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IgnitionOne Takes Home “Best Innovation & Technology” at the Cuckoo Awards

And the winner for the Cuckoo Award in ‘Best Innovation & Technology’ is … IgnitionOne with the case ‘ NXP Converts Unknowns into Knowns’.

Last week, the Belgian Direct Marketing Association (BDMA) awarded the Best Direct Marketing Campaigns with a Cuckoo Award. Annually, a grand total of eight awards are awarded in different categories such as Best B2B Campaign, Best B2C Campaign, Best Mobile Campaign, etc.

Our joint entry with (Marketing Automation) client NXP and the agency WON was nominated in the category for ‘Best Targeted Campaign’. In this case, NXP converts unknown web users to known hot prospects using IgnitionOne’s LiveMarketer and technology stack. Based on the position the unknown user has in the conversion funnel and the engagement score, NXP is adapting the type of interaction and the call-to-action the user receives.

Other nominees in this category included leading brands such as Audi, Thomas Cook and Ethias. Needless to say the competition was fierce and at the end of the night, Audi wound up winning the Cuckoo Award for ‘Best Targeted Campaign’.

By the end of the show, we were ready to indulge in the walking dinner and following live band, when the presenter had something up his sleeve. He quoted the president of the jury:  “The thorough and precise targeting of these 8 winning campaigns, both in offline and online, was astonishing. But there was one entry that we could not fit into one of the existing categories. The innovative approach and smart use of technology really stood out. We (the jury) are convinced the number of this type of data- and technology driven direct marketing campaign will grow year on year. Therefore we decided add a 9th annual Cuckoo Award for ‘Best Innovation and Technology’. The first winner of this award is… IgnitionOne and NXP for ‘Converting Unknowns to Knowns.'”

Overcome with gratitude by this honor, we took the stage and received the first ever Cuckoo Award for Innovation & Technology. The party became even livelier afterwards.