IgnitionOne Releases Q3 Digital Marketing Trends Report

Today, IgnitionOne released its third quarter report, covering trends across digital marketing. The report reveals that US paid search spend up 13%, continuing an upswing from the second quarter. In addition, mobile search spend in the US continued to grow at an impressive rate.

Other key findings include:

  • US search spend grows Year over Year (YoY) – Search spend in Q3 was up 13% when compared to Q3 2012. This is a continued acceleration over the YoY growth rate of last quarter. Total search spend decreased quarter-over-quarter (QoQ), which is expected due to seasonality.
  • Increases in mobile advertising continue – US Mobile devices increased at a rate that drove the overall growth of search, but for the first time in 2013 the YoY percentage growth increase dipped just below triple-digits with smartphones and tablets increasing 99.7% and 97.2%, respectively.
  • Google Enhanced Campaigns – Google Enhanced Campaigns had a noticeable effect on cost-per-click (CPC) for search advertising on tablets which were up 32% — more than double the increase for PCs. Enhanced Campaigns also are suspected to be responsible for the drop in click-through rates (CTR) for tablets compared to last year at this time, which were down 20%. This is due to desktop campaigns running on tablets, resulting in less targeted advertising.
  • Travel Invests in Programmatic Display – US programmatic display for the Travel vertical had strong increases in Q3 across metrics and out-performed Retail. Travel increased YoY spend by 90% with impressions and clicks up 79% and 105%, respectively.
To read the report in full, click here.

IgnitionOne’s September Industry Digest


Management Lessons from a Public Company Gone Private
August 28, 2013

On the heels of a recent management-led buyout, IgnitionOne’s CEO, Will Margiloff, was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, an online publication devoted to entrepreneurialism, small business management and business opportunities, discussing lessons learned during the course of his ventures.

Tech Talk: Keep It Simple
August 6, 2013

Hank Kim encourages the tech industry to cut down on their acronyms and invest in using common language in order to better get their point across.

My Summer As An Intern at IgnitionOne
August 8, 2013

Emaily Liddy reflects on her time as an intern at IgnitionOne, and shares some of the valuable lessons learned.

Back-to-School Shopping Season: What Does it Mean for Marketers?
August 22, 2013

Vanessa Courtright, Marketing Coordinator, illustrates why Back-to-School shopping trends are indicative of future Holiday Shopping trends, and how marketers can efficiently drive their Holiday promotional messages to consumers.

Google’s Dynamic Search Ads Beta: A Step Into The Future
August 27, 2013

Katherine Wrobleski, Associate Account Manager, details Google’s dynamic search ad beta, how it can be used by marketers and a real-world example of the successes of an IgnitionOne client.


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IgnitionOne Introduces Display Capabilities for SPOT Predictive Optimization

Yesterday we announced the industry’s first predictive optimization tool for programmatic display advertising, also known as SPOT, which is an update to IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite (DMS).

First to offer Predictive Portfolio Optimization for search advertising with SPOT a decade ago, we’re excited to be able to expand this technology within a rapidly growing programmatic display space.

SPOT not only gives marketers the unique ability of forecasting how their campaigns will perform relative to varying budgets, it also automatically optimizes bids at an individual user-level to drive the most conversions at the lowest ad spend.

For its beta, we worked with Motel 6, whose initial test results proved extremely promising as SPOT was revealed to deliver conversions at over 30% less cost when compared to non-SPOT optimized display campaigns. In addition, SPOT drove a 16% increase in conversions within the first 24 hours of impression delivery and a 167% increase in click-based conversions overall.

“Delivering the right message to the right person in the most efficient way helps us connect travelers to clean, comfortable rooms at the most cost-effective price,” said Lance Miceli, Chief Marketing Officer of Motel 6, the national lodging chain and SPOT beta partner. “SPOT’s predictive optimization capability has the potential to be a game changer for our display advertising, especially when it comes to budgeting and how we allocate media buys.”

To learn more about SPOT for Display, click here.

Marketing in a Digital Marketing Company

You know when you’re at a social event (birthday party, communion, wedding, housewarming, etc) and a friend/auntie/acquaintance who is not within the digital marketing space asks you: ‘So… What do you do?’ I’m one of those people that never quite knows what to say. I am a Marketing & Sales Coordinator at IgnitionOne, a digital marketing company. I’ve been here now for a year and a half and I still haven’t found the perfect answer to this question. I sometimes even just say “I’m in marketing” to avoid confusing them.

