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IgnitionOne Releases its Q2 2013 Digital Marketing Report

Strong Quarter for Digital Ads Led by Mobile Search and Programmatic Display

IgnitionOne’s Q2 report reveals that US search spend was up 7% YoY, smartphones and tablets experienced triple-digit increases YoY, and retail and travel saw incredible growth in programmatic display ad metrics with YoY spend increases of 130% and 156%, respectively. Both verticals also saw average clearing prices for programmatic display exceeding two dollars.

Analysis of trends following Google Enhanced Campaigns migrations show that marketers experienced a jump in cost and CPCs driven by an increase in competition in the mobile (smartphone) and tablet space as well as a loss of granular/keyword level control of the mobile and tablet channels.

“Though traditional paid search continues to mature as a channel, we still see growth in this quarter and we expect that to continue moving forward,” said Roger Barnette, President of IgnitionOne. “Newer channels like mobile advertising and programmatic display are where we are seeing the greatest increases in spend as marketers continue to innovate to reach their audiences.”

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