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Quiz: What Ad-Tech Buzzword are You?

GraTECHtude 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday, we asked around IgnitionOne to see what technology our employees are thankful for this holiday season. Here’s what they had to say.

“I am thankful for audiobooks, Audible specifically. Without delicious books to listen to on my commute to and from work, I think I’d go insane.” – Kendra Billings, Junior Database Engineer

“DVR: Me and my roommates can have TV nights, catch up, on demand. Also, cell phone. I can do anything on it.” – Jonathon Williams

“Grateful for the MeetMobile app. It’s used at swim meets to broadcast results real time. When I can’t make it to a USA or high school meet, I can see how my boy, his team, and all the other swimmers are doing. And at the meet, you get official results before they’re posted around the pool. No more crowding around pages taped to the wall!” – Chris Johnson, Director of Business Process Automation

“I’m very thankful to have a plug and socket to power all the electrical devices in the home. Can you imagine what we would need to do if we didn’t have that? Perhaps wrap the electrical wires from the wall into the wires from the device and tape everything together….” – Shardul Pradhan, Sr. Manager, Strategic Accounts

“I am thankful for the good old fashioned CD player (yes, they still make them.) A CD on repeat equals a soundly sleeping baby, which equals a sleeping mom.” – Casey Newman, Public Relations Manager

“I am grateful for a virtual guitar amp/multi-track recorder app called Jam Up Pro and iPhone input device iRig which allows me to own virtually every guitar amplifier ever made as well as my very own amp design! I can show up to a gig with just my iPhone and guitar and go!” – Ron Williams, Production Designer

“It isn’t new technology, but Fantasy Football and Basketball apps to help me set my lineup minutes before the game starts.” – Matt Cole, Senior Marketing Manager

“I’m thankful for the technology behind both the Southwest and Chase apps, making my travel stress-free. Both of these apps were designed for an simple customer experience while easily integrating with other software platforms I use. Plus, I’m thankful for the technology that quickly adds up my rewards points for each program in real-time.” – Tommy Marzella, Marketing Manager

“I’m grateful for my “Think Dirty” iPhone app. It helps me make the best decisions on personal care products that are chemical free and environmentally friendly. The “dirty” meter helps me see what products are harmful by a simple scan of a barcode. It’s opened my eyes to the meaning of the ingredient list on the back of my personal care products.” – Nogol Tardugno, Senior Account Manager

“Today I am very grateful for Facebook and LinkedIn because they make it so easy to keep in touch with friends, family and former co-workers. As a result of being “connected,” one of my former co-workers reached out to me and that conversation eventually brought me to IgnitionOne. I am now in a fabulous new position for which I am also extremely grateful.” – Karen Redfern, Account Executive

What technology are you thankful for? Tell us in the comments!

IgnitionOne launches Fantasy Football league for the World Cup

Couldn’t make it to Brazil? Think you’re a better manager than Roy? It’s time to prove your skills this World Cup with the IgnitionOne Fantasy Football league. Continue reading IgnitionOne launches Fantasy Football league for the World Cup

Ignition 10

It took some gentle persuasion and cunning to find the Ignition 10, but Julie and Mikaël of the Brussel’s office managed to gather 5 Olympic athletes and 5 lesser gods to conquer Antwerp City.
Our group trained long and hard in Diegem’s country side, sacrificing precious relaxing lunch breaks, in order to be in our best fysical condition. Blood (cfr. Julie’s fall), sweat (cfr. Tom) and tears (cfr. Tristan) were shed.

D-Day approached rapidly and was accompanied by a great deal of stress among some of the runners. Although we expected the fluorescent IgnitionOne t-shirts to stand out in the crowd, it proved to be difficult to find each other among 40,990 well prepared joggers. A last minute change of the meeting point made us lose our top runner who magically resurfaced moments before the start without any official bib number.

And then we were off! We ploughed through a jungle of long winding tunnels, masochistically placed cobble stones and slopes invisible to the untrained eye but attacking our mental and physical well-being. Heroes left and right were overcome by exhaustion, nausea and projectile vomiting. First aid personnel jumped to the rescue, with paper bags and aluminium blankets. Encouraged by the festive music along the route, the Ignition 10 endured excruciating pains and digitally accelerated to the finish line.
What better way to celebrate this amazing achievement than with Belgian beer and fries.

– The Spirited IgnitionOne Running Team

5K runners

10MILES runners

IgnitionOne Hackathon!

