Webinar Recap: Setting Up Your Organization for Success

“Setting Up Your Organization for Success” is the first in a series of integrated marketing webinars.

In his session, Roger Barnette, President of IgnitionOne, discusses how marketing organizations can achieve true and efficient integration by aligning teams and goals in order to drive improved results. The session discusses the importance of severing divisions between teams built around arbitrary lines and explores creative resolutions for eliminating barriers among point solution departments. Operating in silos hurts the goals of the business: functioning holistically is the most efficient way to maximize the bottom line and achieve the organization’s marketing objectives.

Roger also discusses how to align IT with the marketing team, and how centralized, data-driven decision making accompanied by flexible budget can lead to success within the business. Center Parcs, a client of IgnitionOne, is highlighted as a testament to the success of encouraging marketing teams to work together.

To learn more about the integrated marketing webinar series, click here.

Download the Integrated Marketing Playbook here.

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