Staff Profile – Gordon Plomp

Staff Profile – Gordon Plomp


Gordon Plomp


VP Business Development Europe

Education & work experience:

  • Erasmus University, Master Degree Economic Science

Work experience:

  • Sales Director Platform 161 (EMEA DSP)
  • Sales Manager Omniture
  • Sales Manager Doubleclick

Favourite thing about your job:

Meeting clients, prospects and colleagues from all over Europe.


Football (the real game, so with 11 players, a round ball and no time-outs to show commercials !!!).

Favourite Holiday spot:

Palombiaggia, Corsica.

Goals for 2012:

  • Grow Revenue IgnitionOne Europe
  • Sign global DMS deals with top european advertisers
  • Have all our sales people speak the same language, one DMS to rule them all.

Favourite Quote:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”, Charles Darwin

3 Interesting facts about yourself:

  1. One wife, two kids and they both have three nationalities. (interesting?)
  2. I escaped the Netherlands because people are too tall. (Stephan is just about average..)
  3. I have been sport talent of the year in the city I grew up, fortunately they considered chessplayers to be sportsmen.

Gordon Plomp, IgnitionOne Brussels

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