So much to do, not enough time! Familiar to anyone?  Most likely.  So, what happens when you want to squeeze another project into the pipeline?  You want it to be innovative, you want to satisfy your clients’ needs, and you want it soon, real soon.  You do what any good team does, you find a way to get it done!  And that’s how the first IgnitionOne Hackathon in Atlanta was conceptualized. We are well integrated with our clients and knew what could create a positive value add for them, so we put them right to the top of the list.

A Hackathon: 5 developers. 2 days.  Could this be done?

As the weekend for the Hackathon neared, we finalized the projects and agreed on the requirements.  A bunch of other folks wanted to help out as much as they could, as we were anxious for our team’s success, so, we did what anyone does out of anxiety, we baked!  Apple pie, raspberry bars and samosas.  We headed to the office on the first day anticipating a stressed team. I hate to disappoint, but I don’t have a story of empty boxes of pizza, half eaten Chinese food cartons, unkempt hair and tired eyes.  Maybe that’s what you’d imagine when you’ve set big expectations for a small group of people in a boxed amount of time, but what we saw was quite the opposite.

Pictured: Craig Alexander, Brett Koenig, Mike Simpson, Vic Kirkpatrick, Mike Dugan, Dave Ragals, David Strube
Pictured: Craig Alexander, Brett Koenig, Mike Simpson, Vic Kirkpatrick, Mike Dugan, Dave Ragals, David Strube 

Developers huddled in a conference room or concentrated at their desk, nothing out of the ordinary. They were confident and clear on their objective.  When asked how they’re doing, they simply answered ‘We’re on track, here’s what we have so far’ and gave us a brief update.  But they didn’t need to speak about it; they could showcase their actual work. It was definitely progress! And I was eager to see how the concept would actualize into a product within a day.  And right on schedule the next day, they were prepared for a demo.  Not a work in progress, but near complete pieces of functionality that would change the way our clients use data from the DMS.

Grid Export was something we had on our wish list, and I was ready to see it.  One of the developers started the demo: Go to Media Management, filter your campaigns however you want them, click on Grid Export.  There you have it, a .csv of your campaign assets, complete with performance and engagement metrics.  Simple and fast!  I was impressed.

Then there was Web Query.  Essentially, web query functionality allows users to import data from a web interface into a spreadsheet.  For IgnitionOne users, this has to encompass account hierarchies and different levels of campaign assets available within the DMS per user permission settings.  To see a completed product that included all of this was exciting.  We downloaded the necessary add-in and completed set up of a normal spreadsheet.  Within a simple interface, we selected various levels of account assets (selected campaigns & groups).  All of it downloaded into separate tabs within the spreadsheet, mirroring the DMS.  We went through the steps again using a specific pre-defined filter within the DMS. And again, the Web Query feature was easy, quick and completely integrated within the DMS. The team had created more than a data pull down. There are so many ways our clients will benefit from this customized on demand data access tool. Whether they will use it to retrieve keywords for analysis, download ads to audit or create dashboards ready for presentation, this is another innovation that will simplify marketers’ day to day work.

At the end of 2 days, the challenge was more than met.  We have performance reports underway, we have Grid Export and we have Web Query.  Bounty well deserved for our developers and lessons learned for me.  When you create great features with clarity and confidence, they will speak for themselves.  You don’t need fancy words or comfort in food.  Though, I must say, the food was well appreciated!

Congratulations Mike Simpson, Mike Dugan, Craig Alexander, Vic Kickpatrick, Brett Koenig on setting a great example (and excitement) for hackathons at IgnitionOne.  And Donella Cohen, keep the Apple Pie coming!

IgnitionOne UK Makes the World Better with a Sweater!

The team at IgnitionOne London has joined the Woolly Revolution – participating in Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children 2013.

As well as running part of the online advertising campaign for Save The Children through media agency Steak, the IgnitionOners wore their Christmas woollies with pride and donated £1 to make a difference to disadvantaged children’s lives this Christmas season.

To support Team IgnitionOne (and help get us on the Woolly Wonderboard), text IGNITION to 70050 (if you’re in the UK) and you’ll automatically donate £1 to the cause or find out how to run your own Christmas Jumper Day here. We’ll be sharing our silly Christmas jumper pictures below throughout the day.

Have a Woolly Good Day!

Christmas Jumper Day 7

Christmas Jumper Day 1

Christmas Jumper Day 2

Christmas Jumper Day 3

Christmas Jumper Day 4

Christmas Jumper Day 5

Christmas Jumper Day 6


Mission Fun at IgnitionOne

By Mary Baldwin, HR Assistant

It’s 5PM, and the blender is working overtime.  Margaritas will soon be joining nachos on the bar.  An ice cream cake sits coolly in the counter. It’s Casandra’s, Lee’s, and Yujun’s birthdays at IgnitionOne.  And this is all happening at the office.

