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IgnitionOne Europe made the 2015 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in Europe

IgnitionOne’s European division has been placed in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in Europe. The placement was made out of the Brussels office. The ranking was announced this morning. It is a prestigious honor to be placed on the list and is a recognition of being an entrepreneurial leader in the industry. You can see our place on the list here.

“Our strategy and continuous growth over the past few years have strengthened our position in the market. We consider this nomination as a confirmation that we are heading in the right direction”, said Filip Lauweres, Global Managing Director Web Personalization, Brussels.

Eric Schurenberg, President and Editor-in-Chief of Inc. Magazine: “Out of the millions of private companies operating from Greater Europe, only a few can boast of having achieved the kind of growth IgnitionOne did. As part of the inaugural Inc. 5000 Europe list, IgnitionOne in fact joins an elite group of companies.”

The Inc. 5000 Europe is an expansion of the Inc. 500 in the US, which ranks the country’s top 5000 fastest-growing private companies and also features a special ranking of the top 10% of the list as the Inc. 500. The Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth over a four-year period.

Digital Autosalon 2015

Did the Brussels Motor Show shift to a higher gear?

The Brussels Motor Show is the annual meeting of the automotive industry with current and future clients. The freshly polished cars make fantasies run wild, but also encourage buyers. The effect of the Brussels Motor Show is not only felt in the hundreds of thousands of visitors during the 10 days of the event, but also in the increased sales figures. Is this positive trend also to be seen in the online and customer engagement? IgnitionOne examined the browsing behavior of visitors on the websites of the major Belgian car brands during the Brussels Motor Show. Did the Motor Show shift to a higher gear online? Discover the 6 key figures that reveal the digital impact of the Motor Show.

Online impact of the Brussels Motor Show
Through the impact of online on offline, and in the case of the Motor Show, of offline on online, the need for a strong omni-channel campaign is higher. But how large is the actual impact of the Brussels Motor Show? IgnitionOne illustrates just a small part of it with the below infographic. There was a clear uplift for participating brands across the board. But also non-exhibiting brands enjoyed some extra media attention. But what is the real impact of the Motor Show online?

This great infographic is now available as a free download here:

The digital impact of the Autosalon in 6 figures:

  1. The number of visitors per car brand rose on average by 27% during the Motor Show compared to early January.
  2. Participating car manufacturers and companies welcomed 8x more online visitors than during the Motor Show in 2014. In the non-participating companies, the increase was only 5 times more.
  3. The present car brands received on average 12x more mobile visitors than during the Motor Show in 2014.
  4. During the Brussels Motor Show in 2015, there was an average increase of 11% of online leads compared to the 10 days prior to the event amongst participating car brands.
  5. Non-participating brands saw the number of leads in the 10 days of the Motor Show decrease by 97% compared to the beginning of January.
  6. With an uplift of 570% in the number of online leads amongst exhibiting car brands compared to non-participating brands during the event itself, the impact of the Motor Show is enormous.

A quick survey at the Brussels Motor Show itself also shows a clear dedication of the brands to digital channels. There was a clear trend in the online processing of test drives and price requests. This strategic approach clearly results not only in a higher number of visitors to the different brand websites but also in the number of registered leads.

The digital footprint of the Motor Show is ubiquitous in the differences between the exhibitors and non-exhibitors. The figures show a significant impact on both the number of visitors, and the number of leads online. The question is whether the same impact is to be found on the brand engagement of a consumer with a brand as it decides whether or not to participate in the Motor Show or not. But that’s the subject for another infographic, so stay tuned!

Download the free infographic now.

* IgnitionOne consolidated the data of 22 car brands and companies that use IgnitionOne’s Marketing Automation Tool for the Belgian market. The results compare the averages of the present brands with the non-exhibitors, and the two groups together. For the analysis we compared the data of the 10 days during the Brussels Motor Show compared to 10 days at the beginning of January and to the period of the Motor Show in 2014 for a year-on-year view. A lead was defined as a completed application for a test drive, a quote, a brochure or an online registration (depending on the car brand).

Ignition 10

It took some gentle persuasion and cunning to find the Ignition 10, but Julie and Mikaël of the Brussel’s office managed to gather 5 Olympic athletes and 5 lesser gods to conquer Antwerp City.
Our group trained long and hard in Diegem’s country side, sacrificing precious relaxing lunch breaks, in order to be in our best fysical condition. Blood (cfr. Julie’s fall), sweat (cfr. Tom) and tears (cfr. Tristan) were shed.

D-Day approached rapidly and was accompanied by a great deal of stress among some of the runners. Although we expected the fluorescent IgnitionOne t-shirts to stand out in the crowd, it proved to be difficult to find each other among 40,990 well prepared joggers. A last minute change of the meeting point made us lose our top runner who magically resurfaced moments before the start without any official bib number.

