IgnitionOne launches Fantasy Football league for the World Cup

Couldn’t make it to Brazil? Think you’re a better manager than Roy? It’s time to prove your skills this World Cup with the IgnitionOne Fantasy Football league. Continue reading IgnitionOne launches Fantasy Football league for the World Cup

IgnitionOne Takes Home “Best Innovation & Technology” at the Cuckoo Awards

And the winner for the Cuckoo Award in ‘Best Innovation & Technology’ is … IgnitionOne with the case ‘ NXP Converts Unknowns into Knowns’.

Last week, the Belgian Direct Marketing Association (BDMA) awarded the Best Direct Marketing Campaigns with a Cuckoo Award. Annually, a grand total of eight awards are awarded in different categories such as Best B2B Campaign, Best B2C Campaign, Best Mobile Campaign, etc.

Our joint entry with (Marketing Automation) client NXP and the agency WON was nominated in the category for ‘Best Targeted Campaign’. In this case, NXP converts unknown web users to known hot prospects using IgnitionOne’s LiveMarketer and technology stack. Based on the position the unknown user has in the conversion funnel and the engagement score, NXP is adapting the type of interaction and the call-to-action the user receives.

Other nominees in this category included leading brands such as Audi, Thomas Cook and Ethias. Needless to say the competition was fierce and at the end of the night, Audi wound up winning the Cuckoo Award for ‘Best Targeted Campaign’.

By the end of the show, we were ready to indulge in the walking dinner and following live band, when the presenter had something up his sleeve. He quoted the president of the jury:  “The thorough and precise targeting of these 8 winning campaigns, both in offline and online, was astonishing. But there was one entry that we could not fit into one of the existing categories. The innovative approach and smart use of technology really stood out. We (the jury) are convinced the number of this type of data- and technology driven direct marketing campaign will grow year on year. Therefore we decided add a 9th annual Cuckoo Award for ‘Best Innovation and Technology’. The first winner of this award is… IgnitionOne and NXP for ‘Converting Unknowns to Knowns.'”

Overcome with gratitude by this honor, we took the stage and received the first ever Cuckoo Award for Innovation & Technology. The party became even livelier afterwards.

“Useful Engines” and Delighting Financial Service Customers

Last month, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the financial industry’s best and brightest at NetFinance in Miami to discuss the challenges faced by today’s digital marketers.

Whether you’re a giant bank or a small credit union, one thing that everyone had in common was the desire to mitigate risk online while creating a positive experience for their customers. Simple in theory–though maybe not so much in execution.

But since we praise the message of simplicity here at IgnitionOne, I thought it was important to point out one common question among all of these marketers: How do we create delight in our customers over the course of their lives?

Andres Wolberg-Stok, Global Mobile and Tablet Banking Director at Citibank, talked a lot about the intersection of usefulness (commonality) and delight associated with the mobile space. He went on to say that creating the right balance here can make all the difference in adoption or abandonment.
In this sense I agree with him and the hundreds of other financial marketers trying to create lifelong relationships with customers from their first checking account in college to the mortgage on their first homes.

So while the math and code that goes into any technical solution may be vastly complex, the push toward simplicity should be the polestar that guides everyone who uses technology to get them what they need or where they want to go: from the first steam engine to the model T ford to Moven’s disruptive mobile banking model.

I mean, isn’t this our job as a technology company? Isn’t seamless automation and simplicity synonymous with delight and usefulness?  Whether it’s the simple UI of the iPhone or the seamless workflow of our DMP product; isn’t ease of use what we’re all looking for good technology to do?

So how does this apply to media and advertising? I think the answer is also simple.

Now granted, my first experiences with direct response technology stemmed from iterating 10 digit permutations on a device patented in 1846 by Alexander Graham Bell, but over the years I’ve learned a few things about how to find delight in the seemingly mundane. Whether I was selling chimney sweep services to people without chimneys over the phone or writing logical analyses for the GMAT and GRE,  on the days I approached my work without ego or irritation, my work went faster and my conversations well…more delightful.

All this to say, while it’s easy to lose one’s spirit not only in the dense regulatory requirements leveraged by the finance industry, but also in the pedabytes of data, cookies, keywords, and channels that make even the daily management of our online programs so time exhaustive, it’s important to remember the opportunity we have in front of us as marketers and makers to delight and engage.

While my son has outgrown Thomas the Tank Engine…I loved that he watched the show because of the simple message of what technology should be:  useful. Call me crazy, but I think if more of us strove to be “useful engines” every day, the easier it would be to delight folks with the unique value each of us brings to the marketplace in any industry.

So while I know that the prospect of elating someone with a dynamic ad served from our own Marketing Automation solution may seem like a daunting task, the fact is that all it takes is one “dunk in the dark” moment to change the way your brand is experienced online. This is possible whether you’re a community manager responding to a banking mishap on twitter or a media manager writing AdWords copy. For us: at IgnitionOne we strive every day to be useful by making life easier for marketers.

Complex in execution, but simple in theory. What can be more delightful than that?

