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Weekly News Roundup

Adapt or Die: The 4 Trends Shaping the Evolution of Digital  Advertising

With advertising, it is all about survival of the fittest. Advertisers must adapt to digital marketing or they will get left behind. Digital has surpassed T.V. with the amount of time users spend on it per day. Four aspects of digital advertising that advertisers must utilize are IAB Rising Star Ad Units, Native advertising, Big Data, and Programmatic. With the use of digital, companies can now pinpoint the customers they would like to reach out to.

Facebook asks: does this feel like an ad?

Despite advances in targeting, Facebook has been revamping algorithms and working toward weeding out irrelevant advertising on individuals’ NewsFeeds in order to make for a more seamless user experience. First, they will need to revamp their technology, which will allow them to understand which advertisements users actually enjoy seeing. Next, advertisers will have to find a way to make it seem like users are not getting ads only for selling purposes.

The CMO and CIO: a new powerhouse for digital transformation

Users are now more demanding than ever before. They want the information, and they want it as fast as possible. “We’ve found one of the biggest barriers to delivering an integrated digital customer strategy has less to do with the technologies deployed, and more with aligning executives and employees around a single, shared vision.” The article states that the best relationship to have is between the CMO and the CIO, due to the significant amounts of technology marketing is spending in their expenses. In order for marketers to produce the best results for excellence, they need the best possible technology from IT.

Yahoo Earnings: Display Ad Revenues Disappointing, But Mobile And Video Platform Gains Traction

Yahoo! Mobile and video platform took off in ad revenue this quarter, and it only looks like it will get better in the future. “During the quarter, search ad revenues (ex-TAC) grew by 6% year over year to $428 million.” What was disapointing was the display ad revenue, which declined 7% in the past year. Mobile growth is continuing to grow, as the user base will consume much more content across Yahoo’s website. On the video side, the company has intesified its efforts to enter the online video space.

Romania Makes it into European Digital Ad Spend Top Ten

Romania has officially made it on the top ten in European online digital ad spend. The article states, “online advertising grew by 11.9 percent to a market value of EUR 27.3 billion in 2013.” Other top countries were Italy, Russia, Turkey, Slovakia, the UK, Hungary, Austria, Norway, and Serbia. These country’s online advertising grew incredibly in 2013 across all platforms.

Source: Spanish News Today
Source: Spanish News Today

IgnitionOne Honored Among Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers and Most Innovative Companies

We at IgnitionOne are proud of our history of innovation. We are also very excited about all the innovative and ground breaking work we release every day to help our clients.


And all that hard work is being recognized in the industry! We are honored to accept a Bronze Stevie Award (American Business Award) for Most Innovative Company of the Year – Up to 2,500 Employees. The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program. with over 3,300 applicants. 




And we are also  proud to be one of the Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers by CIO Review Magazine. It is consistent with our goal of bringing simplicity to marketers and delivering powerful, centralized technology.


CIO Review recently brought together a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, and analysts to choose the top Digital Marketing Solution Providers from over thousand companies. 


The editorial team of the magazine believes that the success of today’s marketing strategies is linked to the adoption of the best digital technologies. Because of that, CMOs and CIOs need to work closely together so that marketing has the right set of tools to fully communicate with customers with the right message at the right time through the right channel. 


You can see the full list here, a spotlight on IgnitionOne here, and the digital copy of the magazine here


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July Industry Digest

Every month, we round up some of the most relevant pieces of industry news, as well as our own company highlights, in a single, convenient place. IgnitionOne knows that the digital space moves at a rapid pace, so we aim to provide a selection of news that touches on all of the most important topics to help you fuel your digital marketing decisions.

Company Highlights

Retailers: Leverage All Your Data for Successful Search Campaigns
June 1, 2012

Roger Barnette provides an explanation of how retailers can leverage data to optimize paid search media.

Meeting the Efficiency Curve
Digital Marketing Suite
June 4, 2012

IgnitionOne’s Joseph Akyuz discusses the benefits of efficiency curves in gauging the overall performance of paid search accounts.

