chosen for them, and congruent to their interests – so no more irrelevant annoying pop-ups.
  3. There are so many digital companies out there, all with point solutions and unique angles. I found it tricky at first trying to figure out what each one does by sifting through all the technical jargon and TLA’s (Three Letter Abbreviations). It’s refreshing to be working for a company that does everything under one platform: consolidating online data, conversion optimisation, analytics, managing SEO, PPC and facebook, as well as behavioural attribution.
  4. You can never be too thorough. Mistakes like spelling ‘Stephen’ as ’Steven’ can be the difference between someone replying to your email and not (and thinking you are a mindless idiot) so don’t get the simple things wrong. This is so important in the digital industry which is growing and changing so fast. Doing the right research is also important, making sure you are contacting the right person. I’m finding that job titles can be as puzzling as trying to predict what Lady GaGa is going to wear tomorrow.
  5. This links nicely to the joys of LinkedIn. I have gradually learned how to use it and enjoy finding out lots of information about who’s who in the industry. You can easily spend two hours researching every page on a company’s website, getting the prices for every product, but finding out that the E-Commerce manager used to go to the same university as you and that they have 20 years SEO experience could be even more useful and proves that you’re contacting that person for a reason. It’s also really addictive to check who’s viewed your profile: lesson learned after becoming a little obsessed!

In just one month, my whole perspective of the online industry has been changed. From day one my brain has been inundated with information far more interesting and useful than anything I remember learning in school IT classes. I know I’m touching the tip of the iceberg with regards to the possibilities digital marketing has for the future of advertising. I’ve started my journey in this fast paced industry and having a slightly embarrassing rip in my trousers is definitely not enough to stop me.