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IgnitionOne Named Finalist for Most Innovative Integrated Marketing Suite

IgnitionOne is honored to be named a finalist for a 2015 Hubbies award for Most Innovative Integrated Marketing Suite for their Digital Marketing Suite (DMS). The Hubbies are created by The Hub, who covers innovation and technology in digital marketing,  and the awards celebrate breakthrough digital campaigns and the platforms that enable them. The Hubbies recognize technology innovation, honoring work that sets the standard for what marketing platforms can achieve. Winning  technologies are bold, relevant, and demonstrably effective – measured by level of innovation, digital analytics, consumer engagement, and business impact.

IgnitionOne’s DMS is a true example of these values and is in good company as a finalist.

The award winners will be announced May 12th at Hub Convene in New York City.

Huge Surge in Search, Display and Mobile Spends as Marketers Move to Digital

IgnitionOne’s newest report highlights a 26% year-over-year spend growth for Q1 2015 with Yahoo!/Bing chipping away at Google’s market share.

q1 2015 report

 The report is the latest in the longest continuous and comprehensive study on SEM and Digital trends.

Key findings in the report:

  •  Strongest search spend growth in three years – U.S. paid search spend grew 26% year over year (YoY) in Q1.
  • Mobile search growth high but continues to normalize – U.S. spending growth for tablets is up 39% YoY while phones spend is up 81%.
  • Yahoo!/Bing grow market share for third straight quarter – The Yahoo!/Bing network grew its U.S. search market share in Q1 to 26.9% of spend vs. Google’s 73.1% –  the highest market share for Yahoo!/Bing since before the Search Alliance was founded.
  • Programmatic display grows – U.S. display spend was up 34% in Q1 as compared to the previous year.
  • Facebook more than triples eCPM – Bringing their FBX eCPM almost on par with display ads on Google, Facebook’s spend grew by 46% while reducing impressions by 90% YoY.
  • Mobile display continues to explode – IgnitionOne data reveals total mobile display business growth in Q1 YoY, with impressions up 85% and spend up 143%.

“While many have claimed Google is in decline, that is clearly not happening based on this data. Digital marketing continues to grow and Google is growing with it,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “However, Google is not the juggernaut it used to be.  It faces stiff and unyielding competition on all fronts of their vast multifaceted business in ways it hasn’t experienced for many years. It remains to be seen whether or not they can regain their previous momentum.”

This  quarterly report can be downloaded in full at


Don’t get me wrong, I love an industry event as much as the next marketer, but sometimes I wish I could simply have the content without the tube journey, long registration lines or the mediocre cup of coffee. That’s what is great about a webinar – a chance to gather business critical information from the comfort of your own desk.

On April 2, our live webinar will empower you and your team with everything you need to know about a Data Management Platform. Tune in to find out how you can banish mixed marketing messages to your customers and how a DMP can fuel one-to-one digital experiences across all channels.

In 45 minutes, we’ll cover:

  • The technology: unleashing the power of a DMP – a LIVE demo
  • The value: what’s in it for me? Adding value to the Marketing, CRM, IT and Finance teams
  • The customer experience: achieving the holy grail of personalised marketing across all touch points
  • The results: number crunching and expected return on investment
  • The implementation: preparing a business case and your definitive checklist to get started

Sound good? Register here to join us on April 2nd at 2.30pm GMT/ 9.30am EST

See you then!

Introducing the Customer Data Integration Handbook

The purpose of true data management is to obtain that holistic, 360- degree view of the customer. Not just at the point of conversion, but also throughout the buyer’s journey. That clarity gives you insights to grow your business and the ability to interact with each individual in a personal and relevant way.

But how do you get the most value from any DMP investment? It requires the integration of customer data assets from across the organization, also known as CDI or Customer Data Integration.

IgnitionOne has created a valuable new book to walk you through the process and educate you on data integration: “The Customer Data Integration Handbook.” This new 24-page guide provides a blueprint and step-by-step considerations as you approach the consolidation of data to maximize its effective use.

You can learn more and download the Guidebook free here.

cdi guidebook


Introducing the Big Book of Digital Marketing

IgnitionOne and Netmining proudly present the Big Book of Digital Marketing. This all-inclusive resource provides marketers with an overview of the latest trends and fundamental changes in the marketing landscape, a compilation of articles and thought leadership from recent months. Use it as a roadmap to marketing success in 2015. This gorgeous guide is now available as a free download here:

Get fresh insights on topics including:

  • Understanding Ad Tech
  • Mastering Programmatic/RTB
  • Using a DMP with Cross-Device Customer Data
  • Navigating in the Marketing Landscape
  • Best Practices for 2015

This hefty edition is loaded with information designed to help digital marketers and agency rock stars stay on top of their game. Download your complimentary copy now.


Yahoo!/Bing Secures Biggest US Search Market Share since Before Search Alliance

IgnitionOne released a Q4 2014 report today, highlighting trends and data for digital marketing across search, programmatic display, social and mobile. During this time the Yahoo!/Bing partnership grabbed the largest share of the US paid search market since 2008 following two quarters of strong growth. Mobile devices also show strong growth in both search and display advertising.


