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Leverage product data with inventory aware solutions

IgnitionOne provides two independent solutions for using structured product feed data to increase campaign performance:


  • Anticipates drop off in conversion rate before it happens.
  • Determines whether drop in keyword profitability from out-of-stock products is outweighed by its revenue potential for in-stock products.
  • Rather than waste media waiting to observe a drop in conversion rate, pauses keywords that would be unprofitable relative to out-of-stock SKUs in anticipation of the lowered conversion rate.
  • Re-invests saved media budget in profitable keywords.
  • Reports back to advertiser on impact of lost revenue due to inventory concerns.

Read the case study here

DMS On-site

IgnitionOne can determine the best time to offer a visitor to review car inventory, based on their propensity to buy score. Since we are also scoring model interest and able to detect IP address/geography, we can invite the visitor to the appropriate car inventory at the right time.

The IgnitionOne behavioral profiling engine is an online, self-learning, real-time recommendation engine. The input for the engine is real-time & historical web behavior that is aggregated per customer. In this way you get a customer centric view on the actions someone did online. Every click parameter is analyzed in real time and the result of this analysis is used in real time to trigger events, or can be exported via a live feed to an external system.

It’s important to see that IgnitionOne is capable of making a distinction between what we call declared and undeclared interest. Declared interest is when someone virtually raises their hand and submits specific items and inputs through online forms. This person typically is asking for more information.

Undeclared interest is equivalent to the attention that someone is showing in favor of a particular product type. We attribute this based on actual website behavior such as spending a significant amount of time clicking through pages, comparing products, browsing inventory, etc. However this person did not specifically raise their hand regarding this product. Comparing declared versus undeclared interest can give a very good indication of “true buying interest” and can indicate up-sell and cross-sell possibilities.

Recommendation engine for e-commerce
The recommendation engine looks at the visitors profile. It then looks at what other people with similar profiles looked at and depending on the product the visitor is going to buy, it suggests other items they might be interested in.

Another option is to link the recommendation engine to stock levels and promotions. It will suggest products of which there is a large stock, or make those products more visible on the site.

DMS Smart retargeting

Research shows that only 1-2% of visitors to a website convert. With IgnitionOne, you can track wayward visitors and serve them targeted advertising that brings them back to your site, generating incremental sales and leads.

Most remarketing providers only track the pages someone visits on your site. This level of data does not provide a complete picture of a visitor’s real interests and propensity to buy. IgnitionOne analyses a wide variety of demographic and behavioural data, then calculates each site visitor’s True Interests and when they’ll be most likely to convert.

IgnitionOne’s sophisticated data analysis and audience profiling engine precisely determines your target audience’s True Interest for highly targeted advertising that maximizes performance and increases ROI.

For most retargeting solutions, all visitors are considered equal – differentiated only by the pages they visited and sometimes the products they viewed. IgnitionOne’s DMS Smart Remarketing uses a highly sophisticated audience scoring algorithm and deep site analytics to identify purchase/conversion intent. It takes the following variables into consideration to understand a user’s true interest:

  • IgnitionOne Audience Score – Propensity to Convert
  • Product Interest(s) – declared and observed
  • Recency of visits
  • Frequency of visits
  • Referral Source – Sites, Creatives, Keywords

IgnitionOne is connected with all the leading ad exchanges in Europe and can easily connect with in Europe to reach the right user, at the right time on the right inventory.

To ensure brand safety and only target inventory sources that meet the industry standards for brand safety, IgnitionOne has a close relationship with DoubleVerify and AdSafe.

IgnitionOne is a member of the iAB and meets their standards towards privacy for opting out. All our banners contain a privacy icon that links to the European standard:

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