IgnitionOne Enhances LiveMarketer, Real-Time Data Visualization Tool

IgnitionOne is excited to announce a major enhancement to LiveMarketer®, the real-time data visualization tool within the Marketing Automation component of the DMS, which shows individual user-level scores within the purchase funnel on a marketer’s website.

With over 15 individual statistics within its interface, the LiveMarketer® update improves upon the existing product with increased user engagement details and an enhanced user experience.

Key Features include:

  • Algorithmic based decision engine to trigger marketing automation actions like email, vouchers, chat, and advertising media
  • Fully animated views of user journeys show changes of engagement scores over time; entrance and exit scores over each visit; and changes in product interest over time
  •  Clear, detailed views of user-level attribution and media channel exposures
  •  Geographic mappings of all current users on site by interest

Key Benefits include:

  • See where each website visitor is within the purchase funnel by product or content category
  • See detailing of each website visitor over all cross-channel exposures that led them to the site through real-time visualization
  • Look beyond static reports and analytics to get a dynamic visualization of the real-time interest and actions on a marketer’s site

Learn more about LiveMarketer® enhancements by reading the official press release here or by viewing the live demo here. For any questions that you may have, please email info@ignitionone.com.

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