Key findings in the report:

  • Yahoo!/Bing shows historic growth at best share since 2008: Yahoo!/Bing continued to chip away at Google’s huge lead and now holds with 26.3% of US search spend versus Google’s 73.7% in Q4. This is the highest market share and largest growth in share over consecutive quarters since the inception of the Search Alliance and equates to a 25.8% jump. The last time growth was close to this robust was in the period of Q4 2007-to-Q1 2008 when they saw a 20% jump.
  • 2014 ends with a strong Q4 for Paid Search: Ending a robust holiday shopping season, US Paid Search saw advertising spend up 11% YoY in Q4. This is the highest rate of growth in 2014.
  • Phones and Tablets pull even in spend share growth: Spending growth YoY for tablets is up 37% while phone spend is up 78%. As marketers become more sophisticated, creating stronger mobile-specific experiences, and consumers embrace a multi-device lifestyle, mobile becomes more attractive to marketers for effective reach.
  • Mobile display growth continues – Mobile continues to see strong growth, limited only by inventory available. Most interesting is YoY growth for Android impressions far outpacing iOS, peaking on Thanksgiving Day with 57.8% of impressions.
  • Healthy growth in programmatic display: Marketers continue to move budget to programmatic display ads due to stronger, trackable results with spend up 35% YoY. Contributing factors to increased effectiveness include better use of data feeding smarter strategies, and greater message relevance based on use of consumer data.

“These numbers show significant growth of mobile across the board, so it’s becoming more important for marketers to get a clear view of the customer across devices and across interactions,” said Roger Barnette, president of IgnitionOne. “Our IgnitionOne data management platform fuels messaging across search, display, social and mobile, making reports like this possible. Pulling together first- and third-party data allows for optimization of all interactions and increased relevance of messaging served.”

This report is the latest in a series of reports from IgnitionOne, reviewing trends across the online advertising landscape. This and previous quarterly reports can be downloaded at

Introducing MobileAssist

We are excited to announce the release of MobileAssist, a solution that helps  track cross-device conversions, a break-through that overcomes an obstacle that has held back the true potential for mobile advertising.

Most attribution technology has focused on desktop and not mobile devices. This reliance on cookie based technology, along with mobile advertising being bought as a discrete channel, leaves marketers without a full picture of how mobile advertising is contributing to successful conversions.

MobileAssist solves this challenge by helping you identify where mobile advertising has played a part in previously unattributed conversions to offer a fuller view of the attribution and impact mobile advertising spend had on successfully completed sales or conversion.

IgnitionOne’s integrated desktop and mobile platform provides the company unique advantage to provide cross device targeting and a complete view of how spend is attributed across devices.

With these enhanced insights into their mobile spend, marketers are able to improve existing media effort, inform optimal investment levels to future campaigns and improve results across all devices.

In the case of a leading e-commerce client who was initially desktop-focused, MobileAssist proved a 10X return on ad spend on their mobile campaign by measuring conversions that occurred on their desktop website, but were influenced by mobile ad engagement.

A Sample of a MobileAssist Report
A Sample of a MobileAssist Report

“Sophisticated marketers will not settle for anything less than a clear and true picture of their customers and how different channels and devices assist each other within the conversion path,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “MobileAssist is another way our Digital Marketing Suite delivers to marketing the tools and centralized data to make smart and effective decisions.”

Contact IgnitionOne to learn more about MobileAssist


IgnitionOne Among Visionaries in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs

If data integration and personalization tactics are part of your 2015 roadmap, you’ll be interested in the latest research from Gartner, Inc. We are excited to announce that Gartner has positioned IgnitionOne among “Visionaries” in the newly released “Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs.” The Magic Quadrant evaluation was based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Gartner’s report positions IgnitionOne furthest in “completeness of vision” within the Visionaries quadrant .  hub image

“We are proud to be positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant of Digital Marketing Hubs by Gartner and consider it a confirmation of the Digital Marketing Suite’s (DMS) role in simplifying the lives of marketers and driving improved results through a centralized marketing cloud that integrates data management and channel execution into a single platform,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “We believe IgnitionOne’s placement in the Visionaries Quadrant furthest along the completeness of vision axis validates our long-held belief that adtech and martech should integrate into a single stack.”

The recent release of our platform, DMS 3.0, allows marketers to better understand and segment audiences through its Data Management Platform which combines traditional database marketing capabilities with cookie-based digital profiles. Marketers are using the DMS to seamlessly activate targeted and dynamic messaging on all devices, across channels including search, display, mobile, social, email and personalized website content. At the center of the DMS is a flexible hub that provides marketers the ability to use both native and third party-solutions while storing a complete view of customer data.

On a personal note, we send warmest thanks to Andrew Frank, Jake Sorofman and Marty Kihn for their thoughtful evaluation of IgnitionOne and all the various technology solution providers in the space.

For details on the report, read more here or contact us at

IgnitionOne Acquires Leading Mobile Marketing Technology Human Demand

We are excited to announce that IgnitionOne has acquired Human Demand, a leading independent mobile marketing technology company providing mobile audience and tracking solutions to advertisers. With this acquisition, IgnitionOne continues to enhance the industry’s most comprehensive integrated digital marketing technology solution, by adding mobile display advertising capabilities and cross-device tracking to its Digital Marketing Suite (DMS).


Human Demand’s fully transparent, highly scalable and efficient mobile media solution will integrate with the DMS to:

  • Better reach mobile audiences and mobile app users through display advertising
  • Provide additional capabilities for cross-device tracking to inform cross-channel attribution and user data
  • Deliver targeted mobile audiences, including hyper local geo-targeting, at scale with  superior location insights, campaign optimization and visual analytics


IgnitionOne’s clients will benefit from Human Demand’s intuitive self service interface whose capabilities will be seamlessly integrated into the DMS. The DMS is our digital marketing hub that centralizes the ability to buy, manage and optimize digital media across Search, Display, Social and Mobile, understand client users through Data Management and Cross Channel Attribution, and optimize conversions on a marketer’s website through Marketing Automation.

This is an exciting day for the IgnitionOne team and we welcome the newest members to our family!

Visit us at or contact us at info@ignitionone