And then we were off! We ploughed through a jungle of long winding tunnels, masochistically placed cobble stones and slopes invisible to the untrained eye but attacking our mental and physical well-being. Heroes left and right were overcome by exhaustion, nausea and projectile vomiting. First aid personnel jumped to the rescue, with paper bags and aluminium blankets. Encouraged by the festive music along the route, the Ignition 10 endured excruciating pains and digitally accelerated to the finish line.
What better way to celebrate this amazing achievement than with Belgian beer and fries.

– The Spirited IgnitionOne Running Team

5K runners

10MILES runners

IgnitionOne @Eastern Europe Events

Mirek Wasowicz, Sales Director Eastern Europe, spoke twice at events in Warsaw last month, at AdUniverse and at CCD2014. He presented digital marketing trends, best practices & IgnitionOne’s newest LiveMarketer updates to over 400 professionals. His newest team member, Paulina, responsible for DMS Media, attended the events with him.

adUniverse is an event designed to show the entire ecosystem of interactive advertising, with presentations of the services and tools of the most important players on the Polish market in technology providers. Various providers attended specialising in ad targeting, marketing automation and email marketing platforms, trading desks, representatives of media houses, advertising networks, interactive agencies, etc.


In Poland, despite the economic slowdown, the online advertising industry continues to grow. Starlink media house, in the first half of 2013, observed an increase in online revenue of 7.8 percent. These estimates show that Polish interactive marketing communication channels are in line with global trends. Furthermore, Poland will also gain in importance and marketing budgets spent on interactive advertising from year to year will increase. It is clearly the time to further explore the live interactive advertising world and what technologies are available on the Polish market. The aim of the event was to show the Polish adUniverse online advertising ecosystem. “We hope that the first edition of the conference will present the advertising market as fully as possible, and our participants will become familiar with a large number of advanced tools.”

At CCD2014, Wasowicz specifically showed how you can watch and analyze customer behavior on the website. When a customer visits a company’s website, he is mostly looking for some specific piece of information or product. On the basis of the evidence that is left behind on the network, you can generate customized messages that motivate the customer to contact the call center to close the sale. Wasowicz has already confirmed to CCD2014 in Katowice, Poznan and Gdansk.

We are at various Eastern European events during the year. Please email us at if you are interested in meeting us, or having us, at future events.

New Team Member Highlights – Brussels

With over 30 positions open globally, IgnitionOne is growing. We’d like to introduce you to just two of the new team members:

Nothing like fresh new Account Managers in the morning!

After a brutal selection Jannie Vranckx and Alex Yip have now joined the IgnitionOne team in Brussels.

Jannie Vranckx

Jannie will educate our clients all about our algorithms and how to generate more high quality leads & prospects.

Jannie Vranckx
Jannie Vranckx


Alex Yip

Alex will guide our clients through integrating their cross-channel marketing with our DMS & help them optimize their search on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and any other search engine you can think of.

Alex Yip
Alex Yip

Let’s give these two a warm “IgnitionFun” welcome!

IgnitionOne’s Breakfast Meeting @Pershing Hall Paris

Last Wednesday was the first IgnitionOne’s French Breakfast with clients and prospects in an inspiring location, at a hand’s reach from the Champs-Elysées: The Pershing Hall.

photo (4)

The event took place in Paris from 8:30am until noon. Our guests enjoyed typical French pastries such as croissants and pain-au-chocolat before beginning an IgnitionOne presentation by our speakers: Florian Grouffal – Country Director France, Dave Ragals – Global Managing Director Marketing Search, and Filip Lauweres – Global Managing Director Marketing Automation.

It was a pleasant and educational event where we shared with our clients and prospects industry trend, and IgnitionOne’s case studies, innovations and roadmap.

We are looking to schedule similar events more regularly in order to continue  to build relationships with clients and prospects, as well as share knowledge and the benefits of working with IgnitionOne. Please email us at if you are interested in being included in future events.

Marketing Automation for the Automotive Industry

Brussels Autosalon attracted tens of thousands of visitors in January. The team at IgnitionOne saw trends around the incredible impact of offline events on online behaviour. The main conclusion was that exhibitors reap the benefits and generate 60% more online leads than non-exhibitor brands! Have a look at what else we found around Marketing Automation and Automotive:

The Digital Autosalon

Marketing in a Digital Marketing Company

You know when you’re at a social event (birthday party, communion, wedding, housewarming, etc) and a friend/auntie/acquaintance who is not within the digital marketing space asks you: ‘So… What do you do?’ I’m one of those people that never quite knows what to say. I am a Marketing & Sales Coordinator at IgnitionOne, a digital marketing company. I’ve been here now for a year and a half and I still haven’t found the perfect answer to this question. I sometimes even just say “I’m in marketing” to avoid confusing them.

