Digital Britain: IgnitionOne will join the IAB UK at its first event north of the M25

IgnitionOne have long been advocates of the great online marketing work coming from outside of London and therefore, we’re delighted to be sponsoring Digital Britain – the IAB UK’s first event north of the M25.

IAB UK Digital Britain

Taking place on Wednesday 9th April, the day will start with a drop in from 10.30am where you can come and meet the IgnitionOne team and find out more about us and the rest of the sponsors.

After lunch, IAB UK will be presenting their PwC AdSpend 2013 Results as well a running through all the amazing things that the IAB UK for digital Britain. Afterwards, IgnitionOne Business Director, Stewart Holt, will be presenting Getting Ready to Integrate exploring some of the real life challenges that online marketers face trying to integrate their different media channels.

The full IAB UK: Digital Britain agenda is available on the IAB UK website and you can register for the event on the site. But if you’d like to make an appointment to meet with one of the team in Manchester, don’t hesitate to email us.

See you in Manchester.

IgnitionOne Hackathon!

So much to do, not enough time! Familiar to anyone?  Most likely.  So, what happens when you want to squeeze another project into the pipeline?  You want it to be innovative, you want to satisfy your clients’ needs, and you want it soon, real soon.  You do what any good team does, you find a way to get it done!  And that’s how the first IgnitionOne Hackathon in Atlanta was conceptualized. We are well integrated with our clients and knew what could create a positive value add for them, so we put them right to the top of the list.

A Hackathon: 5 developers. 2 days.  Could this be done?

As the weekend for the Hackathon neared, we finalized the projects and agreed on the requirements.  A bunch of other folks wanted to help out as much as they could, as we were anxious for our team’s success, so, we did what anyone does out of anxiety, we baked!  Apple pie, raspberry bars and samosas.  We headed to the office on the first day anticipating a stressed team. I hate to disappoint, but I don’t have a story of empty boxes of pizza, half eaten Chinese food cartons, unkempt hair and tired eyes.  Maybe that’s what you’d imagine when you’ve set big expectations for a small group of people in a boxed amount of time, but what we saw was quite the opposite.

Pictured: Craig Alexander, Brett Koenig, Mike Simpson, Vic Kirkpatrick, Mike Dugan, Dave Ragals, David Strube
Pictured: Craig Alexander, Brett Koenig, Mike Simpson, Vic Kirkpatrick, Mike Dugan, Dave Ragals, David Strube 

Developers huddled in a conference room or concentrated at their desk, nothing out of the ordinary. They were confident and clear on their objective.  When asked how they’re doing, they simply answered ‘We’re on track, here’s what we have so far’ and gave us a brief update.  But they didn’t need to speak about it; they could showcase their actual work. It was definitely progress! And I was eager to see how the concept would actualize into a product within a day.  And right on schedule the next day, they were prepared for a demo.  Not a work in progress, but near complete pieces of functionality that would change the way our clients use data from the DMS.

Grid Export was something we had on our wish list, and I was ready to see it.  One of the developers started the demo: Go to Media Management, filter your campaigns however you want them, click on Grid Export.  There you have it, a .csv of your campaign assets, complete with performance and engagement metrics.  Simple and fast!  I was impressed.

Then there was Web Query.  Essentially, web query functionality allows users to import data from a web interface into a spreadsheet.  For IgnitionOne users, this has to encompass account hierarchies and different levels of campaign assets available within the DMS per user permission settings.  To see a completed product that included all of this was exciting.  We downloaded the necessary add-in and completed set up of a normal spreadsheet.  Within a simple interface, we selected various levels of account assets (selected campaigns & groups).  All of it downloaded into separate tabs within the spreadsheet, mirroring the DMS.  We went through the steps again using a specific pre-defined filter within the DMS. And again, the Web Query feature was easy, quick and completely integrated within the DMS. The team had created more than a data pull down. There are so many ways our clients will benefit from this customized on demand data access tool. Whether they will use it to retrieve keywords for analysis, download ads to audit or create dashboards ready for presentation, this is another innovation that will simplify marketers’ day to day work.