How Google Could Become the Oracle of Online Advertising
June 6, 2012

Will Margiloff responds to the introduction of Google’s DoubleClick Digital Marketing.

Taking the Guesswork out of When to Join the Conversation
Social Media Influence
June 7, 2012

IgnitionOne offers a new social analytics solution with partner, Expion, which feeds continuous social analytics into the IgnitionOne DMS to trigger instant ad creation for Facebook’s Sponsored Stories.

Don’t Neglect Landing Page Analysis
Search Engine Watch
June 7, 2012

Of the three gears used toward effective search marketing (keywords, creative and landing pages), landing pages tend to be neglected by marketers. Dave Ragals discusses how to optimize landing pages to better benefit your business.

What Google Phrase and Exact Match Close Variants Means for Marketers
June 7, 2012

Cassandra Murray and Leslie Poole of IgnitionOne discuss changes to Google paid search that allows the option to run phrase or exact keywords on closely related terms.

For a Dynamic Campaign, Deploy Dynamic Titles
June 12, 2012

IgnitionOne’s Lee Elliot provides some helpful hints from for employing Dynamic Keyword Insertion.

IgnitionOne Wins Silver in Online Marketing Campaign of the Year
June 19, 2012

IgnitionOne was recognized by the American Business Awards as a silver prize winner for the Online Marketing Campaign of the Year for its work with Digital Marketing Works and Extended Stay Hotels in search and display media optimization solutions.

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile
June 21, 2012

Rachel Young, EU Marketing Coordinator, collected some very interesting facts and figures related to mobile.

Five Things You Should Know about RTB
June 26, 2012

Ollie Bath, Head of Client Solutions in the UK, answers five common RTB questions.

Free Google Product Listing: RIP, We Hardly Knew Ye
June 26, 2012

Roger Barnette discusses what will replace free listings on Google Product Search, and highlights some of the benefits that retailers will experience with the change.

IgnitionOne: Growth Slows for Paid-Search Spend
June 27, 2012

MediaPost fuels an article on the slowing growth paid search spend in Q2 with IgnitionOne’s quarter-end results.

Q2 2012 Online Advertising Report
June 28, 2012

IgnitionOne reports slow growth in US search, Yahoo!/Bing continues to outpace Google spend growth in US, US travel vertical breaks from pack and has strong growth and a continued increase in mobile search advertising.

Mobile Search Spend Increases 333% Year-over-Year
June 28, 2012

Econsultancy uses IgnitionOne Q2 data to report on mobile and paid search.

Video: The Power of Social Advertising – When Earned and Paid Media Meet
June 29, 2012

IgnitionOne, Facebook and Expion host a webinar that covers how to best take advantage of Facebook advertising, which tools are available to automate and leverage popular and positive posts, and best practices for timing and optimizing Sponsored Stories.

Industry Insights

10 Commandments of Digital Analytics
Search Engine Watch
May 30, 2012

Ten industry commandments, consisting of measurement, setting business goals, misusing personal information, maintaining clear and concise metrics and KPIs, treating online and offline data equally, using meaningless data, stealing or falsifying data, etc.

The Eleven Letter Word that Continues to Elude All CMOs and Marketers
Business 2 Community
June 1, 2012

Spoiler: the eleven letter word is Integration. This article highlights the many times the author has promoted integration, as well as a Forrester survey that indicates 92% of CMOs and marketing VPs who were questioned agreed that while social media has “fundamentally changed how consumers engage with brands” only 49% of them said they integrated social media into their overall marketing strategy. Why do marketers acknowledge the need for integration but very few put it into practice?

New Media Channels and Data Raise Agency Profits
DM News
June 1, 2012

According to chief executives at direct and digital agencies interviewed by DM News, growth is on the radar. Marketers are asking agencies to create marketing platforms that address strategic goals, rather than simply designing campaigns. From CRM, e-commerce and database management to mobile and social media platforms, RFPs now require that agencies build out platforms that take a long-term approach.

