Facebook Exchange

The addition of Facebook Exchange within the Digital Marketing Suite expands the integrated cross-channel capabilities of the DMS.

Including Facebook Exchange in a marketing strategy is ideal for marketers looking to expand the reach of their remarketing and audience targeted advertising to Facebook’s huge user base. Access to real-time bidding through the Facebook Exchange enhances marketers’ ability to present relevant Facebook ads based on first-party intent data.

Key Features: Real time bidding allows marketers to bid only on impressions that meet key campaign criteria, Smart bidding logic to adjust bids based on various inputs including IgnitionOne’s proprietary Engagement Score, Target users based on custom interest segments generated during a users visit to a marketer’s site, Additional capabilities, including: frequency caps, geo targeting, user recency targeting, day-part and day of week targeting.

Please click the European FBX webinar link below to attend a useful webinar



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