More on Google’s DMP Pixel Fire Lockdown

Beginning January 1st, Google will no longer allow DMPs to fire 3rd party pixels on its Google Display Network (GDN). The policy specifically restricts capture of impression level data via cookie or other mechanisms for purposes of subsequent re-targeting, interest category categorization, or syndication to other parties on GDN inventory.

What does this mean for you? If you’re using a non-DSP DMP, you’ll have blind spots on the GDN, which means your marketing results will likely be inaccurate.

It’ll work like this: When the new year begins, uncertified pixels will be decertified and rendered vestigial, which will lead to a blind spot on any GDN served impressions.

Google content won’t be able to be compared to non-Google content. Programmatic executions enabled by these DMPs will have holes in the data they are using to optimize.

Accurate frequency capping will be further compromised so attribution and overall customer experience control will be lessened.

IgnitionOne recently published a brief outlining the possible reasons for this change, what it means for marketers, what you can do about it, and more.

Grab your free copy here.

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