Staff Profile – Nick Reid


Nick Reid


VP of Commercial Operations IgnitionOne UK


Leeds University – BA Philosophy

Work experience:

  • VP of Advertising AdJug
  • VP of Media Adify
  • UK Head of Sales MySpace
  • Head of Sales Emap
  • Account Director Mindshare
  • office tea boy at DoubleClick


Favourite thing about your job:

Working in a challenging UK Market that evolves and changes so quickly. It demands you stay focused and continuously develop, progress and look to innovate – it gives you a purpose and therefore reward. There is also the added benefit or working with the very eclectic bunch of people, who make up Adjug and IgnitionOne in the UK.

Goals for 2013:

  1. Internally – Ensuring that the full integration of Adjug and IgnitionOne happens smoothly and seamlessly, so all involved can benefit from a more cohesive and collaborative organisation and structure.
  2. Communicating to the UK Market our new integrated proposition and being able to illustrate our ability to provide a comprehensive Service and Solution to Agencies and Clients alike. One that delivers incremental Value through insight and performance across Search, Social and Display.



The love of cooking and wine (an interest not just focused on the consumption both). Playing Squash (though starting to show my age in doing so) and playing Golf (which is an essential work requirement). My love of Football extends to the comfort of my lounge and watching Chelsea.

Favourite Holiday spot:

Italy – anywhere from the coasts of Calabria, Amalfi and Sicily in the summer, to the wonderful cities of Bologna, Rome, Venice and Milan in the winter. It’s a combination of the weather, the people, the fact that everywhere being steeped in history and then obviously the food and wine.

3 Interesting facts about yourself:

  1. I’m not great to stand next to in the security queues at Airports – I set off the metal detectors all the time as I have a lot of titanium in my legs
  2. I have cooked with Theo Randal, Giorgio Locatelli, Angela Hartnet – not just whilst watching them on TV
  3. I used to have very long curly hair – not that interesting unless you compare the current photos, to those of the past (those that remain in existence)


Favourite Quote:

To assume makes an ass of u and me

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl, is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves

Nick Reid, VP of Commercial Operations IgnitionOne UK

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