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Ignition 10

It took some gentle persuasion and cunning to find the Ignition 10, but Julie and Mikaël of the Brussel’s office managed to gather 5 Olympic athletes and 5 lesser gods to conquer Antwerp City.
Our group trained long and hard in Diegem’s country side, sacrificing precious relaxing lunch breaks, in order to be in our best fysical condition. Blood (cfr. Julie’s fall), sweat (cfr. Tom) and tears (cfr. Tristan) were shed.

D-Day approached rapidly and was accompanied by a great deal of stress among some of the runners. Although we expected the fluorescent IgnitionOne t-shirts to stand out in the crowd, it proved to be difficult to find each other among 40,990 well prepared joggers. A last minute change of the meeting point made us lose our top runner who magically resurfaced moments before the start without any official bib number.

And then we were off! We ploughed through a jungle of long winding tunnels, masochistically placed cobble stones and slopes invisible to the untrained eye but attacking our mental and physical well-being. Heroes left and right were overcome by exhaustion, nausea and projectile vomiting. First aid personnel jumped to the rescue, with paper bags and aluminium blankets. Encouraged by the festive music along the route, the Ignition 10 endured excruciating pains and digitally accelerated to the finish line.
What better way to celebrate this amazing achievement than with Belgian beer and fries.

– The Spirited IgnitionOne Running Team

5K runners

10MILES runners