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Around the Office: It’s Football Season!

Football season is officially underway, and our Akron office got into the spirit of the game today with a tailgate party! Homemade barbeque, dip, desserts and more kept everyone pumped up for the first Cleveland Browns home game this Sunday.




Go team!

Spotlight on: IgnitionOne Brazil

With offices in ten different countries, IgnitionOne knows the meaning of “going global”. We embrace the opportunities that come with being an international organization, like learning new languages, experiencing different cultures and connecting with our colleagues across the world.

Over the next few months, we’re going to be highlighting some of our international offices. Today, we’re taking a look at São Paulo, Brazil!

Taking a break after crossfit in the park.
Taking a break after crossfit in the park.

When they’re not out and about, the team works in a great new space. Check out this time lapse video of the mural designed for the São Paulo office by Fabio Cristo, a famous street artist in Brazil.

We’re lucky to have such a great team in South America, and all over the world.

For more information about IgnitionOne, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

IgnitionOne CEO Announced as EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Award Finalist

Will Margiloff, IgnitionOne CEO
Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne

EY announced that Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne, is a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2015 Award in the New York Region. This award recognizes the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision and leadership, demonstrating excellence and extraordinary success. Now in its 29th year, EY’s Entrepreneur Of The Year program has expanded to recognize business leaders in more than 145 cities in more than 60 countries throughout the world. Margiloff was selected as a finalist by a panel of independent judges, with the winners to be announced on June 16.

“When we started IgnitionOne, I knew that competing against some of the largest enterprise software companies in the world would be a difficult task, so I made it a priority to surround myself with an incredible team who work as hard as I do to deliver innovative marketing cloud solutions to our customers,” said Margiloff.

This honor is possible only because of the hard work of the entire IgnitionOne team who push relentlessly to simplify marketers’ lives and to make their clients look like rock stars.

Regional award winners are eligible for consideration for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year National program.  Award winners in several national categories, as well as the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year National Overall Award winner, will be announced at the annual awards gala on November 14.

The official announcement can be found here.


An American Tale

I recently landed back in the UK after my three week work exchange programme placement in Akron, Ohio. My initial reasons for picking Akron revolved around becoming familiar with the Data Management Platform (DMP) and seeing clients and useful contacts in the area. I had no thoughts or expectations on what Akron would actually be like. Some might say that this was naïve…I like to think I was just being adventurous. I did a little research after realising that I was going on the trip, Wikipedia informing me that it was the home of Goodyear, Chrissie Hynde and LeBron James but other than that I had no idea what to expect. Let the adventure begin, I thought!

I don’t know quite what I was expecting in terms of climate, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for it being so warm and sunny. My first week in the office went by in a flash of sunburn and salad. I had some great ‘Icebreaker’ sessions and learning lunches with the team, then spent my first weekend seeing the sights of Akron and going for an 11 mile run around the tow path in the valley. Not only was it hot in Akron but I also quickly came to find out how hilly it was!

During the trip I experienced many American Firsts. I tried my first s’more, drove (a golf cart) for the first time, watched my first ‘football’ game and went to a proper American ‘mall’. I also got to go and see The Black Keys in their home concert in Cleveland, which made the trip for me on its own.

In reference to the driving being a first – I’m not a driver. I’ve never even had a driving lesson, so driving a golf cart felt like a big deal. Not being a driver turned out to be quite an issue living in Akron, as the town is quite spread out and everyone drives. Within the first couple of days of me arriving, the team had organised a Taxi service to drive me to and from the office from my hotel. This worked out OK for a while, but as the week went on the driver got later and later to his allotted pick up time, he also started to get lost on the way to the office, which was confusing to me as I thought he was a local. Needless to say, the taxi man lost our business and the lovely office team took it in turns to drop me off and pick me up from then on. Note to self – if going to somewhere in the US that doesn’t have public transport – learn to drive!

One of the keys things I took away from my trip was the relationships I was able to build with the team. I could not have felt more welcome from day one in the office, everyone was so friendly and generous and that was a constant during my whole stay. I felt like Princess Kate Middleton at times, and not just because everyone kept asking me if I see much of Price William or Harry, living in London (I look nothing like her by the way).

I really enjoyed getting to know all of the teams at the office. One of the key opportunities I had to do this was at cross fit training, which happens at the office three times a week. It’s a scheme started by Brian a couple of years back and it has had a big impact of many members of the team, not just in terms of bringing the teams together socially (and getting a bit of friendly competition going on) but in changing people’s entire lifestyles. I’m actually really going to miss those cross fit sessions, as well as my daily chats to Melody about music on the journey to and from the office and my weekends with Bryce, Elizabeth (and their amazing dog Mowgley) swimming and drinking homemade margaritas.

