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Reflections from iMedia Brand Summit

I just flew through ten meetings with the best of the best in brand marketing executives in under two hours… and boy are my arms tired!  (cue laugh track..)

A quick hello from the iMedia Brand Summit in sunny San Diego, CA.   Along with some excellent opportunities to share the IgnitionOne brand and Digital Marketing Suite concept with today’s digital marketing leaders, there have been a number of good conversations around the imminent intersection of paid channels and distributed content – a challenge that IgnitionOne is here to solve. The ability to follow these channels as they merge together, and optimize  both spend decisions and a customer’s continuous experience with content  holistically through one unified platform is quickly becoming the holy grail for the marketing director responsible for a brand’s digital success and accountability.

Being aware of how customers are changing the way they ingest digital information on a daily basis is just as important as being aware of how, when, and where they are seeing sponsored messaging.  The content of the brand’s message is now in focus, rather than the content surrounding it, as technology brings us closer to the one-on-one conversation with each customer, in a personalized online experience, and further away from the big splash media opportunities of the past.

As David Shing, Digital Prophet at AOL (and probably one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen) said, “none of us walked in here carrying a television today and hardly any of us even walked into that keynote room carrying a laptop.” This mobile mentality has shifted brands’ marketing objectives and goals and advertising must be executed accordingly. Being able to create a continuous, personal, conversation, no matter where you connect with your customer, while tracking and analyzing the touchpoints across screens to a conversion can accelerate a brand and create efficiencies in media spend.

The trend of the conversations at iMedia is that we, as marketers, need to adopt true connected multichannel strategies, as mobile becomes our first screen, and distributed content channels diversify outside of simply owned and earned, or display and search.  Being able to aggregate all of the knowledge about customers’ interactions with a brand as they move throughout their day is ideal. The DMS as a solution for bringing touchpoints together, and being able to make that data actionable to connect in the right place at the right time with each influential customer, is key.  Learn from those interactions and continue the conversation intelligently and informed through cross-screen, cross-channel connected data, no matter which device a customer walked into the room with.