Engagement Optimisation Methodology

What drives success for integrated online marketing? We believe that it is having the competitive advantage of a single, unified metric spanning all online efforts and the ability to act on it through an integrated tech stack.

IgnitionOne’s award-winning approach of Engagement Optimisation makes that unified metric possible. Engagement Optimisation helps direct response and brand marketers by quantifying the value of user activity, in addition to conversions, when measuring the effectiveness of online media spend. This methodology is core to our belief that integrated marketing has to consider the value of actions and the activities that generate them.

Unique to the industry, IgnitionOne offers a proprietary Engagement Score which models values based on each website visitor’s level of involvement and propensity to convert. Through the Engagement Score, as well as a range of supporting metrics, marketers are able to utilise Engagement Optimisation as an advanced tactic to make more efficient media spend decisions.

This approach can inform integrated marketers as to which channel the customer comes from, how often they visit and what they are likely to do in future visits — all seamlessly integrated within IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite and enhanced by expert services. Our team of Bid Scientists
works closely with the client to manage website conversions, search, display and Facebook campaigns. Engagement Optimisation is leveraged based on ROI and branding objectives with insights, analysis and strategy recommendations
to help our clients achieve their goals.


  • UTILISE 100% OF YOUR DATA from both converting and non-converting visitors
  • ENHANCE INSIGHTS OF YOUR USERS’ BEHAVIOUR AND INTERESTS through our proprietary Engagement Score, in addition to a wide range of engagement metrics such as average session time, average score change, total new users, total returning visitors, and more
  • PRIORITISE AREAS OF SEARCH AND FACEBOOK KEYWORD OPTIMISATION by segmenting those with high Engagement Scores and low conversion rates
  • INFORM DECISIONS including bid strategy, attribution models, media mix, and creative through a deeper understanding of your visitors on an individual user level
  • OPTIMISE YOUR BRAND BUDGET by correlating the likelihood of online visitors with high engagement to make considered purchases offline

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