And while it is easy for me to explain what IgnitionOne does to agencies and marketers, I just haven’t found the right way to tell non-digital people what I do in layman’s terms. The digital space is so complex and ever-changing that it is difficult to convey what it is that our industry does to someone unfamiliar with the field.

When I do decide to delve into uncharted territory, I usually start by saying “my company powers digital marketing – online ads, personalizing content, Facebook advertising, stuff like that.” While I know this is very simply put, I already see a half confused look from the person with whom I am speaking, and then I say, “and I do the marketing for that company.” And by that point, they look completely lost and ask me questions, like “so do you make the adverts?” Sometimes I try to go further and explain how we track visitors to build profiles to be able to offer relevant products/promotions, but the conversation typically ends there or the subject is quickly averted.

So I have recently been wondering – is it like this for all jobs? I took some time to pay attention to how others describe their positions and the companies for which they work and the reactions received from the other party. I realized that I don’t have a typical job like a doctor/lawyer/accountant, where people instantaneously understand what the job entails; I don’t have funny or embarrassing stories about clients, at least, not anything that they would understand. I could tell them about the ambiguous cookie jokes, which crease us up here in the office, but people unfamiliar to the subject would feel like they’re in the Truman Show and think that I’m talking about some secret world.

The day is fast approaching when digital marketing and the marketers within will be just as identifiable as the above lawyers/doctors/accountants and simply stating that I work in digital will translate without any confused looks or open-ended questions. As digital grows, and it is growing in leaps and bounds, people will not only understand my brief job description but will also associate my work with the exciting field that it has become. Just last month, the iab found that 75% of US senior executives plan to shift their budgets from television to digital video ads. This is huge and means that not only is digital on par with television but is on the verge of surpassing it. Digital is to television what television is to radio: how could you not agree that this industry is more exciting than brain surgery? In digital, we are making the future, we are innovative and are exploring things where no man has been before.

Reflections from iMedia Brand Summit

I just flew through ten meetings with the best of the best in brand marketing executives in under two hours… and boy are my arms tired!  (cue laugh track..)

A quick hello from the iMedia Brand Summit in sunny San Diego, CA.   Along with some excellent opportunities to share the IgnitionOne brand and Digital Marketing Suite concept with today’s digital marketing leaders, there have been a number of good conversations around the imminent intersection of paid channels and distributed content – a challenge that IgnitionOne is here to solve. The ability to follow these channels as they merge together, and optimize  both spend decisions and a customer’s continuous experience with content  holistically through one unified platform is quickly becoming the holy grail for the marketing director responsible for a brand’s digital success and accountability.

Being aware of how customers are changing the way they ingest digital information on a daily basis is just as important as being aware of how, when, and where they are seeing sponsored messaging.  The content of the brand’s message is now in focus, rather than the content surrounding it, as technology brings us closer to the one-on-one conversation with each customer, in a personalized online experience, and further away from the big splash media opportunities of the past.

As David Shing, Digital Prophet at AOL (and probably one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen) said, “none of us walked in here carrying a television today and hardly any of us even walked into that keynote room carrying a laptop.” This mobile mentality has shifted brands’ marketing objectives and goals and advertising must be executed accordingly. Being able to create a continuous, personal, conversation, no matter where you connect with your customer, while tracking and analyzing the touchpoints across screens to a conversion can accelerate a brand and create efficiencies in media spend.

The trend of the conversations at iMedia is that we, as marketers, need to adopt true connected multichannel strategies, as mobile becomes our first screen, and distributed content channels diversify outside of simply owned and earned, or display and search.  Being able to aggregate all of the knowledge about customers’ interactions with a brand as they move throughout their day is ideal. The DMS as a solution for bringing touchpoints together, and being able to make that data actionable to connect in the right place at the right time with each influential customer, is key.  Learn from those interactions and continue the conversation intelligently and informed through cross-screen, cross-channel connected data, no matter which device a customer walked into the room with.

IgnitionOne Nominated for US Search Awards, Digital Impact Awards

We are excited to announce that IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite has been nominated for the category of Best PPC Management Software in the US Search Awards. This award recognizes “the development of an outstanding management software package that successfully manages and enhances pay per click marketing campaigns.” More information about the  US Search Awards can be found here.

In the UK, IgnitionOne has also been shortlisted in the Digital Impact Awards for Best Use of Digital in Travel and Leisure sector for the use of our marketing automation product with Betfred.

The Digital Impact Awards “is Europe’s largest benchmark of digital stakeholder engagement, celebrating excellence in digital communications.” View the full shortlist here.

Being nominated for these awards is a testament to providing exceptional service and delivering successes to our valued clients.