At the end of 2 days, the challenge was more than met.  We have performance reports underway, we have Grid Export and we have Web Query.  Bounty well deserved for our developers and lessons learned for me.  When you create great features with clarity and confidence, they will speak for themselves.  You don’t need fancy words or comfort in food.  Though, I must say, the food was well appreciated!

Congratulations Mike Simpson, Mike Dugan, Craig Alexander, Vic Kickpatrick, Brett Koenig on setting a great example (and excitement) for hackathons at IgnitionOne.  And Donella Cohen, keep the Apple Pie coming!

IgnitionOne @Eastern Europe Events

Mirek Wasowicz, Sales Director Eastern Europe, spoke twice at events in Warsaw last month, at AdUniverse and at CCD2014. He presented digital marketing trends, best practices & IgnitionOne’s newest LiveMarketer updates to over 400 professionals. His newest team member, Paulina, responsible for DMS Media, attended the events with him.

adUniverse is an event designed to show the entire ecosystem of interactive advertising, with presentations of the services and tools of the most important players on the Polish market in technology providers. Various providers attended specialising in ad targeting, marketing automation and email marketing platforms, trading desks, representatives of media houses, advertising networks, interactive agencies, etc.


In Poland, despite the economic slowdown, the online advertising industry continues to grow. Starlink media house, in the first half of 2013, observed an increase in online revenue of 7.8 percent. These estimates show that Polish interactive marketing communication channels are in line with global trends. Furthermore, Poland will also gain in importance and marketing budgets spent on interactive advertising from year to year will increase. It is clearly the time to further explore the live interactive advertising world and what technologies are available on the Polish market. The aim of the event was to show the Polish adUniverse online advertising ecosystem. “We hope that the first edition of the conference will present the advertising market as fully as possible, and our participants will become familiar with a large number of advanced tools.”

At CCD2014, Wasowicz specifically showed how you can watch and analyze customer behavior on the website. When a customer visits a company’s website, he is mostly looking for some specific piece of information or product. On the basis of the evidence that is left behind on the network, you can generate customized messages that motivate the customer to contact the call center to close the sale. Wasowicz has already confirmed to CCD2014 in Katowice, Poznan and Gdansk.

We are at various Eastern European events during the year. Please email us at if you are interested in meeting us, or having us, at future events.

Radical Transparency for TV Advertising? EPISODE 2.2 OF DIGITAL MARKETING SPEAKS

Digital Marketing Speaks is IgnitionOne’s video series where our outspoken CEO meets with equally outspoken industry luminaries to delve into the latest trend and issues. We return today to continue his most recent discussion.

In episode 2.2, IgnitionOne CEO, Will Margiloff, continues his discussion with Dave Morgan, CEO and Founder of Simulmedia. In this second episode of the  interview Will and Dave discuss why TV advertising isn’t transparent and what needs to happen to make it more so.

More in this interview to come as well as other big industry names, so tune in. If you would like to be included in this series, contact us at

What to know how to burst your marketing silos? Join IgnitionOne at Digital Convergence!

IgnitionOne is delighted to be sponsoring The Drum’s Digital Convergence on the 12th March 2014.

Digital Convergence Logo

The day focuses on helping brand marketers get to grips with increasingly contected customers and converging digital media channels. Brand marketers will learn how to deliver multi-channel marketing online that’s interesting and relevant to their individual clients.

IgnitionOne’s UK Managing Director, Simon Haynes will be hosting a round table at Digital Convergence titled Right Here! Right Now! The Roundtable will focus on how to make the most of a customers’ wide and varied online activity by optimising your media channels towards engagement metrics.

If you’d like to know more about Digital Convergence or catch up with us at the event, feel free to get in touch with the London Team.

See you at Digital Convergence!