Thank you so much to everyone that made my trip happen, you all made my experience very special and I’m eternally grateful. To anyone thinking of applying for the exchange programme – I cannot recommend it enough, and if you’re thinking of coming to the London office, I can promise you that we’ll show you all the best things that England has to offer, we might miss out on the taxis though, as they’re even worse in London!

IgnitionOne and the House of Code

Throughout the digital marketing landscape, there are but a handful of major players that are capable of servicing the online advertising needs of large companies. IgnitionOne is firmly recognized in the ad tech industry as a leader and innovator in the field. With clients such as General Motors, CenturyLink, Bridgestone, La Quinta and Fiat, as well as advertising agencies such as 360i, GroupM and iProspect ,and a fresh new round of funding, the company is growing rapidly and working feverishly to keep up with demand.

But like any technology company, all of this activity begins with, and ultimately falls back on, the core software product and the engineers who build and support it. IgnitionOne was founded on basic principles of service and innovation and that’s exactly what continues to resonate in the conversations I have had with a handful of engineers from the IgnitionOne team.

As a talent specialist, I often refer to IgnitionOne as the ideal environment for software engineers. And not just because of the beer on tap or the ping pong tables or casual dress code, but the camaraderie within the different teams. It is something very tangible you can experience even just by casually walking by the open cubes on the floor. Either it’s church quiet, or there’s the low buzz of chatter that signifies the collective intelligence of the group collaborating to achieve their goals. And you could just as easily encounter a toy helicopter buzzing around amongst gales of laughter.

The Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) is IgnitionOne’s flagship product that helps marketers to navigate the muddy waters of digital advertising. It is a beast of a system that is simple on the outside and unbelievably complex on the inside. According to engineer Michael Bower, this is one of his primary motivators. “The goal is to make life easier for end users, so that whatever we do is taking away from their daily activities and not adding to it.” For engineer Alexander Fisher, motivation comes from a different angle. “Since there isn’t really one traditional ‘architect’, a lot of that responsibility has been spread out to the rest of the team. And because of that I, get exposed to a lot of new technologies.”

But what makes teams do great things? Or, what are the makings of a great team?
Collaboration comes to mind. I don’t care if you’re a football team or a team of carpet cleaner salespeople, the attributes of a good team are the same. “Collaboration keeps everyone engaged.” Says Donella Cohen, Sr. Product Manager on the search team. “And we strive to get multiple perspectives in the development process. And for a team that’s a little over a year old I think there is unbelievably good chemistry.”

This hints at a larger process that everyone on the floor seems to appreciate compared to their previous experience; the fact that engineers and product are in such cahoots with each other – in most companies that is not the case. “Product is our collaborators” Bower says. “I’m not just sitting down banging out code just to get things done. It is a process that involves everyone.”

It is a testament to the technical leadership at IgnitionOne that Thorne Melcher, a 7 month veteran, would have the same impression as some of the more seasoned engineers.

“In other companies, developers just sit around waiting for the product owners to say ‘go’. Not here, we know what they know and we have the ability to just
start on our own as long as we know we’ll be finished by the next release, “says Thorne.

The consensus is that IgnitionOne is not just a ‘code factory’ but an idea factory that everyone in an unspoken way is responsible for making a contribution to.

It’s also very creative and I often say that the aesthetics of the environment was designed with creative and technical people in mind. Bower concurs with this idea; “It’s water cooler type collaboration vs. scheduling a time and place, and the elephant in the room of ‘don’t waste my time’. We talk about problems over lunch, on the way out the door, through Skype, etc. And the good ideas keep generating conversations that ultimately lead to solutions.

For Craig Alexander (who just celebrated his one year anniversary) the IgnitionOne technical environment is a never ending challenge. “We move mountains of data from one place to another on a daily basis, so there’s a lot of challenges around performance and scalability and the tradeoff between the two. The scale of the DMS is challenging for most of us and it was an area that was lacking in my career and something I was looking for when I was seeking employment.”

This is what is great about our intern program because an intern can come in, whether they are right out of school, still in school, or have 5 years of experience, there is a tremendous upside for them in the knowledge and skill sharpening that’s going to happen in the first 30 days.

In other words, IgnitionOne is one of those shops like Facebook or Google or Amazon where you go to raise your ‘A’ game. And it takes a particular kind of developer. Someone that’s knee deep in the technologies and “someone that’s not just a ‘Tinkerer’” as Troy Larson, VP of DevOps has often said.

