DMS CRM/Email Retargeting – How does IgnitionOne do it?

IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) combines cross-channel performance data with over 120 unique behavioural modeling attributes. The result is a distinctive Engagement Score and Interest Profile that maps the likelihood of future actions for each individual visitor, actionable in real-time. Enabling marketers to perform email retargeting, for example.

Increase email campaign open rates significantly
Browsing behaviour, product interests and buying propensity are noted and linked with your CRM or email campaign system when a visitor becomes a lead from the website or clicks through from an email campaign. The profile data of an individual site visitor will be updated on every future visit automatically, giving you the most up-to-date actionable information in your CRM database. By using the engagement score (or in other words: interest level) and interest profile, marketers van use email campaigns to target users specifically with product offers that are highly relevant.


EMAIL & DIRECT MAIL CUSTOMISATION: Dynamically customise email campaigns or even direct mail programs with specific products, promotions and offers based on each recipient’s interests and propensity to buy, dramatically increasing success metrics such as open rates, click-throughs and conversions.
CRM INTEGRATION: Integrate onsite data within your CRM system to enhance both online and offline customer support and sales efforts. Data collected by IgnitionOne is compatible with all major CRM systems.
OFFLINE SALES INSIGHT: Arm your sales force in brick and mortar locations with new insights about online leads that walk into their stores. Data about customers who complete lead forms on a marketer’s website can be passed through to a CRM system, giving your sales team immediate insights into customer product interests and buying propensity.
UNIVERSAL PROFILE STORE: Maintain a comprehensive database of your customers’ current interests with dynamic profiles that update in real-time so you always have the latest insights at your fingertips.

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