POV: What Bing Enhanced Campaigns Changes Mean for Sophisticated Marketers

On Wednesday, Bing announced some changes to its Enhanced Campaigns that substantially affect marketers.

While the change will clearly continue the adoption trend of mobile search advertising, started by Google Enhanced Campaigns (GEC) in 2013, it is unfortunately at the expense of advanced marketers.

Based on our recent experience with Google, we expect this to lead to increased CPCs.  Beyond that, what does this mean for sophisticated marketers?

  • Marketers with the bandwidth and knowledge to manage their accounts at a granular level will see a reduction in their level of control, as well as a decrease in efficiency.
  • Marketers will be required to utilize mobile and tablet bid multipliers at the campaign level, reducing their control of traffic by device type.
  • Marketers will not have the ability to advertise to just mobile or tablet traffic. They’ll be required to advertise on desktops even for mobile app downloads, for example, with a bid at least 1/3 of their mobile bid.
  • Marketers will continue to have the ability to target, bid and design for tablets as Bing enhanced campaigns has the ability to separately target Tablet traffic (although still only through multiplier bids).
  • Significant reworking of accounts will be required, particularly for more sophisticated marketers with larger, more granular structures. The good news is that a lot of groundwork has already been completed due to GEC in 2013.

Read the full report here.

Introducing Sitelink Builder: Providing Simplification for Search Marketers

Today IgnitionOne announced Sitelink Builder, a new and intuitive tool that drastically simplifies workflow for search marketers. Sitelink Builder allows marketers to upload, manage and report on sitelinks across multiple campaigns and groups within its paid search solution, a fully integrated module of the Digital Marketing SuiteSM (DMS), making a previously cumbersome task quick and simple for anyone using the DMS.

The innovation simplifies the process of uploading and assigning sitelinks to campaigns and groups within paid search, eliminating countless hours from a search marketer’s workload. The intricate process of adding individual sitelinks to paid search campaigns and groups can now be done in bulk.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamline the creation and editing process of sitelinks by giving search marketers the ability to create, edit text, descriptions, destination URLs and device preferences of multiple sitelinks in bulk. Marketers can create sitelinks independent of campaigns and groups and then later make those associations.
  • Easy scheduling of sitelinks with options to run on specific days and times, individually or in bulk.

“Consistent with our principle of simplicity, IgnitionOne’s release of Sitelink Builder is another innovation that gifts the marketer with the ability to be more efficient,” said Roger Barnette, President of IgnitionOne. “IgnitionOne helps marketers shed hours of manpower and resources and makes something that was once daunting an easy task.”