But for Thorne, programming isn’t just a way of paying the bills. It is a lifelong passion that has lead her to a place that can really support the kind of thinker and collaborator she is.

“I’ve always found programming to be interesting. It’s a weird way of deconstructing completely unrelated things, picking them apart, figuring out how it works. There’s something very philosophical about programming because you have to understand the inner workings of something in order to build the virtual version in your program. It’s also incredibly rewarding.”

“The problems that I solve on a daily basis continue to be interesting and challenging.
And I think that’s very important to a lot of developers. There are challenges that don’t get boring and remain new” says Fisher.

And given the nature of the ad tech industry, there’s no shortage of challenges to solve and the team that we’ve built and continue to build at IgnitionOne are meeting those challenges head on in a way that’s all their own.

To view our available careers, click here.

Meet Jon Baron, IgnitionOne’s Chief Revenue Officer

On August 20th, we announced that former TagMan founder and CEO, Jon Baron, joined IgnitionOne’s management team as chief revenue officer.

In his new role, some of Jon’s responsibilities include expanding revenue opportunities to benefit both advertising agencies and brand marketers, overseeing global sales efforts and more. As for why he wanted to join the IgnitionOne team, the answer is simple: the vision, team and client success stories.
“Will and his team focus on execution and know how to win in a crowded space,” he explained. “[I’m excited about] working with passionate teams focused on going beyond expectation for clients.”

Jon has over 15 years of experience in the industry working for pioneering Internet publishers, online ad networks and early search ‘giants’ like Lycos and Overture, and when it comes to the future of marketing technology he says we can expect to see many changes.

“Most marketers have multiple technology and service providers. Choice is useful but too many vendors have created data silos that have stolen marketer’s ability to gain critical insight. Integration of their data from CRM to ad server to website to mobile app is a number one priority for marketers. They want to focus on teams and results, not tools.”

“Over the next three years, the market will consolidate into more end to end technology solutions. It will be difficult for point solutions to compete. Expect to see big blue chip players enter the market through significant acquisitions. IgnitionOne was the first to integrate ad tech with marketing tech, expect to see further expansion and many more happy clients,” he said.

When he’s not in the office, Jon has enjoyed an array of hobbies from adventure racing to wakeboarding. These days he can be found spending time with his family and friends, perfecting his Argentine barbequing skills as well as pouring the perfect Fernandito aperitif.

My Royal Summer Comes to an End

In my last week at the IgnitionOne UK office, I have found myself full of emotion. Working in England this summer, I was enriched with the culture, diversity, personality, and strange wit of the British. They humored and spoiled me. They were among the most wonderful people I have ever met. As I sit in the office, I look around at the people, not just as employees, but as best mates.

My experience at IgnitionOne has taught me so much about digital marketing and media in the UK and abroad. I was fortunate enough to work with our marketing teams around the globe (the UK, US, Brazil, Belgium, France and Germany). The people have strong personalities and ambitions to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. In such a difficult job with so many tasks to complete each day, never have I met so many people who put their whole hearts into their work and devote themselves to making sure the company succeeds.

During my time here, I compiled case studies and onesheets, learned InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Excel, wrote blog posts each week for IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite, edited multiple PowerPoint decks, contributed to the Quarterly Newsletter, prepared and entered various award entries, assigned leads on Salesforce, and organized and held Marketing meetings. It was rewarding to see my efforts pay off (for instance, IgnitionOne recently received news on being shortlisted for the Digital Entrepreneur Awards, which I helped submit).

My favorite part of my internship experience was working with the team to rebrand IgnitionOne and implement a new look and feel to all of our collateral, websites, etc. It was fascinating to see the progression from the old to new and I am proud to have contributed to the shift.

In my time spent in England, I have learned to understand various forms of the British accent (some I still struggle with more than others). I have managed to cope with the bi-polar weather, or rather, I just carry an umbrella and thick sweater on me at all times. I will always remember my weekend adventures, not only in London, but all around England. I travelled to Bath, Avebury,  Brighton, and Oxford. In London, I visited all the markets, saw all the major buildings, and walked in the most beautiful parks I have ever seen in a city. The people I have met on this journey are those I will never forget. They now own an extremely large part of my heart.

As my internship ends, I will leave England with so much professional growth and personal development from a summer ventured alone in London. I feel more prepared for the professional world than ever before, thanks to the internship and the constructive feedback gained from my coworkers. I may have come here on my own, but I am leaving with over thirty friends for a lifetime. Summer 2014 was filled with new skills learned and memories that will last forever.


