Anniversary of Innovation

April marks the 2nd anniversary of the centralized marketing technology stack –  IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite. Released in 2011, this first-of-its-kind SaaS marketing platform brings together media management and optimization, cross-channel attribution and analytics and web site optimization technologies in a single technology stack.

IgnitionOne has been at the center of innovation in digital marketing solutions and our teams have been responsible for many “firsts” that we are very proud of. In celebration of our anniversary, we want to look back at these innovations that stretch back over a decade.

  • Even before “Big Data” we were the first to introduce integrated user-level scoring, which is now a core part of our Engagement Scoring Engine and helps marketers deliver relevant, optimized content to users through advertising, site content, promotions and more. This score is a central piece of our Web Site Optimization and Marketing Automation solutions.
  • Always looking to drive intelligent bidding and improve results, we were the first to offer predictive portfolio optimization as an integrated part of our technology. Our predictive engine, SPOT®, improves marketers’ returns on ad spend by taking the guesswork out of budgeting.
  • Leveraging our centralized data to provide the most relevant messages, our Smart Remarketing was the first in the industry to optimize remarketing based on the deep user knowledge available through our scoring engine.
  • Back when we first introduced cross-channel attribution, there was not even a term for it. IgnitionOne led the industry by providing an innovative way to track media exposures across channels and de-duplicate and attribute credit to the efforts assisting towards a conversion. We take attribution further by integrating into our platform and leveraging the insights to automatically optimize media.
  • Digital marketing should not be handled in silos. That is why the Digital Marketing Suite is also the first to fully integrate a DSP with search in a single platform and still leads in our space as a fully integrated marketing technology stack. In addition to media optimization, the DMS is the only solution that also provides fully integrated Site Optimization and Marketing Automation functionality.
  • Marketers goals are not always as straight-forward as completing a sale. IgnitionOne was the first to introduce an Engagement Optimization offering which addressed a glaring need for measurability of digital advertising for brand marketers and allowed marketers to focus their media budgets on the advertising that creates the most visitor engagement.
  • Paid and earned media need to work together in social marketing, and that is why through best-of-breed partnerships, IgnitionOne offered the first integrated and automated innovation to automate and optimize Sponsored Stories based on social community activity levels.

IgnitionOne is not resting on our past accomplishments as we look to the future. We will continue to innovate and further expand our one-of-a-kind media optimization and marketing automation and help marketers meet the challenges they face today and tomorrow.

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