IgnitionOne & Evidon: display advertising opt-out

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Evidon allows consumers and businesses to see, understand and control data online. Using insights fueled by Ghostery, its automated scanner, and its 1,200+ company privacy database Evidon enables businesses to assess the cookies and other tracking activity on their websites. This helps them to protect their audience data, improve performance and to comply easily with privacy laws. Over 1.5 billion “AdChoices” notices are served daily on behalf of these businesses. Evidon does not collect any consumer data that can be used for advertising purposes or identifying people in any way.

IgnitionOne uses Evidon to give users the opportunity to opt out of seeing display advertising and hence to give users control over how their information is used online. Evidon offers users the opportunity to opt out from seeing ads from any of the providers or technologies that IgnitionOne uses. Each creative IgnitionOne serves contains a small Evidon – Ad Choices logo in the corner. If a user clicks on this, they are taken to a page with links to IgnitionOne’s privacy policy, as well as links to find out more about the companies who are gathering data on them. From this menu, users can choose to opt out from seeing any more display advertising from these companies. If they for instance choose IgnitionOne, users will no longer see any online display advertising that comes from IgnitionOne.

Through using Evidon, IgnitionOne helps users to control and protect their data online and hence brings transparency and improved performance.

Read more about how this application is used at Facebook here.



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