Insights into the Modern CMO
Marketing Pilgrim
June 4, 2012

Today’s CMO is faced with more marketing and communications options than ever before as well as greater responsibility to justify the activities of marketing initiatives with proven ROI measurements. Marketing Pilgrim interviews Christine Moorman of Duke’s Fuqua Business School about the changes in the role of CMO, what CMOs should be doing to get ahead of the curve, what the most frequently relied on tools are to measure marketing effectiveness, and more.

3 Ways to Maximize Conversions from Display Advertising
June 5, 2012

Tips to help drive conversion through effective display advertising and sound website optimization strategies are being consistent, using context to deliver on-site relevance and knowing where your visitors are coming from.

IAB Launches Hub for Mobilizing Web Sites
June 7, 2012

The IAB is providing tools for publishers to improve their mobile presence, ultimately aiming to boost mobile advertising and m-commerce by expanding the number of sites designed specifically for mobile devices.

Tablet Usage Explodes, Changes Digital Habits
June 8, 2012

One in every four smartphone owners reported using tablets, a 13.9% increase in the past year. Tablet users were nearly three times more likely to watch video on their devices compared to smartphone users, with one in every 10 tablet users viewing video content almost daily on their device. The heaviest audience concentration is between 25 and 44 years of age and is skewed toward upper-income households.

Search and Social: How the Two Will Soon Become One
June 17, 2012

Ben Elowitz discusses how Google and Bing have both released new search interfaces designed to better intuit intent and aid in getting to the one best answer more efficiently. He notes that this is the “biggest step forward we’ve seen since search results started looking 12 years ago the way they still do today.”

Study: Facebook Mobile Ads Have Higher Click-Through Rates than Those on PCs
June 19, 2012

Research that examined more than 7 million Facebook impressions served between June 8 and June 18 for 12 companies who were running fan-acquisition campaigns, including about 242,000 mobile news-feed impressions that generated 1,911 clicks, revealed stronger CTR for mobile ads compared to desktop only (comprised mainly of right-rail ads), news-feed only (desktop and mobile) and the “control” group (uniform bids made across placements).

What Happened to Search?
June 20, 2012

It seems that search is an afterthought in light of social, video and mobile. However, search still has the ability to emerge as an innovation, as is the case with Siri.

Heavy Tablet Users Respond More Positively to Ads
June 18, 2012

The Online Publishers Association collected data from 2,540 U.S. Internet users between the ages of 8 and 64. Its resulting study found that 31% of that population owns or regularly uses a tablet, up from 12% in 2011. By next year, the OPA estimates that that portion will have risen 47%. 74% said they use a tablet at least once a day, and tablet users average nearly 14 hours a week on their device.

The Golden Age of Advertising Technology
June 20, 2012

Terence Kawaja discusses trends that bode well for the ad tech sector, including big data science, perfecting the down funnel, social CRM, mobile, digital video and cross-channel optimization.

Time to Marry the CMO and CIO
June 21, 2012

Marketing and technology are more entwined than ever before. According to a new survey of marketers, the formula for success is a closer partnership between the CMO and CIO departments. The survey found that 60 percent of marketers point to their lack of alignment with the company’s IT department as the biggest obstacle to reaching today’s consumers.

Microsoft AdCenter Rollout Comes to Three More European Countries
Search Engine Land
June 27, 2012

Both Bing- and Yahoo-owned and operated properties, as well as publisher networks, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are powered by Microsoft Advertising’s adCenter as of end of June. The remaining European countries — Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden — are expected to be transitioned later this year.

Less than Half of Companies Integrate Mobile into Marketing Campaigns: Stats
June 29, 2012

Econsultancy’s Cross-Channel Marketing Report found that 49% of companies have a strategy for integrating mobile into broader marketing activity, including 35% who say integration is very basic. 51% of company respondents are not integrating mobile into marketing campaigns at all. Only 29% have a mobile commerce site and just 29% are optimizing emails for mobile.