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Enhancements Released to LiveMarketer, Real-Time User Data Visualization Tool

We are happy to share that  we have announced the newest enhancements to LiveMarketer, the one of a kind real-time data visualization tool within the Marketing Automation component of the IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite. LiveMarketer shows individual user-level Engagement Scores, life-cycle purchase information and exposure paths of users currently on a web site. IgnitionOne’s LiveMarketer provides marketers with a real-time look into who their website visitors are, what media and advertising they have been exposed to, what product, pages or category they are most interested in and most importantly how likely they are to convert. By tying data to the individual it opens the possibility for marketers to use marketing automation, CRM techniques and RTB to influence the web visitor both on and off the marketer’s site. The update improves upon the existing product with increased user engagement details and an enhanced user experience.

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Key Features:

  • Comprehensive individual profile details
  • Identify customer life cycles and stages
  • New interactive graphs tracking user interest
  • Additional marketing automation functionality to engage with returning customers on an individual level
  • Fully accessible across tablets and mobile devices

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Please contact us with any questions about how LiveMarketer can help you. View the official announcement here

You can interact with a live demo here

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