And while it is easy for me to explain what IgnitionOne does to agencies and marketers, I just haven’t found the right way to tell non-digital people what I do in layman’s terms. The digital space is so complex and ever-changing that it is difficult to convey what it is that our industry does to someone unfamiliar with the field.

When I do decide to delve into uncharted territory, I usually start by saying “my company powers digital marketing – online ads, personalizing content, Facebook advertising, stuff like that.” While I know this is very simply put, I already see a half confused look from the person with whom I am speaking, and then I say, “and I do the marketing for that company.” And by that point, they look completely lost and ask me questions, like “so do you make the adverts?” Sometimes I try to go further and explain how we track visitors to build profiles to be able to offer relevant products/promotions, but the conversation typically ends there or the subject is quickly averted.

So I have recently been wondering – is it like this for all jobs? I took some time to pay attention to how others describe their positions and the companies for which they work and the reactions received from the other party. I realized that I don’t have a typical job like a doctor/lawyer/accountant, where people instantaneously understand what the job entails; I don’t have funny or embarrassing stories about clients, at least, not anything that they would understand. I could tell them about the ambiguous cookie jokes, which crease us up here in the office, but people unfamiliar to the subject would feel like they’re in the Truman Show and think that I’m talking about some secret world.

The day is fast approaching when digital marketing and the marketers within will be just as identifiable as the above lawyers/doctors/accountants and simply stating that I work in digital will translate without any confused looks or open-ended questions. As digital grows, and it is growing in leaps and bounds, people will not only understand my brief job description but will also associate my work with the exciting field that it has become. Just last month, the iab found that 75% of US senior executives plan to shift their budgets from television to digital video ads. This is huge and means that not only is digital on par with television but is on the verge of surpassing it. Digital is to television what television is to radio: how could you not agree that this industry is more exciting than brain surgery? In digital, we are making the future, we are innovative and are exploring things where no man has been before.

The 12 Days of Online Christmas Shopping

This has been my first working Christmas. There’s no more time to go and buy Christmas presents at a quiet moment and facing the immense crowds of Christmas shoppers on the weekend, standing hours at cash registers, is not something I have patience for. Therefore I have truly experienced the joys of online Christmas shopping this year. Here’s a small excerpt of the successes and failures of online retargeting that I noticed during my shopping experience.

Day 1: I look for a dress for the upcoming festivities. After shopping around a bit, I see one that I like but want to take some time to think about it.

Day 2: I get bombarded with ‘pink dresses’ on every online advert from one particular store.

Day 3: I get fed up with the adverts, clean out my cookies and buy a black dress from a different shop.

Day 4: I search for a pair of ski gloves for my holiday in the Alps, but don’t find anything I like.

Day 5:  I get flooded with more adverts for gloves and dresses… and much to my frustration accidentally click on one of them, which only makes it worse.

Day 6: I’m so sick of seeing these ads that I tweet how much I’m fed up with this shop on Twitter. A lot of people have the same experience and agree!

Day 7: I realize that I still need to buy a present for my brother so I’m on the look out.

Day 8: I see good review from a friend on Facebook about gaming headphones: perfect for my brother! So I do a quick, superficial research on the Internet.

Day 9: I do a little more research on the product and its functionalities, but also look at and compare other products and stores.

Day 10: I click through an ad served to me and decided to buy the headphones.

Day 11: I receive my package the very next day, I’m happy about the whole experience and tweet about it. I don’t see any other adverts from this store (even though I still see gloves and dresses everywhere).

Day 12: I realize I could also buy a blender for my mum on the same site so I browse around again and order for her too.

Retargeting is really an interesting process.

It was clear to me that the gloves & dresses stores didn’t use a Smart Retargeting method, like IgnitionOne implements for its clients. They just looked at the category/product I had looked at last and didn’t know my real interest. They also just tried to show me their adverts as much as possible in the hope that I would finally click on it.

It was obvious that the headphone store had a different strategy. It knew my true interest, and my click path. By using IgnitionOne’s technology, this website scored my propensity to buy. As my score increased, the technology took into account my ‘undeclared interest’. This means not just showing the last product visited but the one that has the highest score. The algorithm calculated when I had reached my critical buying intention score and served me a targeted advert with a very interesting offer (discount + free shipping) whilst browsing that lowered my purchasing barrier.  The company tracked how my interest was increasing and then calculated the perfect time to show me just one  advert with an interesting offer.

When considering both unique retargeting structures, it is apparent to me why one advertising technique seemed less intrusive than the other, and why I chose one experience, and thus one product, over the other.