It’s not that we go especially crazy for birthdays around here; it’s that we go especially crazy for great talent.  As competition in the start-up technology realm has intensified, IgnitionOne recognizes the importance of rewarding hard-working talent.  IgnitionOne hires the best of the best, and the expectations are high.   But all work and no play makes for, well, a pretty dull work life.  While many employers consider a signed offer letter the end of the hiring cycle, IgnitionOne thinks differently.  IgnitionOne takes talent retention to the next level, rewarding its employees with employee perks and a fun office culture.  IgnitionOne aims to ensure their talent has a happy work-life by providing a variety of great incentives in the office.  These incentives allow IgnitionOne to obtain and retain great talent.

At IgnitionOne, fun is a priority.  Last quarter, Dave Ragals, S VP of Client Services, and his managers brought their waffle makers and aprons to work and got busy making waffles in the Atlanta office café.  They threw an ice cream and waffle party to show appreciation for the hard-work of the Client Services team.

Every other Tuesday, IgnitionOne brings in a tasty treat of some kind. .  King of Pops popsicles?  Check. Smoothie King Smoothies?  Check.  Massage therapists for chair massages?  Double check.  Every year in the fall, the office closes for one day to give everyone a day away from work for some fun and a chance to get to know their co-workers.   Past events have included zip lining in the tree tops, white water rafting, and bowling.  If you need a break from your desk, you don’t have to wander around in the lobby.  Drop into the break room for some foosball, Xbox, ping pong, or pool.  Thirsty? IgnitionOne keeps a rotation of three gourmet beers on tap for our employees to enjoy.

IgnitionOne recognizes and rewards its top performers by honoring a Global Employee of the Month.  Employees nominate their co-workers based on their hard-work, dedication, enthusiasm, productivity, and for going the extra mile for the team.  We also have a CEO-for-a-Day award, in which an employee from any of our global offices is recognized for an idea on how to improve the company.   The employee nominated for their idea gets to work in CEO Will Margiloff’s office for a week and gets to see the winning idea implemented..

IgnitionOne is wild about their most important investment: their talent.  Our open office environment, ping pong, beer taps, Xbox, and yes cake, all create a fun and collaborative environment for our employees to enjoy a work-life where they can truly let their talent shine.  And admittedly, we do go a little crazy for birthdays and cake.  We have a “days without cake” countdown in the office.  It usually does not make it beyond two days before there is another celebration, and of course, more cake.


Digital Marketing – Doing it for the LOLs

Digital marketing is a funny funny business. Oh sure it might not seem like it from the outside, but digital marketers know how to laugh – especially at themselves. There are a few places out there that really get us and do an amazing job at keeping all of us from taking ourselves too seriously. I want to share some of my favorites and hopefully give you a chuckle as well.

PPC Memes

Started by  @eloi_casali@matthopson and @semantiks, this tumblr aggregates memes about our favorite paid search topics. Whether it’s The Most Interesting Man in the World explaining how to best track your efforts, ridiculously photogenic guy sharing the secret to success on the Google Display Network or Zoidberg mocking your ad rotation methods, this site will bring the laughs and some PPC tips.

Hey girl, our friends at Digiday brought us this very funny tumblr with Ryan Gosling making all the challenges in the Ad Tech landscape feel alright. Not updated very often anymore, but contains some real gems.


Another funny brought to us from Digiday – this contains language (in subtitles) that may not be safe for work – but is certainly conducive to laughter. Watch the dictator meltdown when dealing with ad tech landscape complexity. My favorite line? “Last click BS! What is this 1998?”
While not about digital marketing specifically, this McSweeny’s post outlines the ridiculousness of some of IPOs and the VC funding being tossed around for flawed online ideas. This piece is titled “Prospectus for Silicon Valley’s next hot tech IPO, where nothing could possibly go wrong.”

Every week Adexchanger posts a comic on the latest industry news, with an editorial spin. Often starring the superhero bearing the site’s name, these strips lampoon the deals and buzzwords that we read in headlines during the week.

This Advertising Life

The proliferation of animated gif tumbrs has reached the advertising world. While not specifically about digital marketing, many of these quick images have the ability to hit exactly how creatives and others feel in situations like “after working the weekend before a big pitch” or “when I crack a joke during a brainstorm session and nobody laughs”.


These are just a few of the funny and distracting sites out there for our industry. Did I miss any of your favorites? Let us know and we’ll include them next time.