IgnitionOne at the 2012 Olympics

By Lucy Cleary, UK Marketing Coordinator

The past month has been a great time to be in the London IgnitionOne office.

The 2012 Olympics provided a great buzz in the city. Staff joined the cheering hordes of Londoners supporting the Olympic Torch Relay runners as they ran through nearby Trafalgar Square as Olympic fever took over.

As is commonplace in London, our office is made up of people from a wide range of countries: New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, China, Germany and the UK. We often joke we could be a model UN. This range of international representation meant there was a lot of friendly and at times tense rivalry as lunchtimes were spent watching heats of swimming and gymnastics in the first week and then track and field in week two. Despite country loyalties, we also respected the Great Britain triumphs and soaked up a bit of their glory too. We kept a running medal tally on the whiteboard and it was very down to the wire between China and the USA (see picture for the winner!).

Some staff were also fortunate enough to get tickets to be real live Olympic spectators- I had a great time at the Beach Volleyball and a highlight was seeing both the Brazilian men’s and women’s teams compete. The beach volleyball venue was at the Horse Guard’s Parade, giving us a stunning 360 view of some of London’s famous landmarks: The London Eye, the Elizabeth Tower and Westminster Abbey.

There were other unexpected benefits too- in the lead up to the Olympics, Londoners were asked to avoid public transport to free it up for visitors. Many Londoners went a step further and chose to work from home for the two weeks, this meant the tube was actually quieter than usual and some of us even managed to get seats in the morning commute which is highly unusual at rush hour. After work, many bars and restaurants ran their own Olympic-themed competitions, the coffee shop across the road from our offices had an Olympic ‘count the 10 hidden bananas’ for a free coffee- not quite an Olympic sport, but we weren’t being picky where free coffee was involved.

London Mayor Boris Johnson also managed to provide some humour unintentionally, as he tried to inspire onlookers with his patriotism during the games, he got a little stuck.

All in all, the London IgnitionOne office thoroughly enjoyed being in the hosting city for the 2012 Olympics and we hope our new Brazilian colleagues get to experience all the excitement and energy when they host the Olympics in 2016!

Head of Client Services, Dominic Gramatte proudly bearing his flag by the medals table

part of the London office decked out in special UK bunting for the Olympics

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