Integrating Marketing Technology – Webinar Recap

In our second in a series of integrated marketing webinars, Roger Barnette, President of IgnitionOne, covers the challenges faced by marketers today and how to best address those challenges in order to enhance results in “What to Look for When Integrating Marketing Tools and Technologies.”

Marketers are in a space that is over saturated with single-point solutions, each creating very separate data sets from each channel which is challenging and often impossible to integrate efficiently, and increasingly difficult to glean true insights from. The answer: leverage a centralized multi-point solution to shed light on the true impact of your digital marketing efforts and optimize for improved results.

Roger details the benefits of integrating marketing tools and technologies, such as the creation of a single-data source, experiencing fewer errors in reporting, and true attribution which allows for deeper insights and greater returns.

This is one in a series of integrated marketing webinars loosely based on topics covered in the Integrated Marketing Playbook. Please register for any of the upcoming sessions here.


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