Mobile Tracking and Targeting Infographic


Mobile has rapidly become one of the biggest and most questioned topics in ad tech. That’s why IgnitionOne partnered with AOL to deliver a Mobile-focused Infographic that details specifics regarding third party cookie tracking, cross-device targeting methodologies, and statistics. As we continue to play a role in its application and transformation within the industry, IgnitionOne vows to always keep you in the loop with informative and interesting onesheets, infographics and pieces of thought leadership like this.


SERP: Out with the Old; In with the New

As a result of Google changing their search engine results page (SERP) this past March, IgnitionOne  performed an analysis to determine the impact  it has had on paid search campaign performance. The below screen shots exemplify the recent changes. Note the differences in background color, font size and ad headline underlining.

Old Version (March 12, 2014)


New Version (March 13, 2014)



Results: Key Takeaways

  • For keywords in position 1-3 there was a CTR increase of 6% (from 7.45% to 7.88%)
  • With that increase in CTR there was also a marginal increase in CPC of 2% (from $0.68 to $0.69)
  • For rankings 4-6 there were similar trends – increased CTR and increased CPC, but for those positions the results did not show statistical significance.

What does it all mean?

  • The results are not a surprise; the change blurs the visual lines between paid and organic results. This trend will inevitably lead to more clicks going to the results at the top of the page, resulting in higher CTR on paid ads. 
  • For paid search advertisers this means more click volume on the same ads, but there is also an observed CPC inflation that comes with the increase in volume.
  • Holistically, is the increase in traffic being taken from organic and moved to paid? Very likely, this is the case because the results as a whole did not become any more relevant than they were before March 12, The overall propensity to click on a search result has stayed the same. Thus this change shifted clicks from one channel to another.
  • Since the change impacted all of the advertisers in the same way, it is still a leveled playing field. Those in the top positions will likely benefit more since the searcher is now less likely to scroll for lower ranking results.

Ignition 10

It took some gentle persuasion and cunning to find the Ignition 10, but Julie and Mikaël of the Brussel’s office managed to gather 5 Olympic athletes and 5 lesser gods to conquer Antwerp City.
Our group trained long and hard in Diegem’s country side, sacrificing precious relaxing lunch breaks, in order to be in our best fysical condition. Blood (cfr. Julie’s fall), sweat (cfr. Tom) and tears (cfr. Tristan) were shed.

D-Day approached rapidly and was accompanied by a great deal of stress among some of the runners. Although we expected the fluorescent IgnitionOne t-shirts to stand out in the crowd, it proved to be difficult to find each other among 40,990 well prepared joggers. A last minute change of the meeting point made us lose our top runner who magically resurfaced moments before the start without any official bib number.

And then we were off! We ploughed through a jungle of long winding tunnels, masochistically placed cobble stones and slopes invisible to the untrained eye but attacking our mental and physical well-being. Heroes left and right were overcome by exhaustion, nausea and projectile vomiting. First aid personnel jumped to the rescue, with paper bags and aluminium blankets. Encouraged by the festive music along the route, the Ignition 10 endured excruciating pains and digitally accelerated to the finish line.
What better way to celebrate this amazing achievement than with Belgian beer and fries.

– The Spirited IgnitionOne Running Team

5K runners

10MILES runners

IgnitionOne Group Recognized for Innovation by 2014 American Business Awards

IgnitionOne and Netmining, a leading provider of real-time audience targeting solutions, were named as Finalists today in the three categories in the 2014 American Business Awards, and will ultimately be Gold, Silver, or Bronze Stevie® Award winners in the program.

More than 3,300 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories.  IgnitionOne is nominated in the categories for Most Innovative Company of the Year (Up to 2,500 Employees) as well as the New Product or Service of the Year – Software (Marketing/Public Relations Solution). Netmining is a finalist in the Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year (Up to 100 Employees) category.

“Innovation is a core part of our heritage and over the last decade we have been the first to introduce many new concepts to the market, including attribution, integrated user scoring,  portfolio optimization, SmartRemarketingSM and the first ever Digital Marketing SuiteSM,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “IgnitionOne and Netmining are proud to be finalists in these three highly competitive categories and to be recognized for our innovative work to simplify marketers’ lives, improve performance and better understand and reach audiences.”

Finalists were chosen by more than 150 business professionals nationwide during preliminary judging in April and May.  More than 150 members of several specialized judging committees will determine Stevie Award placements from among the Finalists during final judging, to take place May 13-22.

“The final judges have a difficult task ahead of them, to rank the Finalists, because there are so many great nominations this year,” said Stevie Awards president and founder Michael Gallagher.

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The Next Big Thing

A few weekends ago a friend asked me what I thought the next big thing in digital was.

This came off the back of a conversation around mobile and the fact all our media friends have gone to Mobile World Congress and we, her in-between jobs and me unable to put my business case together in time to go, felt like we’re the only media people left in Soho. Taking a sip of my wine, my response was Digital Television. Continue reading The Next Big Thing

IgnitionOne receives DTSG Verification for Online Brand Safety

IgnitionOne has been issued the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles kitemark following verification of its brand safety policies and practices by independent auditor ABC. Continue reading IgnitionOne receives DTSG Verification for Online Brand Safety