IgnitionOne® – Making Online Marketing Simple

When we describe IgnitionOne®, we talk about being a global leader in cloud-based technology. We have an amazing data product, called the LiveMarketer®, that helps brand marketers really understand who the individuals on their website are, what they’re interested in and what media channels they’ve been touched by on their path to purchase.

All this information is taken into account and we are able to assign each individual an Engagement Score which tells brands marketers how like that individual is to convert.

When a brand knows how interested someone is in their product and what their interested in, this becomes powerful tool to use in the media channels they use, the price they pay for them and the messages they serve to individual users across them.

At IgnitionOne®, we’re focused on making online marketing simple for brand marketers so we’ve combined this all into one platform, the Digital Marketing Suite. This allows this information to be shared across online marketing disciplines and helps brand marketers start thinking about marketing to individuals rather than marketing across channels.

And to make it even simpler to understand how our technology works and how it could help your brand, we’ve made this one minute video.

If you’d like more information about how IgnitionOne® can help you understand and connect with your customers, email us at or visit our website


New Team Member Highlights – Brussels

With over 30 positions open globally, IgnitionOne is growing. We’d like to introduce you to just two of the new team members:

Nothing like fresh new Account Managers in the morning!

After a brutal selection Jannie Vranckx and Alex Yip have now joined the IgnitionOne team in Brussels.

Jannie Vranckx

Jannie will educate our clients all about our algorithms and how to generate more high quality leads & prospects.

Jannie Vranckx
Jannie Vranckx


Alex Yip

Alex will guide our clients through integrating their cross-channel marketing with our DMS & help them optimize their search on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and any other search engine you can think of.

Alex Yip
Alex Yip

Let’s give these two a warm “IgnitionFun” welcome!

IgnitionOne’s Breakfast Meeting @Pershing Hall Paris

Last Wednesday was the first IgnitionOne’s French Breakfast with clients and prospects in an inspiring location, at a hand’s reach from the Champs-Elysées: The Pershing Hall.

photo (4)

The event took place in Paris from 8:30am until noon. Our guests enjoyed typical French pastries such as croissants and pain-au-chocolat before beginning an IgnitionOne presentation by our speakers: Florian Grouffal – Country Director France, Dave Ragals – Global Managing Director Marketing Search, and Filip Lauweres – Global Managing Director Marketing Automation.

It was a pleasant and educational event where we shared with our clients and prospects industry trend, and IgnitionOne’s case studies, innovations and roadmap.

We are looking to schedule similar events more regularly in order to continue  to build relationships with clients and prospects, as well as share knowledge and the benefits of working with IgnitionOne. Please email us at if you are interested in being included in future events.

Enhancements Released to LiveMarketer, Real-Time User Data Visualization Tool

We are happy to share that  we have announced the newest enhancements to LiveMarketer, the one of a kind real-time data visualization tool within the Marketing Automation component of the IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite. LiveMarketer shows individual user-level Engagement Scores, life-cycle purchase information and exposure paths of users currently on a web site. IgnitionOne’s LiveMarketer provides marketers with a real-time look into who their website visitors are, what media and advertising they have been exposed to, what product, pages or category they are most interested in and most importantly how likely they are to convert. By tying data to the individual it opens the possibility for marketers to use marketing automation, CRM techniques and RTB to influence the web visitor both on and off the marketer’s site. The update improves upon the existing product with increased user engagement details and an enhanced user experience.

lm3 full

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive individual profile details
  • Identify customer life cycles and stages
  • New interactive graphs tracking user interest
  • Additional marketing automation functionality to engage with returning customers on an individual level
  • Fully accessible across tablets and mobile devices

lm3 sub

Please contact us with any questions about how LiveMarketer can help you. View the official announcement here

You can interact with a live demo here

Marketing Automation for the Automotive Industry

Brussels Autosalon attracted tens of thousands of visitors in January. The team at IgnitionOne saw trends around the incredible impact of offline events on online behaviour. The main conclusion was that exhibitors reap the benefits and generate 60% more online leads than non-exhibitor brands! Have a look at what else we found around Marketing Automation and Automotive:

The Digital Autosalon