The Beginning of My Royal Summer

I am best known in my group of friends for having the travel bug. My desire to work abroad started last summer with living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. As incredible as the experience was for me, this summer, I wanted to work in a particular field that I believed was one that could be my future career. Upon attaining a position as a Marketing Intern at IgnitionOne, the idea was to get me overseas again to create another international experience. This time, I hoped to go to the brilliant and witty city of London. After receiving a large scholarship that would fund my internship in London, I immediately bought my plane ticket, booked my housing, and budgeted for my food and other personal expenses. It was truly a dream come true. I could not have asked for a better opportunity to get me into the world of international business. I spent two weeks living at home and working at IgnitionOne’s New York City headquarters, receiving training from the Marketing Director, Joseph LaSala, and learning about the product. I then took what I call a “short (six hour) flight” to the UK (I have only ever done eleven hours to Israel).

I arrived on a Sunday and started my first day at the London office on Monday. I had never experienced jet lag as bad as I did my first week here. The office was consumed by large country flags from around the world hung up against the windows. Vibrant music was playing in the background and employees were laughing over their cups of tea. The atmosphere was relaxed and I felt very comfortable as I got accustomed. It is a much smaller office than in NYC, but quite pleasant. I was introduced to each of the company’s divisions through multiple meetings. The company thrilled me. I was learning so much about IgnitionOne and all that their platform offers in the digital marketing world. In addition, the people in the office are probably the most wonderful employees I have ever worked with. The work culture is very different in the UK compared to the US, enhanced with a European attitude and casualness. There is so much enthusiasm in the work they do, but a seriousness of getting it all done properly. The London office is smaller than New York’s, which had two terraces that overlook beautiful Manhattan. There were so many people in the New York office that it was hard to get to know everyone in the short two weeks that I was there, but after the first week of my internship in the UK, I already knew everyone’s name. The smaller amount of people make for a more intimate working environment, which is very refreshing.

Overall, the London office has an extremely strong work ethic. Although everyone is very serious about the work they do, they also know how to stay engaged, laughing in their discussions, getting upset about England’s results in the World Cup, and continuously changing the playlist of music in the office to keep things interesting. It is the atmosphere which I have grown so fond of, finding myself able to work much more efficiently. The hours in the day go by and the work happily gets done.

As I adapt to the culture of London, I am finding there are things I will never master, such as the Tube. Talking to people who have lived here all their life, they are still not accustomed to how packed, hot, and crazy the underground system is. I am also still getting used to everything being packaged in plastic bags (including fruit), the eccentric pub life, and the wonderful accents. A couple of the phrases the English use have been quite confusing, but nothing I see myself getting too hung up on during my time here.

For now, I will say my experience so far has been bloody wonderful! Cheers!

image 4 10.12.25 PM

Ignition 10

It took some gentle persuasion and cunning to find the Ignition 10, but Julie and Mikaël of the Brussel’s office managed to gather 5 Olympic athletes and 5 lesser gods to conquer Antwerp City.
Our group trained long and hard in Diegem’s country side, sacrificing precious relaxing lunch breaks, in order to be in our best fysical condition. Blood (cfr. Julie’s fall), sweat (cfr. Tom) and tears (cfr. Tristan) were shed.

D-Day approached rapidly and was accompanied by a great deal of stress among some of the runners. Although we expected the fluorescent IgnitionOne t-shirts to stand out in the crowd, it proved to be difficult to find each other among 40,990 well prepared joggers. A last minute change of the meeting point made us lose our top runner who magically resurfaced moments before the start without any official bib number.

And then we were off! We ploughed through a jungle of long winding tunnels, masochistically placed cobble stones and slopes invisible to the untrained eye but attacking our mental and physical well-being. Heroes left and right were overcome by exhaustion, nausea and projectile vomiting. First aid personnel jumped to the rescue, with paper bags and aluminium blankets. Encouraged by the festive music along the route, the Ignition 10 endured excruciating pains and digitally accelerated to the finish line.
What better way to celebrate this amazing achievement than with Belgian beer and fries.

– The Spirited IgnitionOne Running Team

5K runners

10MILES runners

Merhaba Istanbul! Meet IgnitionOne’s new Turkish team

Last month, IgnitionOne launched its first Turkish Office in Istanbul. Country Manager, Yusef Akyuz presented IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Technology at Webrazzi on 19th March, officially announcing IgnitionOne’s presence to the Turkish market. Continue reading Merhaba Istanbul! Meet IgnitionOne’s new Turkish team