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Google Shopping + Predictive Bid Optimization = Game Changer for Retailers

Today IgnitionOne announced full support for Google Shopping Campaigns, meaning retailers can now manage, optimize and report on their shopping campaigns within the Digital Marketing SuiteSM (DMS). Uniquely, we are able to optimize Shopping and text ad campaigns together within the same SPOT (or Predictive Bid Optimization) group, allowing marketers to forecast campaign performance  at different spend levels and automatically optimize bids accordingly. This gives marketers the ability to maximize ROI to get the most out of their marketing efforts.


This comes ahead of Google’s implementation of changes to its PLA product. Retailers can now (and must adhere to) manage their product feed and targeting within the AdWords ecosystem – and IgnitionOne is ready and able to assist with this transition. By integrating Google Shopping Campaigns into the DMS, retailers can reap the benefits of fully integrated paid search campaigns and have the ability to predict performance of all ads holistically at a specified spend and optimize accordingly.


Other key features include:

  • Campaign Management allows marketers to create and edit shopping campaigns, ad groups and ads, and manage bids on Product Groups.
  • Feed Management gives marketers the ability to specify a Merchant Center feed and track URLs for Google Shopping products.
  • Robust Analytics provide insight into Campaign reports, Ad Groups and Ads reports, Product groups, and product detail reports.
  • Predictive Bid Optimization forecasts campaign performance in advance at different spend levels and optimizes automatically.
  • Mobile Support brings retailers’ products to consumers on the devices they use the most

Read our press release here.